Sam Howell “super excited” to be Washington’s QB1, ready to work with Eric Bieniemy

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
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Washington head coach Ron Rivera has declared Sam Howell the team’s starting quarterback, and Howell says he’s up to the task.

“I was obviously super excited, and I’m super grateful to Coach Rivera for giving me that opportunity,” Howell said. “But really the work starts now. I’ve got to take advantage of the opportunity that I do have and do everything to try and give this team a chance to win every time single game that we play. The process doesn’t change, I’ve always tried to get better, but with this opportunity, I’ve got to take advantage of it.”

Washington will be installing a new offense with coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s arrival, and Howell looks forward to working with him.

“We haven’t had the chance to talk football yet,” Howell said of Bieniemy. “I am super excited to get going. I am a big fan of his, just listening to him talk here I’m super impressed with just the man he is. Obviously, he comes from a team that’s had a lot of success, especially on the offensive side of the ball so I’m just excited to learn all that stuff and get started with him.”

With the unproven Howell as their starter, the Commanders have one of the biggest question marks at quarterback in the NFL. Howell sounds confident that he can answer all the questions.

32 responses to “Sam Howell “super excited” to be Washington’s QB1, ready to work with Eric Bieniemy

  1. I hope the Commanders become the highest scoring offense of all time next year and it happens right as Snyder sells the team before the start of the season, please Santa I’ve been good this year

  2. Eric Bieniemy will be super excited as well once he realizes what he has in Sam Howell. All Sam and Eric both need are a few more playmakers on that side of the ball.

  3. Commander will be NFC Champions with Howell under the helm at QB. We just need to get better at the offensive line.

  4. I’m super skeptical that this super QB and the new super OC will ever make it to a super super bowl…

  5. Howell can’t possibly be the plan, can he? If this were any other franchise than Washington, I would think they need to make a more sound decision at Quarterback. Let the futility continue.

  6. A little misleading of a story. Sam was actually super excited because he was told by next season he will get Amazon Prime Video for free.

  7. grant35 says:
    February 24, 2023 at 7:44 am
    “Washington fans, meet Mr Sam Howell, Mitch Trubisky 2.0”

    Except that Howell was a fifth round pick and wasn’t taken ahead of Patrick Mahommes and Deshaun Watson after trading up in round 1.

  8. “Howell sounds confident that he can answer all the questions.”

    Let me fix that for you:

    “Howell sounds SUPER confident that he can answer all the questions.”

  9. Hey at least it’s generating some excitement on offense. Why not? Might as well try something new.

  10. Wow, the guy was a 5th round pick and has played 1 NFL game in his career. He should be excited. If he’s still the anointed starter a year from now, Riverboat Ron is going to look like a genius. I’m betting he won’t.

  11. touchdowntommy says:
    February 24, 2023 at 1:18 pm
    Every other NFC East team is super excited as well. What a disaster. LOL

    The Cowboys were super excited week 18, when their STARTERS got torched by Howell.

  12. laserwizard2021 says:
    February 24, 2023 at 11:25 am
    Howl won’t last past eight games. He has no talent and is all a product of great hype.

    What hype? He’s a fifth round pick? I don’t know of ANYONE who is hyping him as the next superstar QB, not even Commanders fans.

  13. Sucks for Bienemy, doesn’t it? The team that will let you call plays is married to Howell, for no good reason. I’m not saying the guy is going to suck. But, he might. Then what? Bienemy is supposed to make chicken salad then?

  14. He doesnt call the plays and never has. How good is this going to work? I see them winning at least 8 games

  15. Whole lot of pro scouts on this page saying Howell is a bust. He has one pro start, is on a rookie contract and he beat the Cowboys. What is not to like.

  16. Boy, the Commanders sure are trying to sell everyone on how happy and “super excited” they are to have Bienemy as their offensive coordinator. Maybe a little too hard, I am not convinced.

  17. Whole lot of pro scouts on this page saying Howell is a bust. He has one pro start, is on a rookie contract and he beat the Cowboys. What is not to like.
    I agree with this on one level. His draft position should be inconsequential. Plenty of teams marry themself to a top draft pick QB; there’s no guarantee they are any better than Howell. But the risk is the same for Bienemy. Regardless of whether they are drafted 1 or are Mr. Irrelevant, they have no pro experience and nothing is guaranteed. Howell played one game and did well; this happens constantly. Howell can watch tape on the defense, but they can’t watch his tape (there is none) on him. He’s totally unproven, there’s plenty not to like.

  18. Howell peaked in high school and was basically the same guy for 3 years at UNC, losing to dreadful FSU teams twice and winning nothing of consequence. He’s a backup at best in the NFL, but have at it, Commanders.

  19. Bieniemy is entering a challenging situation – as did his previous head coach went he went into Philadelphia and KC which both had bad programs at the time. I wish him well and hope he can make the best of this challenge and for his sake, silence the doubters.

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