Bruce Arians cites Tom Brady’s issues are basis for Bucs’ 2022 struggles

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Bruce Arians isn’t one to mince words or pull punches. The former Tampa Bay head coach who gave up the job 17 days after quarterback Tom Brady ended a 40-day retirement, and who continued to work for the team in 2022, has a theory on why the team struggled last season.

Recently appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, via, Arians cited injuries to key players (center Ryan Jensen, pass rusher Shaq Barrett) and the fact that the team’s most important player had, as Brady said himself, “a lot of shit going on.”

“Tom wasn’t himself, you know, with all the things that were going on,” Arians told Eisen. “And I got to give him all the credit in the world for battling through what he went through last year for his teammates. I think the world of him but it wasn’t the real Tom Brady out there.”

Currently, not the real Tom Brady is the last of Tom Brady that we’ll see. Whether that’s actually the case depends on whether he eventually changes his mind about not playing in 2023.

As the dust settles on what will have been Brady’s last year, maybe he’ll ultimately decide that he doesn’t want that season to be his last one.

22 responses to “Bruce Arians cites Tom Brady’s issues are basis for Bucs’ 2022 struggles

  1. I know KC fans are gonna be po’d because if he comes back O.G. Rog
    wil slam the window on any Chiefs sports entertainment dynasty for Tommy Boy

  2. Brady was ineffective running the ball, and his defensive play truly slipped last season too. Also his coaching and game planning was uninspired as well…

    Tampa had a lot more problems on the field than Brady did off of it.

  3. Tom did have a lot of Sh going on, but really it’s simple:

    1. Retirement/injuries to O-line, hurting run game and pass protection;

    2. Loss of Gronk and AB and injury to Godwin meant no more matchup problems for defences;

    3. Loss of Gronk also hurt the run game;

    4. Lack of creativity in the run and passing game was obvious. The previous talent overload masked this lack of creativity in the previous two seasons;

    5. Loss of D-line via injury and departures hurt as well.

    TBH, Brady was the least of the issues. But of course BA isn’t going to dog his OC running his offence, or admit that his offensive success was due to TB getting Gronk and AB (and introducing play action).

  4. The fact that his last season with the Bucs wasn’t a good one isn’t a reason to un-retire. More the opposite. And it’s not going to affect his long-term legacy. Montana’s end wasn’t great, but nobody thinks that lessens his greatness. There are dozens of other similar examples in sports.

  5. How much more do they expect this guy to do??? Brady set literal records despite his “depleted” state but maybe if Arians and the Bucs stopped relying on Brady to literally carry everything about this team they might’ve done better.

  6. Narcissism is a really bad thing. Arians is not absolved. It’s why one narcissistic person (Brady) clashed with the other (Arians).

  7. It was the “real” Tom Brady. Remember his final year with the Patriots? All QBs, even Brady, are susceptible to issues with the team around him. His interior OL was beaten up all year, and Brady’s closest thing to a weakness is heavy interior pressure. His receivers were often coming and going, and he and Evans were clearly not on the same page. Combine all this with his team having issues with player and coaching connections even when Arians was around – and the team seemed like a coaching mess without him in 2022 – and it was a recipe for everyone to be dragged down. Don’t forget that people thought Brady individually was “down” in 2019 and perhaps done – but he wasn’t, not remotely. He’s been steady, but teammates will fluctuate and nobody is immune to that.

  8. Arians must have gone to the McCoy school of grace and etiquette. He seems to have learned the “Slamming someone while making it look like support” lesson quite well.
    The only reason Arians gets interviewed any more is because the media knows he’ll say something outrageous or controversial. It sure isn’t because of the wisdom he’ll share.

  9. BA is a legend in his own mind. 🥃 🥃 🥃

    While getting divorced to continue playing, TB12 played behind the worst OL of his 20+ year career and BA’s HC/OC stood and watched (with astonishing ambivalence). While it wasn’t as pretty as what everyone expects, statistically it was nearly identical to the season that Justin Herbert had in SD (without a single fan unhappy). Licht announced that he was sticking with Bowles for 2023, then TB12 retired. Other than that, it’s just like BA says…. 🥃 🥃 🥃

  10. Tom Brady is 45. There’s a reason why 45-year olds don’t play in the NFL. Not too many human beings in history could play football at a high level at 45. Brady was still Tom Brady, but you could see Father Time entering the picture. It happened to Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. It happened to Joe Montana. Troy Aikman. John Elway. Brady out-lasted all of them by 6 or 7 years or more. I mean, if he was 34 or 35 and suddenly hit a low note, you might think there’s something to what Arians is saying, but Brady isn’t Superman. He’s a human. And Bruce Arians is Bruce Arians. I don’t think Brady would have won the super bowl if everything was fine off the field. I just think he’s 45. or is he 46?

  11. I guess I’ll never understand why us fans never want to see great players leave on top. It’s like we’re not happy until they play too long and they become a shell of their former self. Can’t we just be at peace with his retirement and let it be?

  12. wow – what a pompous u know what –

    Brady was off but jeez the rest of the team was WAY OFF

  13. If you pay attention to the NFL system, you would know it’s setup to Disassemble Dynasties.
    Which is a good thing! Bill Bellylick knew this. It Starts with the Draft -> Last Team gets High Pick. All this is what makes the NFL a good product.

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