Who will be the next quarterback of the Raiders?

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Derek Carr is gone, after nine years. So who will be this year’s quarterback of the Raiders?

Coach Josh McDaniels has plenty of choices. It makes sense to keep eyes on someone with whom McDaniels has worked in the past, in addition to any rookies to whom he may take a shine.

The top candidates include, in our view, Jarrett Stidham, who performed well when pressed into service after the Raiders decided to send Carr home in order to avoid an injury that would have triggered his $40.4 million in guarantees, if he couldn’t have passed a physical before today, the same he day he was cut. But Stidham is due to become a free agent. He can walk away, signing with anyone he wants.

Other free agents could attract the attention of McDaniels. Jimmy Garoppolo becomes the most obvious. He’ll be hitting the market. McDaniels could choose to reunite with the player with whom McDaniels worked for more than three seasons.

A few other names have ties to McDaniels. Jacoby Brissett possesses Patriot Way DNA. He started most of Cleveland’s games in 2022, and he has shown that he deserves a shot, somewhere. McDaniels could give it to him.

Or how about Mac Jones? After the season ended, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked whether Jones will be the team’s starter in 2023. Belichick didn’t answer the question, saying instead that Jones has proved he can play in this league. Perhaps a trade could happen, pairing Jones with the former Patriots offensive coordinator who helped Jones have a solid rookie season.

There’s one more name to watch. Just before the 2018 draft, McDaniels held a hush-hush workout with Baker Mayfield. The Patriots liked him; they just weren’t in position to get him. Mayfield will be a free agent next month, and McDaniels personally witnessed what Mayfield was able to do with limited preparation on a Thursday night, when Mayfield erased a 16-3 deficit to beat the Raiders.

Those are the names we’ll be watching, now that the name “Derek Carr” has landed on the transaction report as having been released by the Raiders, only months after they signed him to an extension that McDaniels decided to escape based on only 15 games.

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  1. Maybe this isn’t a popular opinion but I see Baker Mayfield as the guy to get. Several teams should get him. Still young. Plays hurt and plays with drive and toughness, moxie. His career is still in front of him. Definitely worth a flier. I bet you could get him for half the Derek Carr cost, and he’s younger and way better. Has there ever been a comment posted here that got no thumbs up? Something to monitor.

  2. NE is really a perfect fit, but I think BB still wants to prove he can win a SB without a good qb. Not sure the ego would allow it.

  3. Josh McDaniels can’t get along with his players.
    Marc Davis paid a ton to Gruden, and won’t want to pay more to McDaniels so he will remain coach another 2 years. Then he will be gone unless he can find a QB

  4. I think it’s got to be Rodgers (which I’m pretty sure is NOT a wise move) or retain Stidham and draft a top QB prospect. If the rookie isn’t ready, ride Stidham until he is. While I don’t think the Raiders are far off from being playoff contenders, seeing as they lost all but one game by 7 points or less, they still have too many holes, and a terrible head coach to be Superbowl contenders.

    Plus, the terrible coach will probably jettison Waller and Renfrow for low value draft picks and what should have been a reload will likely become a rebuild. If so, that would be among the good reasons to stay away from a Rodgers trade. Also, Rodgers isn’t going to gel with the coach wanting it done only his way, that’s just a marriage doomed to fail. So yeah, basically as we all know, and expected, McDaniels sucks and will make the Raiders irrelevant for at least another 5 years.

  5. They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question, but asking Bill Belichick to commit to something personnel-related in the future is a dumb question.

  6. Florio still riding the Mayfield train. “There’s one more name to watch”… haha. I can hardly contain myself. Look, Mayfield is the opposite of the Patriot way and his production doesn’t warrant ignoring the personality issues (one’s invisible during college).

    Stidham likely is a Raider again. Maybe they let him compete. If so, he better get a contract that pays him if he starts games. Brissett is 30 years old and has started 48 games. He’s shown that he is a backup QB—he’s had plenty of shots. The Raiders aren’t attractive. Despite his familiarity with McD, I expect Garapollo to pursue greener pastures. If they are willing to pay Garapollo, why let Carr go (similar price)?

    McD will only get one chance to develop a QB if he doesn’t win. Sure, he’ll grab Mac if the Pats cut bait. More than likely it’s a rookie (Levi’s?) competing with Stidham. Outside chance of Minshew.

  7. McDaniels fancies himself as a quarterback whisperer. San Francisco has an unproven highly drafted qb who was just supplanted by another rookie. I see the Raiders giving up someone like a Clelin Ferrell and a pick or 2 to get Lance. McDaniels now gets his Raiders Tebow project

  8. Considering how the Raiders are run as an organization it’s not a stretch to believe they’d mortgage the franchise in a trade for Aaron Rodgers, his ego and the attached horrible contract.

  9. Who cares about the mediocre QB…who will be the next head coach of the Raiders? That is the question…

  10. I would hope that Colin Kaepernick gets a chance, it’s crazy to think he isn’t on their radar

  11. The Raiders are again officially in rebuild mode with the highest paid WR in the league. How many wide receivers did you see Bill Belicheck build his team around? ZERO.

  12. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Raiders did swing a trade for Mac? The Pats fans heads would simultaneously explode and they’d be declaring their new QB the second coming of Brady. You know the speech. “Brady was a system QB, Mac had a better rookie season than him and Josh Allen, we just need an OC, the league is rigged against Kraft, etc”. They’d be declaring the next QB better than Tom and they’d be trashing Mac out the door. Oh I’d love to see it.

  13. Won’t matter. Your division has Mahomes/Reid, Herbert/Moore and Wilson/Payton. Good luck stopping them.

  14. It doesn’t matter who they play at QB, the Raiders are going nowhere with McDaniels in charge

  15. It would seem that the Raiders have an eye on a QB in the draft with the possibility of moving up.

  16. Lots of people liked Baker Mayfield before the 2018 draft. They’ve had 5 years of evidence to change their mind.

  17. The Raiders could draft a QB with the 7th pick in the draft. There are several good QB’s coming out this year. The guy that ends up being the best from this class, very likely will be on the board when they pick. Or they stay with Jarrett Stidham. Stidham could be their Jalen Hurts. The guy that everyone is expecting you to replace. Maybe there’s a Tom Brady type or a Joe Montana in this draft. Those are guys that don’t have the physical skills everyone is looking for at the combine, so they tend to slip into the later rounds. But they do have all the necessary QB skills, and extraordinary intangibles. Perhaps after being around Brady for so many years will be an advantage for McDaniels. He might be able to recognize those skills in a college kid that nobody else can see.

  18. They could also sign… Derek Carr. If we’re throwing dumb names out there, might as well include that one 🙂

  19. None of those guys are even as good as Derek Carr. I guess the Raiders just wanted to save the money.

  20. When Aaron Rodgers exits his pitch black cave after four days and nights contemplating his future he will announce he wishes to go west and reunite with his best buddy Devonte Adams in the desert.his decision will be announced in three weeks.

  21. Raiders are in QB purgatory. If they can’t win w/ Carr, they should as hell won’t win w/ Mayfield or Stidham or Brissett. Should move up from pick #7 to try for Young or Stroud. Unless they think Levis is an option. Trading for Mac Jones is laughable. He has a 9 win ceiling.

  22. I like that this article does n’t even mention Rogers. The author did not even drop the name. I commend the writer and think that he see’s mire realistic scenarios.

  23. Not one of those guys is the answer. They play QB but aren’t the QB of the future. Maybe pay attention to their entire body of work and not the one or two outstanding games they had.

  24. It won’t matter. They are still going to be in the basement of the AFC West until Davis sells the team and we get an owner who knows football.

  25. It’s the Faiders. They will always be the Faiders, no matter what city they play in. Joke organization, which makes me hope Erin Rodgers ends up there. Would love watching Mahomes and the Chiefs beat them twice a season…oh, wait, they already DO beat them twice a season.

  26. Hopefully not Rodgers. I hope they re-sign Stiddy or even Jimmy G. That guy never has been given a real shot at the starting job. No Mac Jones – he stinks.

  27. Kirk Cousins. PLEASE take Cousins from the Vikings so we can begin the healing process and maybe someday have chance for Vikings to be a legit contender.

  28. Trade up with CHI, give them whatever they want and get Young. It’s the only way up. If you don’t have a franchise QB you don’t have a chance.

  29. This loser has been the head coach one season and he’s going backwards. Worst hire ever.

  30. golong13 says:
    February 14, 2023 at 11:40 pm
    The Raiders are again officially in rebuild mode with the highest paid WR in the league. How many wide receivers did you see Bill Belicheck build his team around? ZERO.
    BB has been mostly terrible with drafting receivers. BB has been a HC for a total of 10 seasons throughout his career without a guy named Brady behind center. He hasn’t even appeared in an AFC championship game once during that time.

  31. stidham had A good game… chiefs crushed him.
    raiders have regressed back to their 2000 strategy of no strategy at all.

  32. “Won’t matter. Your division has Mahomes/Reid, Herbert/Moore and Wilson/Payton. Good luck stopping them.”

    Yes, it’s those dangerous QB/HC combo’s you really have to watch out for in this league. When Wilson drops back to pass to Payton it should be magical.

    You need a lot of other players, dude. Also, Wilson is about 10 years past his best years.

  33. They currently draft seventh, so the ideal situation is to move up, get a young cheap talented QB, and build around him. Lots of other teams will be trying to do the same, so it would be expensive from a draft capital standpoint, but its the best way to build a team.

    Will they do any of this? Probably not. They will probably trade a part of that same draft capital to GB to get Rodgers, who will make them relevant but not good enough to overcome the top 3 teams in the AFC. In three years they will be in the same exact position they are today, looking for a QB. This seems to be the way some teams operate, and it’s just a circle of suffering and mediocrity.

  34. The smart thing would be to draft a QB, resign Stidham to start while the rookie learns the system for a year. But McZeigler is a clown show so they’ll break the bank for Rodgers or something else as equally dumb.

  35. Yawn….probably another garbage time QB I’m sure.

    Raiders need to fire McDaniels and draft a young QB. Let that back up QB start for now.

  36. Actually once you get past the obvious names the media keeps mentioning (Carr, Rodgers, Jackson, Jimmy G) there are few intriguing names on the UFA\RFA QB list if you are looking for a (lot) less expensive guy.

    Tyler Huntley, Baltimore – he won’t want to sit behind Jackson another 4 or so years.
    Cooper Rush, Dallas – Ditto behind Dak
    Mike White, NYJ – How would he do if he stays healthy and can get into a system that fits him?

    Or if you want to try and draft and develop someone (the Raiders do sit at 7) by NOT rushing them onto the field there are also some interesting vets on that list.

    Or if you REALLY want to take a cheap development flyer there are a couple of first round draft picks also ‘theoretically’ available who maybe just need a better system\environment to develop.

    Daniel Jones, NYG – Forget him the Giants are going to give him top 10 money.
    Sam Darnold, Carolina – He has shown flashes of “something” and probably can be had for the $7-10 mil range maybe less.
    Baker Mayfield – I’d pass because he has failed with 2 bad teams and is going to want a lot of money but some people seem to be (foolishly) enamored with him.

    So with tons of not sexy options at QB there no reason to gut the salary cap for a media darling who never will get you to the promised land (especially when you are in a division with Mahomes and Herbert).

  37. Factually speaking, if its a UFA they are signing, McDaniels requires that they have former “Patriot” experience. So either Jimmy G, Brissett,or they are praying TB changes his mind.

    He is to insecure to have players on the roster that wont kiss his you know what. He made that perfectly clear. Just ask Carr, Leatherwood, Hankins, Mullens, Abrahams, etc….

  38. The smart thing would be to draft a QB, resign Stidham to start while the rookie learns the system for a year. But McZeigler is a clown show so they’ll break the bank for Rodgers or something else as equally dumb.
    The Packers reported asking price is ridiculous. Aside from Davante Adams, there’s little that should interest Rodgers about LV, especially considering Mahomes and Herbert are in the division. I can’t see any way this happens.

    It should be a rookie. That’s the reason McDaniels is there. Other teams who can’t develop QBs desperately overpay for over the hill vets. I doubt they trade up though, too expensive. I expect the Raiders to surround a youngster with lots of talent—take advantage of rookie deal. I wouldn’t trade for Mac, but I could see McD doing that if the price is right.

  39. Maybe McDaniels can mend fences with Jay Cutler. A good first step would be to go on his podcast.

  40. My preference is to resign Stidham and someone like Mike White or even Trubisky to be the backup/compete and build a real NFL defense. I’d trade out of the #7 pick if possible and try to get extra picks and as much draft capital for next year as possible once I had a decent defense in place heading into next offseason. Then, do whatever it takes to get Caleb Williams in the 2024 draft. The kid is going to be special (already is!).

  41. rockpiler says:
    February 15, 2023 at 1:20 am
    Poor teams draft quarterbacks… so, yeah, theyre going to draft a quarterback


    36 of the last 48 Superbowl teams drafted their starting QB’s.

  42. heLLpaso says:
    February 14, 2023 at 10:35 pm
    Interesting you ignored Rodgers.
    Everyone should ignore Rodgers.

  43. All of the armchair GMs that hate McDaniels never mention he was right about Cutler. He’s right about Carr, especially when you factor in value. He also coached Mac Jones to a level better than the other higher drafted rookie QBs, including ones that teams payed heavily to acquire.

  44. McDaniels is a micro-manager. There is no way he gets along with Aaron Rodgers. Jimmy G is basically Derek Carr but with injuries. Baker Mayfield is also like Carr except his teammate dislike him. Stidham isn’t the answer.

    That leaves Lamar Jackson.

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