Caleb Williams says Dolphins are “probably my No. 1 spot”

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Quarterback Caleb Williams isn’t even eligible for the NFL Draft until next year.

But he apparently already has a good idea of where he’d like to go when he’s selected.

“I’d probably go to the Dolphins,” Williams said in a recent interview with People, noting that he likes to be around younger coaches. “I also would be able to play with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki. The defense isn’t bad. That’s probably my No. 1 spot.”

Williams added that he also likes the Dolphins colors and the weather in Miami.

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner named three other teams that intrigue him before giving the more standard answer for any player coming into the league.

“San Fran, Raiders or Falcons,” Williams said. “I’d play anywhere.”

Williams — who transferred to USC from Oklahoma last year, following his head coach Lincoln Riley — completed 66.6 percent of his passes in 2022, throwing for 4,537 yards with 42 touchdowns and five interceptions. He helped USC improve from 4-8 in 2021 to 11-3. And while it’s more than a year away, he’s currently considered the likely top pick in the 2024 draft.

But Williams claims he hasn’t made a final decision as to whether he’ll turn pro after his junior season at USC.

“I can’t say right now [what I’ll do],” Williams said. “The expectation from everybody would be that I would leave and go pro, but that would be a very, very in-the-moment kind of decision after speaking to family members and mentors that I believe in and trust their word.”

We’ll see if Williams’ 2023 season keeps him atop the draft boards of teams who might need a quarterback next year — and whether any of those teams are Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, or Atlanta.

34 responses to “Caleb Williams says Dolphins are “probably my No. 1 spot”

  1. Cardinals had Leinart and brought in Palmer. They could cash in their bingo card if they selected Caleb first overall next year

  2. Of course he wants the dolphins. He’s thinking “did you see how Hill and Waddle made Tua look like an elite QB?”

  3. Since he is probably already making in the neighborhood of $15 to $25 million, will he be the first NIL QB (and other top players) to tell a crap team that don’t draft me in the top 5 because I already have plenty of money and will not play for you if you draft me so don’t waste your time. Would a owner/GM/coach be dumb enough/ massive ego to ignore that and waste a top round pick for nothing.

  4. This guy has a big mouth and it’s getting worse with time. Why would you talk about this stuff.

  5. Yet another player whose ego is too massive to fit through a doorway. That Heisman trophy really went to his head, and he didn’t even deserve it.

  6. I’d like to see the Dolphins respond publicly with ‘no thank you Caleb’. This clown is a maroon. He’s already a diva, imagine how difficult he’ll be in the NFL.

  7. This feels very Gen Z to me. Entitled and so self absorbed that he can’t see that saying this craps on any QB currently in the league.

  8. Well, he won’t be going to San Francisco or Miami. If I were the Raiders or Falcons, I wouldn’t look for a QB solution this year and just go into full-on tank mode starting now.

  9. While it’s ok to have a destination you’d really like to play for (all players have favorites). In reality it doesn’t work that way. It’s too early to choosing where he ends up & unless he pulls a John Elway type stunt he’ll go to whoever drafts him.

  10. Why would this bring up red flags? He’s a year out from being eligible… Everyone deserves to have an opinion on who they like or who they would want to play with especially given that it has no impact on this year’s draft.

    He also said, “I’d play anywhere.”

    Some of you really need to calm down before you jump on someone.

  11. “The defense isn’t bad.”

    Way to win over potential team mates. This guy sounds like a tool.

  12. Of course he wants the dolphins. He’s thinking “did you see how Hill and Waddle made Tua look like an elite QB?

    Funny how they couldn’t help Teddy; he couldn’t even get one win with them.

  13. I’m going to concentrate on continuing to improve my game for my team this season & will make the decision regarding declaring for the NFL Draft, next year. I’m excited about the future and opportunities before me, but I’m not going to get too far out in front of the present challenges.

    Or he could say: I’m a big Miami Dolphins fan, but I’m sure, wherever I might end up being drafted, I will be happy to be a part of the team. A lot can change in the next year or two, so we will have to see how it all plays out.

  14. As a Dolphins fan is it good to see how many players want choose the Dolphins as an emerging team with great weather, unmatched South FL scene and a big tax break. The Dolphins have a solid roster, so I seriously doubt they are choosing at the top of the Draft next year. I don’t know why these guys talk at all, but I get it… they are fans too and Kenny Pickett did the same thing for the Steelers. Give them a break and get off your soapbox. Tua is the real deal; right up until he isn’t. I bet the Fins draft a QB next year unless Skylar Thompson progresses. They will still bring in a Vet as backup this year because Tua is just not reliable to play a full season.

  15. Every idiot trashing this guy because he answered a question about where he would like to play would sell his left arm to have his team draft him.

  16. What in the world has this CLOWN done to deserve all this hype?…. How many National Championships has he won? ( ZERO ! NONE ! ) …. This guy couldn’t carry Stetson Bennett’s jock strap ….. ( He can’t even beat UTAH ! ) … Why you ask? Because Bennett has won BACK TO BACK, TWO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS THAT’S WHY !

  17. The Pats and the Jets fit in nicely with Caleb’s fingernail polishing prowess. He’ll have to figure out what to do with the Bills.

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