Paul Pierce pays $1.409 million to resolve SEC issues over Ethereum Max; is Antonio Brown next?

Friday's At Red Martini Hosted By Antonio Brown
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First, it was Kim Kardashian. Now, it’s NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce.

Next, could it be former NFL receiver Antonio Brown?

All three promoted Ethereum Max, a cryptocurrency that reportedly went from a market cap of $250 million to zero dollars plus benefits, babe. In October, Karshashian agreed to pay $1.26 million to resolve SEC charges related to her touting of Ethereum Max. Today, the SEC announced that Pierce will pay $1.4 million.

Based on this November 2022 article from Forbes, it’s fair to wonder whether Brown is next, especially since he’s one of the defendants in a class action alleging that Brown, Kardashian, and Pierce pumped and dumped the currency.

Brown’s former teammate, Tom Brady, lost millions when FTX collapsed. Brady has been sued over the implosion of FTX, but he faces no regulatory or criminal scrutiny.

13 responses to “Paul Pierce pays $1.409 million to resolve SEC issues over Ethereum Max; is Antonio Brown next?

  1. Anyone putting their money into Crypto rather than an S&P 500 has NO CLUE how to manage their money. Watch the thumbs up and thumbs down to show how many people manage their money. Thumbs down are crypto ‘investors’ and thumbs up are stock market people. You are about to be shocked!

  2. If AB is expected to pay anything, good luck. That dude wouldnt pay for a coffee at Dunkins

  3. Based on past history of paying bills,
    I’m sure Antonio will happily pay what he owes!

  4. Crypto, SPAC’s, and NFT’s were the great scams of the pandemic era. Lots of suckers losing money. Hilarious

  5. Wait a minute. I admit I don’t follow news. But I ridiculed people for being dumb enough to buy anything, let alone crypto, because Tom Brady endorsed it. Now come to find out people bought crypto based on Antonio Brown and Kim kardashian? Humans couldn’t have actually devolved that far. If so we’re doomed.

  6. One must wonder where all this fine money is going. I realize that it goes to the SEC, and should go in the general fund for the United States, however the SEC is run by bureaucrats so my bet is that they waste it on bonuses, parties, and gifts to themselves….just like the FDA and CDC did with COVID money.
    Good luck getting any money out of Antonio Brown.

  7. Silly rabbit….AB can’t pay a moving man much less the SEC. Good luck collecting.

  8. Good luck ever seeing that Crypto boss with the silly hairstyle being prosecuted. He’s donated way too much of other peoples money to his liberal politician friends in Washington for that to ever happen. He will be prosecuted about the same time that Theranous woman with the fake voice steps foot in any prison. She’s given away way too much of other people’s money to those same liberal politicians. It’ll never happen. The Conservative Party is as corrupt, the only difference is the media will only attack them.

  9. AB probably doesn’t know what Ethereum is, let alone pay any fines for his endorsement of it.

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