Report: Lions to sign Aaron Glenn to contract extension

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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The Lions are signing defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn to a contract extension, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports.

The multi-year agreement is not completed yet but “should be soon,” per Fowler.

Glenn interviewed for the head coaching jobs with the Cardinals and Colts this hiring cycle. In the 2022 hiring cycle, Glenn interviewed with the Saints and Broncos.

Glenn has spent two seasons as the Lions defensive coordinator, following Dan Campbell from New Orleans. He spent five years as the Saints defensive backs coach after two years as the Browns assistant defensive backs coach.

22 responses to “Report: Lions to sign Aaron Glenn to contract extension

  1. I’m not sure. I don’t remember how good their defense was in 21, but going by last season… I know they played better, at times, towards the end… but they were not good most of the year. Dead last.

  2. Solidifying your coaching staff is very important when it comes to understanding team philosophy of the head coach’s mindset…

  3. Great coach
    Give him some players.

    He will be a head coach soon so build solid defensive base before he goes

  4. if the man of darkness doesn’t sign with the pack …pencil in the lions as the NFC north champs

  5. Are the Lions joining the CFL? They have one playoff win in 70 years, at some point you should be disqualified from the NFL.

  6. This is a bad bet and will bite them in the butt. Campbell’s Achilles Heel is that his loyalty blinds him a bit to his friends’ shortcomings. Glenn’s a great guy and a good motivator, but his defensive schemes are nonexistent as are his adjustments.

  7. erickgreynolds says: . Campbell’s Achilles Heel is that his loyalty blinds him a bit to his friends’ shortcomings. Glenn’s a great guy and a good motivator, but his defensive schemes are nonexistent as are his adjustments. It is far too soon to declare that Glenn is or is not a top-notch defensive coordinator. However, to declare that Campbell is too loyal and that Glenn cannot adjust defies fact. Over the course of two seasons, Campbell dismissed high ranking members of his coaching staff and the team fared much better once he did so. Additionally, to declare that Glenn cannot adjust is equally unjustified. Over the last half of the 2022 season, the Lions defense gave up nearly 10 points a game less than it did the first part of the season. As the man once said, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Let’s see how 2023 plays out before making any more bold declarations about the team’s shortcomings.

  8. You can tell the comments from non-Lion fans. They’re the ones who mention kneecaps lr say Campbell’s a meathead with blind loyalty (ask Aubrey Pleasant and Anthony Lynn about that). Or the ones who say Glenn is a bad coach because the defense is bad, failing to recognize that the D is the youngest in the league, that those young guys produced at historic levels OR that the Lions’ overall D was 11th in the league in ppg for their 8-2 run. Whatever, real Lions fans believe in the staff and know we were one poorly officiated game in Seattle from making the playoffs in year two of a total rebuild.

  9. plowdawg65 says:
    February 23, 2023 at 11:57 pm
    Happy for him but wasn’t the Lions defense historically bad or am I just imagining that?

    He had a heck of a learning curve, but the defense was much improved by the end of the season. Time will tell.

  10. Glenn helped fix Okuda when he looked like he might be a bust. Now he’s a dangerous tackling machine who flashes reminders of why he was picked early in the draft. Kerby Joseph was a rising superstar in the secondary his rookie year. That secondary is who sent Aaron Rodgers into his hole, never forget it. Well deserved contract.

  11. The Eagles did this with Gannon. They got better players who masked that Gannon was not the guy until the 2nd half of the SB when Gannon was clearly not the guy. I have nothing against Glenn but I will be paying attention to see if he can take them from 28/32 to top 10. With that offense maybe top 15 would be enough.

  12. Lions and Bears are the two teams to watch in this division. The Vikings have always been a pretender and will continue to be until they blow it up and rebuild like what the Lions and Bears are doing…

    The Rodgers drama is making it difficult to have faith and confidence in Green Bay.

    It will be great to see the Lions at the top of the division for a change and the Bears are potentially right behind them!

  13. Aaron Glenn was one of the smartest corners I ever watched play. Not physically gifted, he got by on smarts and guts. He will be a head coach some day.

  14. This is MCDC striking while the iron is hot. Any smart Lions fan knows that this is the first year since the early Barry days that we’ve beaten good teams on the road. He has gotten results no one ever could. Go look up Stafford’s record on the road and vs. winning teams while he was a Lion – it’s embarrassingly bad. MCDC did it with Goff. I’d want to keep my coaching staff intact, too.

  15. After they signed Ben Johnson to a increased contract to stay as OC, it is only right that they offer Glenn a new deal to remain as DC. But neither contract is going to prevent these two guys from eventually taking a head coaching job in the next season or two. I was surprised neither one of them were hired this year.

  16. if the man of darkness doesn’t sign with the pack …pencil in the lions as the NFC north champs

    Well, since the Lions have beaten him three straight times, twice on his own field, I don’t think the Lions are too concerned. Even with Rodgers, the Packers have some issues to resolve before they take steps to being the kings of the NFC North.

  17. Booooo. I thought we got rid of his terrible defense. Disappointing. Very.

    The Lions did, about midway through the season. And to blame this entirely on Aaron Glenn is more than disingenuous. Look at the players they have on that side of the ball. Not many notable names. 6th round rookies at linebacker and situational pass rusher (Malcolm Rodriguez and James Houston). Cast offs from other teams (Isaiah Buggs and John Cominsky). Players returning from serious injury (Romeo Okwara, Jeff Okudah and Josh Paschal). Lost their best safety to injury (Tracy Walker). Yet, somehow Glenn put it together in the back half of the season and this team was not just competitive, but winning. I think he’s earned his pay.

  18. ilovefishinginsteadofnfl says:
    February 24, 2023 at 8:07 am

    if the man of darkness doesn’t sign with the pack …pencil in the lions as the NFC north champs


    We’re talking about the Lions. You should prioritize penciling in your next psychiatrist visit.

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