Colts announce Shane Steichen is their new head coach

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The Colts have a coach and the Eagles need a new offensive coordinator.

Indianapolis has named Shane Steichen head coach, the club announced on Tuesday morning.

This was the expected move after reports emerged over the weekend that the Colts had zeroed in on Steichen as a candidate.

Indianapolis had interviewed over a dozen candidates for the job, including interim coach Jeff Saturday, who went 1-7 after the club fired now-Panthers coach Frank Reich during the season. Though Saturday received an endorsement from linebacker Shaq Leonard last week, team owner Jim Irsay ultimately decided to go in a different direction.

Steichen spent the last two seasons as the Eagles offensive coordinator, helping develop quarterback Jalen Hurts. Philadelphia finished No. 3 in total yards and points scored in 2022.

Before going to Philadelphia, Steichen had spent most of his coaching career with the Chargers. He had been the club’s quarterbacks coach from 2016-2019 before he was promoted to interim offensive coordinator in 2019. He took over that role full-time in 2020 and called plays for that season’s offensive rookie of the year, Justin Herbert.

Steichen also was a college quarterback for UNLV from 2003-2006.

39 responses to “Colts announce Shane Steichen is their new head coach

  1. Eh, not sure how I feel about this. Unless they draft CJ Stroud at 4, I think we can expect more of the same. I still think it would have been interesting to see what Jeff Saturday would have done next year if given the opportunity

  2. Better to have an offensive minded coach, and a pro, than Jeff Saturday, as much as I like him he wasn’t qualified.

  3. He developed Herbert and Hurts into solid QBs. Put a good defensive coach in there with him and see what happens. Beats hiring another retread that’s been in the league for 30 years and is “safe.”

  4. Another loss for the Eagles. Hurts developed under him, yes. But it was Jalen’s work ethic, off season programs and his mindset that made the wheels turn. Steichen called the plays that Sirianni designed. I think Indy got a good one and he’ll do fine. Wow, this coaching tree sure developed fast!

  5. Eric Bieniemy passed over again because teams do not want to wait for his playoff run to finish. Oh wait…

  6. Maybe Shane will convince Ballard to try to get Minshew and draft a QB in the 3rd rd. It could be possible.

  7. yep the first of the eagles jumping. the DC had a shot until that game exposed the smoke and mirrors.

    Next d line.

    the colts might make that work in that trash division. the real question is who fits what he wants to do. do not be shocked if they draft will levis he has the size and a rocket arm.

  8. ….I have my popcorn ready because I am 100% positive that the Fritz Pollard folks have their panties in a wad about this.

  9. Great hire. Great offensive mind. But they need a QB. Will Levis or Anthony Richardson could be Jalen Hurts 2.0 with the RPO ad designed runs. Young and Stroud don’t fit that mold. They are more pocket passers.

  10. The Deflategate curse is real. No way they win another Super Bowl in our lifetimes. Zero chance without a legit QB.

  11. Not inspiring. Colts fans got a HC that is based off a GREAT EAGLES run in 2022….in which the eagles played against a lot of average teams.

  12. I wish him the best! But I still can’t help feel slightly disappointed we missed out on a potential Miller-in-Detroit clownshow that a Jeff Saturday hire might have brought

  13. Veteran coach or first-time coach, you just never know how it’s going to go. No way to tell what the prospect is. It’s pretty much a rebuild, so it’s going to take time, patience, and good drafting to see the potential here.

  14. Eagles will move forward. Think they’ll either go Brian Johnson who’s there QB coach. Or maybe take a look at Bieniemy. Beyond that, not sure.

  15. I hope the Colts didn’t just hire him because he’s an ‘offensive genius’. Teams hire offensive-minded or defensive-minded coaches to be the Head Coach, but can they put assistants in their respective rolls and get the desired results? They shouldn’t be hiring an offensive coordinator to try and be a head coach. They need this guy to be a Head Coach first and have his ducks in a row so that he’s able to impact all aspects of the team.

  16. Surprisingly promising hire. Interviewing a DOZEN candidates had me thinking they had absolutely no idea and were probably going to end up with Saturday again. Steichen is at least young blood who seems to have real potential. Draft him a good QB and keep Irsay out fo the way and they may turn the corner.

  17. Another so-called frontrunner for the AZ Cardinals goes elsewhere… Ugh. At this point I’m wondering what is wrong with Eric Bieniemy. He looks like a great choice, but isn’t even being considered for the HC job in the desert.

  18. I’m an Eagles fan and I like Steichen. I’m not convinced he’s HC material or that he was the architect of anything in Philly, but I’m not convinced that he’s NOT, either. At least he’s experienced, unlike Saturday, and not a retread like Raheem Morris or Dan Quinn. I think there was a lot of guys in their interview list that could be good, but others, like Martindale have been coordinators for so long, there’s gotta be a reason that they haven’t been hired as a HC someplace else yet. Martindale seems like a real blowhard.

  19. eaglesforlife says:
    February 14, 2023 at 9:59 am
    Another loss for the Eagles. Hurts developed under him, yes. But it was Jalen’s work ethic, off season programs and his mindset that made the wheels turn. Steichen called the plays that Sirianni designed. I think Indy got a good one and he’ll do fine. Wow, this coaching tree sure developed fast!


    BS. lol. He has always been a very good QB guy a coach. That is why the Eagles got him in the first place. Hurts was crap without him and will revert back. He also is a good play caller. For it to be Sirianni’s system, they did much better after he turn in game play calling over to Steichen than they did with Sirianni calling plays. Eagles fans getting a double shot because Sirianni already has already shown what happens when he called plays.

  20. As a Bears fan, hope Colts trade up to their QB, leap frog division rival Houston. Their new HC can develop him as he desires.

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