Vikings announce additions to their coaching staff

NFL: DEC 20 Vikings at Bears
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The Vikings announced three changes to their coaching staff.

Grant Udinski will serve as assistant quarterbacks coach on head coach Kevin O’Connell’s staff. Udinski earned a promotion after spending his first season with the Vikings as the assistant to the head coach/special projects.

Udinski previously worked as a coaching assistant for the Panthers from 2020-21.

The Vikings hired Lance Bennett as a defensive quality control coach and Mike Siravo as inside linebackers coach.

Bennett joins the Vikings’ coaching staff after three seasons coaching in the NFL. He previously served as the assistant to the head coach for defensive coordinator Brian Flores with the Dolphins from 2019-21.

Siravo enters his fourth season coaching in the NFL, after two seasons as the senior defensive assistant/linebackers coach and one season as the linebackers coach with the Panthers. He brings 20 total years of coaching experience, both collegiately and professionally, to O’Connell’s staff.

11 responses to “Vikings announce additions to their coaching staff

  1. You could get Vince Lombardi to coach the quarterbacks and Cousins still wouldn’t be able to win in the playoffs. Until Cousins is gone and the Vikes get a real QB, they can forget about going anywhere in the post-season. Cousins always chokes when the lights are the brightest. Always.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Until they subtract Kirk Cousins from the roster they won’t be a legitimate contender.

  3. Kev needs all the help he can get after choking away a 13 win season in the wildcard round.

  4. Linebackers were all over the field, just not near the ball. I don’t believe Kendrick’s fell off a cliff skillwise. I think he is playing out of position. He is a true middle linebacker. And with the line getting pushed around he was fighting multiple blocks let’s all game. Or else he was so far away from the play there wasn’t much need to block him. It would not surprise me if he looked faster and more like a ball hawk if the scheme changes and they get some beef up front to at least hold thier ground.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, announcing our latest edition of the historic multiple super bowl winning coaching staffs assembled by our Vikings.

  6. 1970mustang says:
    February 24, 2023 at 10:12 pm
    Doesn’t matter. Until they subtract Kirk Cousins from the roster they won’t be a legitimate contender.

    I agree. He’s a game-manager, not a game-changer. Never will be. Right now he’s a difference-maker. He’s the difference between the ability of a very good team to win the NFCCG and taking your chances in the SuperBowl, or leading your team by extending the NFL record of one-and-done postseason appearances.

  7. Let’s be real. This team has needs everywhere you look — o line, d line, linebackers, secondary, a legit # 2 receiver….. not to mention an upgrade at quarterback, place kicker, and running back.

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