Zac Taylor never wants to retire from the Bengals: They’ll have to carry me out in a casket

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bengals coach Zac Taylor is only 39 years old and has already coached the Bengals for four seasons, taking them to the AFC Championship Game twice and the Super Bowl once. And he thinks he’s a very long way from being finished.

Taylor, a former Nebraska quarterback, told HuskerOnline that he doesn’t ever see himself voluntarily leaving the Bengals.

“They’re gonna have to carry me out of here in a casket,” Taylor said. “I love it. Just specifically, Cincinnati. It’s a really good fit for my family and myself, and the other coaches, and ownership, and [Director of Player Personnel] Duke Tobin. I can’t ever imagine myself anywhere else. Yeah, they’ll have to kick me out of here.”

Football coaching is a high-stress job, and many coaches burn out quickly. But Taylor sounds serious about staying in Cincinnati for his entire career.

28 responses to “Zac Taylor never wants to retire from the Bengals: They’ll have to carry me out in a casket

  1. Unfortunately like an anything else in the world, things can change at the flip of a coin. Really tough to pull off coaching your entire career in one spot but if I was a Bengals fan, I’d hope so too.

  2. He’s a good man, the Bengals and the greater Cincinnati community are lucky to have him.

  3. Careful you can be fired, just ask Tom Landry or look at Jimmy Johnson who was let go after winning 2 SB’s. Sorry, that was the Cowboys under Jerry Jones.

  4. Have a couple of losing seasons and they will in fact carry you out. Remember the NFL stands for Not For Long

  5. The best playoff victory tradition in sports…players and Coach Taylor personally delivering game balls to local bars.

  6. Retire when Joe Burrow retires. Do what Sean Payton did. If you have a HOF QB your entire career, everyone thinks you’re a genius. Just don’t do what Bill Belichick did. Continue coaching after he leaves.

  7. We are sadly entering the…..”there is nothing to write about but we have to write something” phase, of the NFL Calendar.

  8. Well, it makes sense for him to use the word “casket”, since the Bengals have been buried in Super Bowls (0-3). But hey, Burrow says the rest of his career is an open window, ain’t that right, Joe?

  9. His mind may change once they have to start paying 2nd contracts. It’s all great when players are out-performing their deals. Not so great when they get paid market value.

  10. Burrow is about to get paid and the Bengals are going to lose Tee Higgins more than likely. Chase will get Tyrek kind of money in a couple of years and Mixon will either have to take a pay cut or get cut. The next 3 or 4 years might look a little different than it has the last 3 years in the Natty. KC started 6 rookies in the Superbowl that should make a lot of AFC teams nervous knowing that the Chiefs are the 3rd youngest team in the NFL.

  11. If he’s fortunate enough to stay competitive for the Bengals for years to come, who’s to say what happened to Tom Landry and the cowboys.never say never,
    Good luck Zac

  12. The Bengals do not participate in the coaching carousel like the Browns have done. Marvin Lewis was there for 16 seasons. Zac was given time to rebuild the team and the culture and he’s done a wonderful job. I’m sure he’ll be there as long as he wants.

  13. Needs to give the ball to Mixon in a championship game rather than to put it all on Burrow’s shoulders. Burrow easily could have had four interceptions in that game and Hurst dropped his TD pass. Despite the referees, the Bengals had their chances.

  14. Despite the referees, the Bengals had their chances.

    Typical whining Bengal fan who can’t accept a loss. After all those years of losing you should be good at it….you need to pick up your ga

  15. With Burrows he has a good shot at staying around. Betting they sign QB to a 10yr deal like Mahomes, but he will really cost them – just need to spread it out

  16. Well he picked the right franchise could Marvin Lewis never won even a single road game against an AFC division champ and he was allowed to continue on for 16 whole years.

    Zac Taylor has three of those kind of wins and he did all three in the playoffs.

  17. bigred4ever says:
    February 18, 2023 at 7:03 am
    Be careful, 2-3 losing seasons will get you escorted out

    Untrue. We endured Marvin Lewis for 16 seasons.

  18. He’s luck to be in Cincinnati, not only are they very patient with their coaches they don’t like to fire coaches while they’re still under contract because they don’t want to waste the money. In the past I always wished my team would catch up to the rest of the league and I finally feel like they are but also keeping the small market team feel. Keep up the good work Zac and Who Dey!!!!

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