Eric Bieniemy: Only concern is Washington, we can talk about being a head coach next year

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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New Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy says now is not the time to talk about becoming a head coach.

At his introductory press conference in Washington today, Bieniemy said it wouldn’t be fair to the Commanders or his players if he were focusing right now on his desire to be a head coach.

“Right now I’m the offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders,” Bieniemy said. “Being a head coach, if that’s to happen it will take care of itself. We’ve had a great deal of success. We went to five straight AFC Championship Games, three out of four Super Bowls, two out of those we won. Being a head coach, it hasn’t happened, it’s not anything that’s going to impact me moving forward because the only thing I need to be concerned with is what’s important today.

“Today, I’ve got to be the best person I can be, I’ve got to be the best coach I can be, and on top of that, I’ve got to get these guys in this building to learn to trust me, to get to know me, but also to understand what the term accountability means. I have to be accountable to these men. All that stuff about being a head coach, we can talk about that next year some time. Right now I need to focus on the job at hand.”

Despite the Chiefs’ success with Bieniemy as their offensive coordinator the last five years, Bieniemy has been repeatedly passed over for head-coaching jobs. A good season for the offense in Washington could earn Bieniemy a head-coaching job a year from now, but Bieniemy says that is not his focus at the moment.

26 responses to “Eric Bieniemy: Only concern is Washington, we can talk about being a head coach next year

  1. This season may be a make it or break it season for Eric as far as becoming a head coach goes.

  2. They gave a very good defense, some nice pieces on offense, but the question as always with Washington is at QB. Is Sam Howell the answer? Or will Heinicke be under center again by Week 4? It will be a challenge for EB, and I wish him well.

  3. Outside of media-born shenanigans this may be the most interested I’ve ever been in Washington. Best of luck EB!

  4. If he succeeds he will be the Commanders next HC , so all you other team fans can stop dreaming 😀

  5. Good for him and hope he is successful. He is apparently a proud professional grown ass man and doesn’t view himself as some mistreated victim as so many talking heads and sites seem to. Respect.

  6. Going to be very difficult to be a top 5-10 offense in NFL with Sam Howell as your starting QB. I just don’t see it going very well.

  7. chastain00 says:
    February 23, 2023 at 11:54 am
    If he succeeds he will be the Commanders next HC , so all you other team fans can stop dreaming
    If he does well then why would Rivera not remain the HC? Coordinators doing well makes the HC look good. The Commanders just went 8-8-1 without EB. If they add even a mediocre QB in free agency and draft an o lineman in the 1st round, then they should win a few more games… even if I was their OC.

  8. Does EB have a bad rep with the league office or Goodell? Something seems off with him being snubbed so many times as he’s been overseeing one of the great offensive units and barely gets a whiff for an open HC job.

  9. If EB puts together a winning offense from the pieces they have in Washington (particularly at QB), he will be a head coach the following year.

  10. Rooting for E.B.

    Of course, if he has success, these same doubters online will say he only rode the coattails of offensive genius Ron Rivera and franchise QB Sam Howell.

    I’m glad he has this dawg personality. You need to be strong in the face of so many doubters.

    Doubting is EASY. Winning is HARD.


  11. He took a lateral move and after 16 failed HC interviews he’s planning on being a HC next year. Any word on any other coordinators? Or must we only fix our eyes on this guy…. You’d think there was only 1 coordinator job open this year, yet in reality I believe there was over 18, yet we only hear about this guy.

  12. He can talk about being a HC next year until this offense craps the bed this coming year.

  13. chastain00 says:
    February 23, 2023 at 11:54 am
    If he succeeds he will be the Commanders next HC , so all you other team fans can stop dreaming


    Would that be the 16 teams who he interviewed with that turned him down? Or the other 10 or so who chose not to even consider him? I really do not think no matter how great the offense does in Washington that anyone will be dreaming about hiring him as their HC.

  14. If I were in Washington, I wouldn’t want to hear him saying he’ll talk about being a head coach next year. No need to be so open about seeing this as a temporary stepping stone.

  15. With the current lousy OC they had and awful OL they were a few bad ref calls away from being in the playoffs. EB will make a huge difference on offense. We will see come Fall.

  16. Judging by his press conference his mentality is exactly what you want in a head coach. If Washington does improve offensively and the defense holds their end of the bargain, they’ll make the playoffs for sure. Overall the NFC isn’t all that outside of Philly and SF.

    And should that happen there are 16 or so teams that are going to be looking real stupid when he does get scooped up.

  17. I’m gonna call it now. New ownership will come in and fire Rivera, but retain Eric as the HC.

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