Paxton Lynch benched in XFL debut


During the 2016 draft, the one that saw the Cowboys take a flier on a quarterback named Dakota in round four.

It worked out pretty well. But Dallas had a far different Plan A.

Jerry Jones and company coveted Paxton Lynch. They tried to trade up to get the Memphis quarterback, but the Broncos beat them to the punch, fortunately.

Nearly seven years later, Lynch is still trying to find his footing in pro football. He got the start in his XFL debut, with the Orlando Guardians. He didn’t get the finish, however.

Despite an opening drive that ended with a touchdown pass from Lynch to former NFL receiver Cody Latimer, things went the other way for Lynch. In the third quarter, down 21-6, Lynch was benched for Quentin Dormady.

Lynch’s 21st pass of the day was his last one, an interception.

Dormady didn’t do much better, throwing two picks while trying to dig the Guardians out of a hole that kept getting deeper. The Houston Roughnecks prevailed, 33-12.

It’s unclear whether Lynch will be back under center next weekend, when the Guardians play again. Despite his struggles, his perseverance is impressive. He has kept at it despite failures with the Broncos, the Steelers, the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL, and the Michigan Panthers of the USFL.

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  1. And that Touchdown to Lattimer was actually picked off by the corner, I don’t know how Dean Blandino didn’t over turn that.

  2. Honestly. His offensive line wasn’t able to stop Houston’s rush at all. It’s hard to look competent when you spend most of the game running for your life.

  3. The refs are horrible there also. 100% the guy didnt catch it and no overturn by Blandino.

  4. I wouldn’t say his time with the Steelers was a failure. He was brought in as a practice squad player after Ben was injured and only activated for two games to back-up the original practice squad QB, Duck Hodges. Yeah, he didn’t earn a full time roster spot, but, he was only there because the Steelers had no one left standing who could through a football. He did everything he was supposed to do.

  5. That “TD” to Lattimore was a terrible throw, too. Lattimore made a great adjustment and effort to even get his hands on it and then got lucky it was called a TD and not an INT.

    Lynch is 6’7″, 245lbs with plenty of room to get bigger, and is an above average athlete. I don’t understand why he hasn’t gone the Logan Thomas route if he wants to keep playing. Clearly, the QB thing isn’t happening.

    Look no further than Cody Lattimore, who has bulked up and converted to TE and certainly looks like a guy who has a shot to be on an NFL roster next year, assuming he gets reinstated.

  6. All that’s left is being benched in the USFL & Mexican American Professional Football League, right? You can do it!

  7. All that’s left is being benched in the USFL & Mexican American Professional Football League, right? You can do it!
    If I remember right he was benched in USFL last year

  8. “That’s kinda sad. Go find a job in selling insurance, buddy.”

    No. THAT would be sad. He’s getting paid to do something he enjoys. If everyone who didn’t reach “stardom” in their chosen profession just gave up, there’d be a lot more unfulfilled, unhappy people out there. Do what you love, riches and fame be damned.

  9. Surprised he’s hung around this long because when he was with the Broncos he came across as completely disinterested. Maybe he was just kind of in awe and it looked like disinterest but his entire time there he just never seemed to be engaged.

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