Michael Irvin names three witnesses who support his claims

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At a time when Marriott apparently is keeping relevant evidence close to the vest, Michael Irvin is putting his cards on the table.

Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com reports that Irvin has named three witnesses in a court filing. They are described as claiming that they witnessed Irvin’s interaction with an unnamed Marriott employee, and that Irvin did not engage in any misconduct.

The employee’s complaint, when passed along to NFL Network, resulted in Irvin being removed from the outlet’s Super Bowl week coverage. Irvin filed a defamation lawsuit against Marriott and the unnamed employee later that week.

The case has been removed from Texas state court to Texas federal court. The fact that Irvin has already submitting paperwork naming witnesses suggests the case is moving forward fairly quickly — or at least that Irvin’s lawyers are trying to make that happen.

13 responses to “Michael Irvin names three witnesses who support his claims

  1. I think Michael Irvin got cancel very quickly because of previous issues.. he could be totally innocent but his past came back to haunt him

  2. From all I’ve heard, it has to be something he said. There was no physical altercation, so that’s really all it could be. Right?

  3. Hoping and expecting Marriott and the accuser, and maybe the network, come out smelling like rotted eggs on this one. It should take more than a conversation to get someone thrown off the air without any investigation. Just really tired of a culture where saying something – even it is offensive – is all it takes to change your reputation and career.

  4. Multiple things can be true at the same time.

    Irvin can be a horrible TV sports personality, have a terrible track record of past incidents, and be completely innocent in this case.

    He certainly seems like a man determined to prove it.

  5. I hope their testimony aligns with the video. Marriott is keeping their video evidence close to the vest.

  6. I’m on Team Irvin in this case. NFL Network and ESPN did such a strong vetting of their on-air talent a few years ago, in the wake of the “Me Too” movement, that if there was anything suspect against Irvin he would have been gone. Unfortunately, in reality, you can’t “believe all…” anyone but you can listen and weigh the evidence. So far the scales tilt in Michael Irvin’s favor.

  7. Irvin is now going try to win his case in the domain of public opinion. If he did nothing wrong just sit back and wait until the case goes to court and collect a big fat check. This constant barrage of public complaints does nothing to bolster his case.

  8. All the evidence will be disclosed pursuant to the timing mandated by the federal rules of civil procedure, not the demands of Irvin’s lawyers. Having said that, the longer it takes for that video to be released, the more it appears Irvin’s side of the story is the more accurate version.

  9. They have an obligation under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to file Initial Disclosures. That’s likely what they did. It isn’t really that earth shattering but it is good for him that there are witnesses.

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