Cardinals hire Drew Petzing as offensive coordinator

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With a defensive coordinator becoming the new head coach of the Cardinals, the most important hire as it relates to franchise quarterback Kyler Murray is offensive coordinator.

New Cardinals coach Jonathan Gannon has made his move.

Via multiple reports, former Browns quarterbacks coach Drew Petzing has gotten the job. Petzing, 35, will be responsible for designing, implementing, and executing the offense that Murray will run.

The bad news for the Cardinals is that, if it doesn’t work, they’ll need to hire a new coordinator. The other bad news for the Cardinals is that, if it does work, Petzig will become a head-coaching candidate. If he gets a job elsewhere, Gannon will be back to square one with the most important position and relationship on the team.

Petzing has been coaching at the NFL level since 2013, when he joined the Browns as a football operations intern. He arrived in Minnesota as part of Mike Zimmer’s original staff, and Petzing had multiple jobs there from 2014 through 2019.

He followed Kevin Stefanski to Cleveland in 2020, serving as tight ends coach for two years and quarterbacks coach in 2022.

Gannon and Petzing worked together for four years in Minnesota, where Gannon was assistant defensive backs coach from 2014 through 2017.

17 responses to “Cardinals hire Drew Petzing as offensive coordinator

  1. This whole setup has failure written all over it.
    In an offensive focused league, cardinals made a bad choice.

  2. Gannon also needs to find a good defensive coordinator. He should look for someone who can handle motion and doesn’t give up points on every drive in the second half of the Super Bowl.

  3. Not only did the Cardinals hire a defensive-minded coach, they hired a bad defensive-minded coach.

  4. I’m not saying he can’t, but any hope they have of winning games is dependent on Murray coming back strong after that knee injury and him resembling the elusiveness he had prior to it. It’s possible that this entire new staff may be Hackett levels of in-over-their-heads.

  5. They’re going to have a nasty offense again AZ once they Fix that OL this off-season building a run first offense that will implement a run heavy approach using a lot of creativity n motion to keep defenses from off balance taking advantage of Murray’s mobility utilizing a lot roll outs, boots and taking a lot of deep shots off of play action utilizing what Murray does best which is throwing the deep ball n intermediate areas of the field as one of if not the best deep passer in the league which he was in 2021 and ranked top 3 the first 3YRs of his career. Building a top notch run game will help immensely where he doesn’t have to carry the offense solely on his right arm which he did the first 3YRs of his career with the least creative play caller in the league n still found himself a top the MVP convo/race in 2020 n 21. A more balanced approach is going to take his game to another level, Kliffs offense was to easily figured out n he had zero answers when DCs did catch on.

  6. When Vegas posts an Over/Under line on total wins but UNDER unless it is 1 or 2.
    Bidwell’s kid like Davis’ kid inherited Billion dollar franchises and continue to destroy them with blatant incompetence.
    IF they get to Draft Caleb Williams I advise him to pull an Eli Manning and refuse to play for them.

  7. Designing the offense will be the easy part. Then he has to get Murray to learn and buy into it.

  8. This is going to flop. Nothing about any of these hires would make me feel good in I was a Cardinals fan.
    As a niners fan though, I am infinitely excited about what they’re doing in Phoenix. Easier path for us.

  9. If the Cardinals were going to hire someone from the Browns, they should have looked at Alex Van Pelt, current OC for Cleveland.
    For Az: more experienced and accomplished coach.
    For AVP: he would get to call plays in Az, something he does not do for the Browns.

  10. ninersapologist says:
    February 19, 2023 at 9:47 pm
    This is going to flop. Nothing about any of these hires would make me feel good in I was a Cardinals fan.
    As a niners fan though, I am infinitely excited about what they’re doing in Phoenix. Easier path for us.>>

    Which QB is going to stay healthy in that offensive scheme? Path to where exactly?

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