Trey Lance: I love it here and don’t ever want to be anywhere else

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After the Titans hired Ran Carthon as their General Manager, Trey Lance raised eyebrows with an Instagram post. Lance used crossed fingers emojis beneath the image of a story with a photo of Carthon.

Was Lance wishing for a trade to the Titans or another team?

Private quarterbacks coach Quincy Avery asked Lance about the post during his live show on Amp on Thursday.

“Yeah, I never talked about it at all,” Lance told Avery, via “Trying to stay out of the media for it, but I go on Instagram, and I’ll look at my teammates’ stuff, the team stuff, stuff like that, stuff about my family, stuff like that. I don’t spend a whole lot of time [on social media], especially over this last year. It’s been great for me to just be off of social media. I’m not on Instagram, daily even.

“So, for me, I just want to support guys. This whole season was probably more of a 49ers fan page than anything. Like, just showing guys support. [Ray-Ray McCloud]’s got a cool outfit, [Azeez Al-Shaair]’s got a cool video, Fred [Warner], whatever it was, and then obviously the Ran stuff.”

Lance insists he didn’t know he had caused a stir until coach Kyle Shanahan told him. He said they found the speculation humorous.

“So, me and Ran got really close over the last — I wouldn’t say super close — but we talked on the regular,” Lance said. “He would bring his boys in. I would hang out with his kids in the training room. So for me, it was huge. They were like a shining light. They come in and show me how many pushes they could do and stuff like that.

“So just getting to know someone’s family like that, I was super happy for him for the opportunity. So, yeah, the fingers crossed emoji is not like, ‘Man, I’m crossing my fingers I’m going to be a Tennessee Titan.’ I cross my fingers, man. I love it here. I don’t ever want to be anywhere else.”

Lance is working his way back from two surgeries on his ankle after injuring it in Week 2. He recently said he expects to be cleared for all football activities by May.

The No. 3 overall choice in the 2021 draft has started four NFL games.

Rookie Brock Purdy led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game after Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo were injured. Lance and Purdy are expected to compete for the starting job, but Purdy will undergo surgery in Arlington, Texas, on Wednesday to repair the injured ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The surgery will keep him out at least six months.

6 responses to “Trey Lance: I love it here and don’t ever want to be anywhere else

  1. Young QB’s get better and better with game experience. There’s no substitute for going against a live NFL defense. You can learn pretty quickly, but it doesn’t happen overnight. He has the best coach in the NFL. Maybe one of the best all time. Lance definitely has the hardware. He can do everything at a high level. Beautiful arm and a great athlete. Maybe even a better passer than runner. He still needs reps, though. The only questions can’t even be asked for another year or two. Once he matures, we’ll see what he has. A year ago, not many thought a lot about Jalen Hurts. These youngsters grow up. Lance will, too.

  2. This kid needs to stay off social media and focus on getting on the field. He hasn’t proved anything yet. Other than hes already injury prone after 5 games.

  3. I like Purdy, down to earth and not looking for attention. Pray he does not turn out to be yet another injury prone QB for the 9ers

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