New report suggests Daniel Snyder possibly won’t sell the Commanders

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From the moment Commanders owner Daniel Snyder announced that he was exploring the possibility of selling the team, some wondered whether it was a ruse, a ploy, an effort to buy time. To take the heat out of the proverbial hot kitchen.

Those who thought that may have been onto something.

Only one day after the Washington Post reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has hired an investment firm to explore a potential bid for the team, the New York Post has published an item suggesting that Snyder may not be selling the team at all.

It’s not the headline. But it’s the unmistakable conclusion of the new report claiming that the top bids to buy the team fell “far short” of a $6 billion cutoff, and that Bezos has been “benched” from bidding on the team by Snyder.

And the body of the article eventually finishes the thought, noting that Snyder may decide to keep the team, given that he didn’t get the offer he wants.

“He’s an ass and he may not want to give it up,” an unnamed source “closely watching the sale” told the New York Post.

Reports regarding bids for the team have been all over the place. Forbes reported in December that Snyder has gotten multiple bids “well north” of $7 billion. The Washington Post then reported that the initial statements of interest came in with a maximum bid of $6.3 billion. Now, the New York Post says the number fell “far short” of $6 billion.

And why wouldn’t Snyder want Bezos in the bidding, if Bezos would potentially give Snyder what he wants?

What Snyder may want is a pretext to not sell. What he may then provoke is a potential fight with his business partners over whether he should be ousted. Snyder may be willing to welcome that fight.

Caught in the middle of everything is a long-suffering fan base that simply wants Snyder out. Maybe it’s time for them to make their voices heard, loudly, in order to ensure that Snyder doesn’t do what the New York Post item suggests he might do.

And maybe it’s time for the league to tell Mary Jo White to finish up her investigation of Snyder and the team, which seems to have been placed in mothballs ever since Snyder said he planned to sell the team.

56 responses to “New report suggests Daniel Snyder possibly won’t sell the Commanders

  1. If he doesn’t sell, it will finish off the rest of the fan base. Essentially this will mark the end of NFL football in the Washington DC area.

  2. The supreme court ruled in the Raiders vs NFL that the league is composed of 32 individual teams. The NFL doesn’t have baseball style rights where they can take ownership of a team away from somebody, however Dan Snyder can take the Commanders from the NFL and join another league if he saw fit.

  3. Lifelong Washington fan here. I knew this was too good to be true. We are stuck with this guy forever, like herpes.

  4. Dear Dan: Never, never, never give up your legacy and keep the Commanders firmly under your control forever. Signed, The Rest of the NFC

  5. This is checkers. Snyder floated the notion that he would sell the team to avoid scrutiny and the league’s ire. Once the dust settles, Snyder decides he’s not selling the team. Snyder gave them an easy out, just wait for me to sell the team; they got lazy and back off, which allows Snyder to reset the pressure cooker back to zero. Others can decide whether the league is aiding Snyder. Other owners guilty of abhorrent behavior have been booted in a heartbeat.

  6. Stories I’m tired of:
    1. Is Brady really retired
    2. Every little thing Aaron Rogers does
    3. Lamar’s contract
    4. Anything related to the Washington Commanders

  7. Here’s a crazy idea: what if someone actually pursued criminal charges against Snyder for all the heinous sh!t he’s done over the years. Certainly taking naked photos of his employees without their consent is prosecutable.

  8. Weird, so that piece of trash Snyder is just grand standing until the heat of his actions die down when it’s “old news”?

  9. Fitting. Snyder has contaminated everything he has touched since purchasing the team so it is par for the course that that he cannot leave gracefully. Worst owner in the history of all professional sports.

  10. If it wasn’t for Dan Snyder and the NFL replay system, what would we talk about? I hope he doesn’t sell the team.

  11. It’s fairly simple, Snyder embarrassed the league so, kick him out of it. He can take his team to the Canadian league and Bezos can build another stadium, the players and fan’s would follow, guaranteed.

  12. He’s gonna be forced to sell just like sarver had to with the phoenix sun’s period too much pressure unless he’s got a lot of dirt on the other owners.

  13. Good! I wanna see sports teams owned by individual owners Not giant faceless corporate fund management companies like blackrock and vanguard.

  14. This Guy is a Black Eye to the NFL. They should make him sell, regardless of the price he gets. Look at the stands, when he took over there were no seats available, now if it wasn’t for the visiting fans the stands would be empty, and this is because it is Snyder who has diminished the team in all aspects.

  15. Its possible that Snyder simply wants a a lot of money. And its possible hell sell to Bezos – if he offers even more.

    If Bezos offers 8 Billion – I suspect Snyder will take it. Bezos[appears to have] tried to force Snyder to sell – which favors the buyer. Its in Snyders interest to sell the team from a less ugent stance and for the buyer to pay a premium.

  16. Finish the investigation and get this guy out of the league. This will get interesting over the summer. The owners want him gone but the question is what dirt will Snyder expose if they force him out.

  17. The League gets the owners it deserves: grifters; liars; predators. This does not bode well for The Few Good Men who remain in Club Billionaire.

  18. I don’t think Washington fans could really be any more vocal about Dan Snyder than we’ve been for well over a decade. Empty seats in the stadium aren’t a lack of support for players. Snyder is reviled, and very vocally, by Washington fans.

  19. the major sponsors won’t do a new stadium deal with Snyder. He’s kicked the can the road as far as it will go

  20. Dude literally cannot afford to keep the Commanders (awful name). It’s rumored that (allegedly!) within 2 or 3 seasons (as things currently stand) Dan will not be able to continue to make payments back to the league on that loan he secured when he bought out his minority partners.

    Do you think Dan can turn the Commanders into an exciting enough team in 2 or 3 seasons to dig himself out of his (alleged!) financial quandary?

    I sure don’t!

  21. This would be a highly risky move by Snyder. The fans will make their voices (and money) heard, the league will “persuade” him to sell, and the final offer will be less than what’s on the table now.

  22. It is very hard to believe the NFL hasn’t told White to slow walk this “investigation.” Her firm has probably just started placing labels on folders.

  23. Danny Boy will be the toast of the town, with an extra sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, once Bienemy’s Commander-In-Chief Offense takes them to the Super Bowl. (Side Note: Are we sure those doomed extras weren’t from Georgetown, and actually in The Exorcist???)

  24. What a despicable human being! Every year this cretin owns the team more and more seats will be filled by visiting team fans, NOT fans of the “Commanders” (my God what a stupid name). And yet Snyder continues to grow wealthier from other teams’ fans, so he could care less about the state of the Washington team. Sigh. So sad for Washington’s fans….

  25. Billionaires are not made out of choir boys and saints. Realization of this painful fact would make the thoughtful to R-E-L-A-X. Taking a side in their internecine battles to gain advantages is akin to trying to put out ones neck to defend a politician against charges of politicking.

  26. Doesn’t this get leaked after it came out that Bezos is interested in buying the team? Negotiating through the media perhaps? If it was leaked that Bezos was interested, then it would make sense that he knows the Commanders could be had and that Snyder could actually sell. Who knows? Just a guess, but I feel for Washington fans having been stuck with that guy as owner. One of the top franchises when I was a kid is now irrelevant and a joke.

  27. If Snyder won’t leave on his own. Force him out. Horrible owner horrible person. He is a stain upon the NFL. He has to go.

  28. Persuade Bruce Allen to share all the dirt he has on Snyder. Hopefully that will push Snyder out.

  29. I hope he gets an offer he cant refuse and sells the team.

    I want him gone, but I dont think its right for him to be forced to sell.

  30. Dan Snyder is cancer to the NFL and Washington fans. The NFL totally allowed this to happen. Spoiler Alert: The NFL will never, ever, ever release any investigation info, and probably will just drop the current one that they paused because they bought into Snyder’s lies about selling the team. It’s starting to look like Snyder probably does have dirt on the other owners, and that those owners and the commissioner are too cowardly to do anything about it. If he thinks the WaPo has been dogging him and his business before, I can’t wait to see what they dig up now. Bury him, Bezos!

  31. I see the over reactions in the comments, there are very few owners who haven’t done something nefarious in their lives, that’s how they got rich. I don’t see him as a cancer, I don’t see him as a bigger villain than Jerry Jones. The woke should go back to sleep. Do I like what he “allegedly” did, NO! It’s deplorable, but he shouldn’t be forced to sell, by anybody. Innocent until proven guilty. Hasn’t happened yet. Decent coach, talented roster. they were an OC short (solved) now a starting QB is all it’s going to take. We’ll welcome you to the link in typical south Philly style. Stand your ground

  32. As a Cowboys fan I hope Snyder is forced to sell. We’ll know whether the sale is voluntary or a kick out the door by the price tag. I’m tired of the Washingtons being so pathetic.
    The Cowboys/Skins rivalry was a great one back in the day, among the best in the league. Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson versus George Allen and Joe Gibbs. Billy Kilmer, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, John Riggins, Art Monk, Darrell Green, Joe Jacoby, Dexter Manley, Champ Bailey, Jeff Bostic, the Hogs – great stuff. That mostly died when Snyder took over. The league is just better when the historic franchises compete regularly. Come on Washington, Bears, Raiders, Browns, Giants, Dolphins – pick it up!

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