Frank Reich “really not ready” to say if Panthers will bring in Derek Carr for a visit

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Quarterback Derek Carr is a free agent and is free to sign with any team at any time because he was released.

The Panthers ostensibly need a quarterback with Sam Darnold set to be an unrestricted free agent and P.J. Walker headed for restricted free agency next month.

So, will Carolina bring in Carr for a visit?

Head coach Frank Reich wasn’t ready to say one way or another when asked that question on Tuesday.

Interesting question,” Reich said in his press conference. “We’re really literally sitting down with the guys today. First staff meeting will be tomorrow. But I’ve kind of met with guys individually saying, here’s what we’re doing. Step one, let’s evaluate our roster. So, we’re really just starting that process. So, step two, evaluate the free agents. Everybody got their list. Step three, now we’re going to the college guys.

“So, that process has literally [just] begun, so really not ready to discuss the specifics of that because we’re really just beginning.”

Carr has already had visits with the Saints and the Jets, both of which reportedly went well. But Carr’s brother, David, said on Monday that Derek’s search for a new team will be “a long process.”

14 responses to “Frank Reich “really not ready” to say if Panthers will bring in Derek Carr for a visit

  1. David thought his brother’s market and subsequent contract was going to be a lot larger than it has turned out be.

  2. As soon as Reich got hired, I felt this was a good fit for Carr. Both of them are super religious and seems like they would mesh well with each other. If they can have a good personal relationship that may work out to having a good working relationship.

  3. Reich just got fired from a job where the organization brought in veteran QBs passed their prime. Reich doesn’t want to bring Carr in and is hoping something better falls from the sky.

    I’ve been a Carr defender for many years, but he did not play well last year. He had great weapons and one of the best play callers in the game—for the first time there were no excuses.

    I wouldn’t be excited by Carr if I were a Carolina fan. I’d rather keep Darnold and target a QB in the draft.

  4. Darnold isn’t the answer. Let him go. PJ Walker is a decent backup, but that’s it. The Panthers need a quality starting QB. Carr might be it. One thing is for sure: whoever has the best QB is going to win the NFC South division. Right now, nobody has a quality starting QB. Atlanta? Nope. Tampa Bay? Nope. New Orleans? Nope. Carolina? Nope. Carr would automatically put Carolina on top of that rather mediocre heap.

  5. Derek Carr is a mid level QB. Frank Reich has never had a quarterback that has been better than a mid level QB. Carr has 9 NFL seasons under his belt and he is actually regressing, not improving. Reich is probably very wary of trying the same old thing at QB that has not worked in the past. The worst thing about Carr’s 2022 season was his second half performance and his horrendous 3rd down stats. A good defense needs a QB that can move the chains occasionally and keep them rested for 4th quarter. Reich surely would love to mold a young QB for once.

  6. You are not going to commit to anyone when you’re building a coaching staff, and when you’re literally having your first meeting today. You may have informal contacts at most. So, when Frank Reich says it’s an interesting question, he’s being honest. Reading any further into his answer, it’s like asking if it’s going to snow in South Florida tonight.

  7. Who are they kidding? They have already reached out to Carr’s agent. Carr probably won’t commit to a meet.

  8. Wonder what they’re waiting for? Pick a quarterback now already.
    Excuses about “This is our first meeting “ are lame.
    Frank is moving awfully slow.

  9. Why on earth would Frank be in a hurry to meet with Derek Carr? I don’t see Carr as omg he’s available let’s hurry and beat the other teams!! I still say Derek will be the one without a chair when this game of musical chairs ends. I’m confident David Carr will then go on camera and say how dysfunctional every team is for not making Derek the highest paid quarterback. Derek will be out of the league real soon and David will be out of NFLN soon too. I’ll miss neither.

  10. D Carr is a shift worker, not a winner. 9 – 5 day in, day out. Not great, not horrible, just there. Getting paid. Great for a basement team, he will get you .500 with spurts of greatness – the guy can bomb 80-100 yards all game with no fatigue, but you will NEVER see a destiny playoff game. Maybe some ugly wildcards.

  11. amtheoven says:
    February 21, 2023 at 12:36 pm
    Holding out for Wentz to be released.

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    thos77 says:
    February 21, 2023 at 1:08 pm
    Derek Carr is a mid level QB. Frank Reich has never had a quarterback that has been better than a mid level QB.
    Um.. Andrew luck would argue that point.

  12. Derek Carr has a whole library of game film. Why would you need to visit with him. Just watch enough tape to form an opinion. Either sign him or don’t No need to visit. I can tell you right now he’s a good kid. You’d like him. If you go to the chalk board, he can talk chalk with the best. If you want to see him throw, he can throw with the best. If you put him in a game and his first read is wide open, he’s a top ten QB. But we all know what comes next. What happens when the play you’ve been practicing all week isn’t wide open? Like I said, there’s plenty of tape. If you like what you see, sign him.

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