Agent change points to franchise tag for Daniel Jones

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PFT has confirmed that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has indeed switched agents, from CAA to Athletes First.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL’s in-house database lists Athletes First as the representatives for Jones.

The NFL Players Association currently shows that Jones has no agent. That could be updated as soon as Monday.

Typically, a player who terminates his representation must wait five days before signing with a new firm. CAA, we’re told, waived the five-day period as to Jones.

So what does Jones want? There are two possibilities. One, he’s willing to do a deal for less than CAA was willing to accept. Two, he wants more than CAA was able to get.

As one source explained it, it’s the latter. Jones wants more than the Giants have offered. Possibly as much as $45 million per year, or more.

The Giants could respond by simply applying the franchise tag to Jones. The non-exclusive level would cost them $32.416 million, and it would allow him to try to sign with another team — if that team is willing to give up a pair of first-round picks to get him.

This all would have been avoided if the Giants had exercised the fifth-year option on Jones. They didn’t do it, which amounted to a calculated risk that he’d have a solid year and they’d have to sign him or tag him.

The window for applying the tag opens in two days. The Giants then will have two weeks to do it. At this point, that’s what the Giants are likely to do.

Unless someone else is willing to give him what he wants and give the Giants a pair of first-round picks, he’ll make $32.416 million in 2023 — and he’d be in line for a 20-percent raise ($38.89 million) for 2024. That’s $71.31 million over two years, with Jones then in line to potentially become an unrestricted free agent in 2025, unless the Giants would be willing to give him a 44-percent bump to $56 million for 2025.

Even if they do that, the total investment will be $127.32 million over three years, for a total average of $42.4 million. With the ability to pivot elsewhere if his performance in 2022 ends up being the exception and not the rule.

So if Jones wants a long-term commitment worth $42.4 million or more, why not go year to year under the tag? At least for one year, that’s likely what the Giants will do.

18 responses to “Agent change points to franchise tag for Daniel Jones

  1. The Giants should use the exclusive tag because any team giving up two first rounders for Daniel Jones will immediately be tested for mental competency. Not to mention the Giants should want to see if he can do it two years in a row before (cough cough Goff cough) signing him to a deal (cough cough Wnetz cough) they may later come to regret.

  2. How does a guy like this look himself in the mirror after making demands like this. He has utterly no business being paid more than 20 million a year and I’m only saying that because the QB market is so absurdly high. He really should be paid like a mid level receiver at around 10-15 million a year. Anything more and he’s simply being dishonest with his own skills and his own goals for his career. He can’t win taking up that much cap.

  3. Jones is a fool. He had one good year playing for Daboll and Kafka. If he thinks he can do that magic act on another team then he’s delusional.

  4. If a quarterback is career high in touch sounds is 15 cuz of 45 million deal the Giants will be the laughing stock of the week. How that man thinks he’s worth more than 20 million I have no idea

  5. We make $90k a year roughly. We both talked and said we’d be fine with no raise or bonus this year given the tough economy and poorer company performance in ‘22. I’ll never understand how $40m just isn’t enough, how $50m is needed to get by in life. It really makes me despise these people. Especially when they do fake do-good things like create charities, then ask people like us to donate.

  6. Daniel Jones is delusional if he thinks any other NFL team would offer him more than $25 million per year. And more than a two year max deal.
    Will the NY Giants make the same mistake with Jones that they did with Kenny Golladay?

  7. First, no team is giving two first round picks for Jones. Second, someone tell Lamar that CAA has an opening..

  8. The lower tag number is not unreasonable.
    The Exclusive number is crazy.

    He should worry more about getting a long-term contract rather than a little bit more one year and then flaming out and not being able to get another starting job

  9. Just so everyone is aware, everything about this post clearly states that there’s only speculation. You’re all roasting Jones here, but remember that the Giants basically bet against him last year and he proved them wrong. He’s never said he’s not playing on the tag, never said to anyone how much money he wants, so we know nothing other than he wants a new agent. He was probably always gonna get the tag, which is a nice raise over that 5th year option anyway.

  10. $45 million? We’re talking Daniel Jones, not Daniel Marino, right?

    That noise you heard is Jalen Hurts squealing with glee…

  11. To the Jones nay-sayers on here, I say this. He has a good arm and throws with accuracy. He ran well and did not turn over the ball regularly as he used to. He led the team to a playoff win when he no one expected it, not even close. Give him a decent receiver corps and watch him thrive. It also needs to be said that he conducts himself like a true professional the organization can be proud of. These seem like ridiculous sums of money to me as well and I hope he has at least some thought about team success beyond just soaking the team for every last dollar. I am rooting for him and see him as a good option to lead the team to future success and a deeper run.

  12. The third place patriots should trade multiple first round picks for this bust to replace their own Jones bust, and give him a huge deal like they love to do for replacement level free agents.

    With no QB, no GM, no coach, no OC, no playmakers and no difference makers this disgraced franchise that has been irrelevant from the second Brady got sick of carrying that leach belicheat around sucking his blood and ditched them is looking at multiple decades of losing and cellar dwelling.

    Their next season is already over if they don’t make some major changes at GM, HC, QB etc etc. Too bad

  13. So many Jones haters are saying “this was his first good season!” and they’re dead wrong.

    This was the first time he’s been AVERAGE. He hasn’t had a good season yet.

    If this is true and he wants as much per year as Mahomes, he’s legitimately insane. Like, the NFL needs to have him committed, because he’s clearly delusional and is a danger to himself and others.

  14. My God, that’s crazy. To think about paying a QB $45 million or more for just one season under 20 TDs is utter insanity. Will the Giants really fall for the long-term deal hook? I don’t believe it. Next year for this date we will be ALL laughing at this occurrence. ‘little more than 42 million or more’ hahahahahaha

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