Report: Cowboys “intrigued” by C.J. Stroud

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The Cowboys have a franchise quarterback. That apparently isn’t keeping them from considering the possibility of adding a different one.

According to Mike Fisher of, the Cowboys are “intrigued” by Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud.

They may be intrigued by Stroud, but they remain committed to Dak Prescott. He’s entering the third year of a four-year deal that was negotiated at a time when he had the Cowboys over a barrel.

For 2023, Prescott makes $31 million but, thanks to past payments, he has a cap number of $49.13 million. Next year, the cap charge increases to $52.13 million.

Given the structure of the deal, Prescott will become a free agent in 2025, absent an extension.

If the Cowboys could get Stroud, maybe they’d keep Prescott for 2023 and then decide whether to trade him in 2024 or keep him for the last season of his deal. But the Cowboys would need to move up to get Stroud, given that they currently have the 26th pick in the 2023 draft.

There’s also a chance that the Cowboys are leaking the notion that they’re intrigued by Stroud in order to get Prescott to be reasonable in connection with any contract negotiations that may happen this offseason. If so, Prescott and his representatives likely see through that ruse.

Our guess is that it’s nothing. And even if it’s something, there’s nothing the Cowboys can really do about it.

42 responses to “Report: Cowboys “intrigued” by C.J. Stroud

  1. They need to lock up Prescott for $50 million a year for 10 more years. I understand that Dak can’t get past the divisional round but Carr hasn’t even won a playoff game and Cousins hasn’t gotten to a title game either so Dak would only get less than then for one reason.

  2. I’m always amazed on how the media perceives Dak Prescott and how the rest of the world does. He was over paid three years ago and again the media is pushing for him to get more money. If Dallas was smart, they would pick a QB in the early rounds. I’m a Dallas fan, but I know Dak’s limitations. He can’t win the big game in the playoffs. The media was wrong on his contract three years ago and they’ll be wrong again if he gets even more money.

  3. Delusional ! At this time they should be soul searching through their entire organization.
    That window of opportunity is down to a keyhole .

  4. They can be intrigued all they want – the Cowboys would have to give a kings ransom to move up to draft him. Not happening.

  5. You might need the #1 pick to get Stroud. Now that the season is over and coaches can start getting serious about watching film on the draft prospects, you’ll hear the name C.J. Stroud a lot, and they won’t be bluffing.

  6. Dak is a good qb, but not exceptional. I don’t believe he will ever give them enough to win it all. Who knows what Stroud will become, but he could become great. I’d be working to upgrade ASAP

  7. Troy Smith. Braxton Miller. Terrelle Pryor. Cardale Jones. JT Barrett. Dwayne Haskins. Justin Fields. I am never touching an OSU QB in the draft. They are all built by ridiculous pass protection and wide open 5 star receivers & backs running wild.

  8. The only way a team wins a super bowl with a $50,000,000 QB (other than Mahomes) is by having a series of great drafts, or temporarily going all in with restructures, and then deal with salary cap hell for the next couple of years.

    If a team can’t win with a good QB on the rookie deal, they aren’t going to win anything when they have to pay 50MM/year.

    Burrow and Hurts are good, but lest see how their teams do when they are paying them 50MM/year.

  9. Dak can make extra bucks being the QB of Americas Team. Tax free income state. PLEASE Dak, take less. You have to spend money to make money. Or take less to get more.
    The NFC East.
    PS: Why are they in the East? Stop with the rivalries. Cardinals left. Giants, Wash and Philly could get along just fine by adding the Panthers or even Tampa Bay. Two places with a lot of transplants. Same time zone. It is fun to watch Dallas implode up close, though.

  10. Contract negotiations? The best part of Daks game is his character off the field. These teams need to start letting these players play out their contracts and start a new trend of starting contract talks midsession of their last year…. You 2 more years left, so unless you’re coming to tell me you want the same deal or one that benefits me, we will play you the next 2, then maybe Tag you after that… welcome to capitalism

  11. 2 weeks ago I heard they like Hendon Hooker. He could be more realistic. To get in a position to draft Stroud it would cost them a whole draft and then some.

  12. Please, Dallas, waste a draft pick on an Ohio State QB. Ignore history – no Ohio State QB has ever produced in the NFL. You know you have overpaid for Dakota. Compound the mistake by thinking CJ is the answer!

  13. Jerry should make a trade with the bears for the number 1 pick if he wants CJ so bad. It will only cost roughly 3x first and 2x second maybe more, the cowboys could throw in Dak so the bears can have a decent QB 🤭

  14. And how do the cowboys expect to acquire him? They might as well have announced they are intrigued in Bryce Young or that they are intrigued in solving the crisis in Ukraine.

  15. I’m sorry but with all the weapons Dak has around him and the amount of money that he makes per year, he should be producing division and conference championships year after year. It’s just not happening. Time to move on. Too pricey

  16. Jones boys hypocrisy is a staple of the Cowboys. And that’s why they will always struggle to win another Super Bowl.

  17. Dak Prescott, overpaid and underperforming. For a guy that’s a real good businessman, Jerry Jones sure gets beaten on a lot of contract negotiations with his players. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wants a reset at the QB position.

  18. Cowboys chatter is hilarious.
    It’s always more intriguing than their actual play on the field, and it’s been that way for almost 30 years now.

  19. “The Cowboys have a franchise quarterback”. No, they don’t, they have at best a journeyman.

  20. You wonder when teams are going to figure out that unless you have a legit top 5 QB, you’re better off letting them leave and cycling through draft picks while plugging in affordable veteran stop gaps at the position so you can potentially find a gem and have enough cap dollars to build a decent team around them.

    There are maybe 3 QBs in the league worth $50 million per season; Mahomes, Burrow and maybe Jalen Hurts. You could argue Josh Allen, but after this past year I’d say that’s a stretch. To pay guys like Dak, Kirk Cousins and now even Daniel Jones potentially $45 million a year is utterly pointless, and it continues to be proven every year. Sure, you might make the playoffs, but you have no chance of going anywhere.

    There needs to be a correction in the QB market. These mid-level guys should not making anything more than $20-25 million a year. It just destroys a franchises ability to build a roster.

  21. Jerry always likes the shiny new toys. Especially the ones he will NEVER be able to get his hands on.

  22. In Jerry’s imaginary world, he believes he can trade Dak and future picks to Houston for the #2 pick. If BOB were still there, it would be a done deal!

  23. Dak says all the right things but he’s not the QB that will win the team their next superbowl.

  24. LOL, so typical. This is the kind of annual talent evaluation circus you get when you have Jerrah as your GM.

  25. Dak has shown that he can’t get it done when it counts. It’s the same every season. It’s not getting better or worse. He’s just okay. We’ve seen his best play and it isn’t good enough.

    I still remember when he held the team hostage for multiple offseasons, ultimately because the team wanted to give a contract that was one year longer than he wanted. What a sense of entitlement. Between his contract holdout and the Elliott contract, they hamstrung roster building and now we see the results.

    The best hope they have is the conference getting worse with Brady and potentially Rodgers leaving. But they are still behind the Eagles and 49ers, and I wouldn’t even put them ahead of the Lions, Rams, Vikings, or Seahawks.

  26. Dak Prescott is that co-worker we all have that looks extra busy all day long,but never really gets anything done.

  27. This from Ryan Fowler’s Twitter today:
    Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker has met extensively with the Raiders, Panthers, Giants, Saints, and Cowboys during the pre-draft process, per source.

  28. Dallas’ one two punch (term used loosely) of Dakota and Ezekiel have fleeced Jerry, bigly. Release them both. Both overpriced washed up players, especially #21. Great D, Pollard and good receivers, reset ‘boys!!

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