Commanders are virtually certain to franchise tag Daron Payne

NFL: DEC 18 Giants at Commanders
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The window for applying the franchise tag opened today. Before it closes in two weeks, it’s virtually certain that one of the tags will be applied by the Commanders to defensive tackle Daron Payne.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s 99.9 likely that the Commanders will tag the 2018 first-round draft pick from Alabama.

The thirteenth overall pick, Payne was voted to the Pro Bowl in 2022. He has missed only one game during his five-year NFL career.

The news will disappoint Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons, who told PFT Live during Super Bowl week that he’d like to see the Cowboys sign Payne during free agency.

The Commanders and Payne will have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, if/when the tag is applied. In theory, a multi-year contract could happen before March 7, avoiding application of the tag.

At this point, all signs are pointing to the tag for Payne, on or before March 7.

16 responses to “Commanders are virtually certain to franchise tag Daron Payne

  1. I don’t see it. Payne is a solid player, but he’s not a difference-maker. You can get like this in the second and third round.

  2. Tag and trade him for picks. Too much money in the D-line with Montez and Chase still to come. Get the oline fixed, so you can give the offense a fighting chance.

  3. Most cowboys players, owners are extremely annoying. They want to sign OBJ, they want to sign Stefon Diggs, they want to sign Payne.
    Do they know math?? They are over the cap. I understand they get below by cutting zeke and Tyron but they still have Dak and then they need to pay parsons and lamb.
    Someone should ask if parsons will take less if they sign all these guys.

  4. Not a fan of this move. He’s a solid player, but he had a pretty stellar d line around him and made only one pro bowl. Let him test the market.

  5. ChaosinNYC says:
    February 21, 2023 at 8:18 pm
    Tag and trade him for picks. Too much money in the D-line with Montez and Chase still to come. Get the oline fixed, so you can give the offense a fighting chance.
    the defense finally came together the last 5 games. The pressure that Payne,Sweat, and chase
    will help the secondary immensely. and in turn the offense won’t have to constantly play from behind or score heavy to win the game.

  6. For those that don’t see it and think this guy is easily replaced, they sure did not watch him play in 2022. Based on his first 4 years, sure, alright, nothing special. The team did not envision him in its future plans and was going to let him walk, which is why they didn’t pick up his 5th year option. So, in his contract year, Payne plays at an All-Pro level. I think he was only voted 2nd team, but he played at an All-Pro level, yes he was that good. Now the team can’t just let him walk, he was integral to the success of the defense. If they can’t get a l9ng term deal, they can tag him at a pretty reasonable number and kick the can down the road a year on solving the overall problem of what to do with Payne, Chase Young, etc. But going into next year with Howell as the planned starter helps the salary cap issue IMMENSELY. If he works out, they can spend the $28 million saved from cutting Wentz (no dead money) on keeping Payne and a little help on the OL. It certainly gives them flexibility.

  7. Re the comment that “he’s not a difference maker.” In what football universe does 11.5 sacks not make a difference, especially from the interior?

  8. Those who say he’s not a difference maker don’t understand defensive concepts in football. He’s an interior defensive lineman, taking on double teams a lot. He’s NOT going to ordinarily put up huge stats. His job is to stuff running backs and pressure the QB; he’s not expected to sack him (though it would be wonderful if the did). He’s expected to get him off his spot and flush him toward the DE’s and OLB’s. If he gets the QB to move, he’s succeeded.
    That’s called being ‘strong down the middle’; the first thing every defensive coordinator wants to be.

  9. I would try to iron out a long term deal first. LOL at the comment that Payne will only succeed by leaving Washington. He has 11.5 sacks and made the pro bowl this year.

    Plus you may consider Washington a dumpster fire, but on a closer look, Payne benefits greatly from playing opposite john Allen and alongside young and sweat. If he goes elsewhere it’s likely to be harder not easier.

    The problem with “popular narratives” is that sometimes they are not thought out at all.

  10. I consider applying the franchise tag to Payne as a failure of the front office. I mean, signing him now is tough because he is eager to see what other teams are willing to pay, but they had their chance at the beginning of last season and they blew it. Ron Rivera is a middling coach, but he absolutely stinks at the personnel side of things. His flunky Mayhew is just as bad. Someone please buy this team and rescue the fans from mediocrity…

  11. I love DaRon and he was a beast last year but he has been inconsistent for most of his career. Players that don’t out until it’s time to get paid scare me a little.

  12. Keep Payne trade Chase and keep Sweat … we just need a couple of LBs that can hunt after that on D.

  13. One thing is certain, whichever direction the Washington team chooses will be the wrong one.
    It is sad how far this once proud franchise has fallen under Danny Boy.
    That is all

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