Cardinals in “early stages” of any roster decision involving DeAndre Hopkins

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After Monti Ossenfort was hired as the Cardinals’ General Manager last month, he said that he would be evaluating wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins‘ status with the organization in the coming weeks.

It’s been a little more than a month since Ossenfort made that comment, but his answer about Hopkins’ future hasn’t changed much. During an appearance on Arizona Sports 98.7 Thursday, Ossenfort said that he’s spoken with Hopkins and that the team is still taking preliminary steps when it comes to making any decisions about who will be on the roster.

“I had a great talk with D-Hop a couple weeks ago,” Ossenfort said. “It was great, I kinda just explained to him what my philosophy was. It was a great conversation. D-Hop’s been a great player in this league for a long time. I’m excited to work with him. I think any roster decisions like that, we’re in the very early stages right now. From afar, I’ve had to compete against, not me personally, but I’ve been on teams that have to compete against D-Hop, I know what a problem and a stress he puts on defenses. I’m excited to have D-Hop on the team. Whether it pertains to D-Hop’s situation or anyone’s situation, we are in the stages of evaluating that but I’m excited that D-Hop is on the team with me right now.”

There’s limited cap relief — $8.15 million vs. $22.6 million in dead money — for the Cardinals to realize with a pre-June 1 trade of Hopkins, but the right offer for his services might be of interest for a Cardinals team that’s charting a new course with Oseenfort and new head coach Jonathan Gannon this offseason.

23 responses to “Cardinals in “early stages” of any roster decision involving DeAndre Hopkins

  1. Amazing how many GMs and coaches watch a player force his way out of organization, and never stop to consider he may do it again to them.

  2. Why would D-Hop want to stay in AZ?

    There is no QB to throw to him the first half of the season since Kyler is injured.

    There is no QB to throw to him the second half of the season since Kyler will be recovered from injury.

  3. Hard to say what Hopkins is worth these days. Seems like he still has some gas in the tank but hard to tell how much. It’s been a few years since he put up a 1K yard season and he’s not getting any younger.

  4. Just waiting for the comments about PEDs here, Ill wait. Just know that this dude caught 64 balls in 9 games on a terrible team with no QB.

    He is still elite.

  5. Cards are in full rebuild. Trade D-Hop to Bills for a 2nd round pick. Problem solved for everyone. Also Bills draft five OL

  6. I believe they’ll keep him and extend him for 2-3 more years to create more cap space along with releasing Robbie Anderson which creates an immediate $12M, you can release a few more bit players that creates well over $12M that includes guys like Golden n Gardeck. Hopkins is elite still a top 5WR n is much more valuable than any high 2nd n 4th rd pick they may get as a package in trade for him.
    Arizona still easily has one of the best offenses in the NFL with a healthy Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Hollywood Brown, Rondale Moore, drafting another WR, Greg Dortch, having both Zac Ertz n TE Trey McBride in year2, getting healthy up front and by fixing the OL , drafting another power versatile RB in RD3 to pair with Connor n Keontay Ingram going into his 2nd YR with all the weapons they have and are much better off with DHOP than they are without him. Hopkins value to the offense is much greater than any pick he fetch’s.

  7. Ossenfort used “D-Hop” six times in that word salad. He’ll keep Hopkins at any price because he clearly loves saying “D-Hop”.

  8. 104 catches for 1,289 yards and 11 TDs in his last 19 games. Find me a team that doesn’t want that type of production…

  9. He’s made comments about wanting to play in KC. Chiefs have 11 draft picks this year maybe give the Cardinals a 3rd round pick with an option for another conditional pick if he plays over half the offensive snaps. If the Chiefs don’t resign JuJu.

  10. Remember when the Raiders thought Randy Moss was past it? When you’ve got a top, top player like Hopkins it would be imprudent to let him go too early for too little.

  11. If I’m AZ’s GM I steer the team into full rebuild / tank mode. It’s a tough division and with Murray out for most of the year they may go 3-14. You can’t trade the QB (no one would take that trade at that $$ and injured) but you can trade D-hop + Conner + Ertz. Release any pricy vets. Get as many picks as you can for this draft and next and load up on young rookies.

  12. AZ gave up a 2nd for him. Why would anyone give them equal value today. Take a 4th and some cap relief.

  13. Would he fit into the Seahawk’s backfield the DK & Lockett? That trichotomy would be hard for teams to defense. It would never happen as the Cardinals would be foolish to let any NFC West team get him in a trade.

  14. “D-Hop also says that D-Hop would work work at I-Hop before D-Hop plays another down with Game Boy Murray.”

  15. Bears have a ton of cap space and need to give Fields at least a chance to prove himself as a quarterback. A wide receiver who’s put up great number regardless of the QB is exactly what’s needed in Chicago.

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