Byron Jones seems to indicate he’s done playing football

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Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones, a first-round pick in the 2015 draft, has some important thoughts after eight years in the NFL. And it sounds as if there won’t be a ninth NFL season.

Retweeting the video of his impressive 12-foot, three-inch long jump from the 2015 Combine, Jones said this: “Much has changed in 8 years. Today I can’t run or jump because of my injuries sustained playing this game. DO NOT take the pills they give you. DO NOT take the injections they give you. If you absolutely must, consult an outside doctor to learn the long-term implications.”

Jones spent all of 2022 on the physically unable to perform list, due to ankle and Achilles issues.

His tweet strongly implies that he won’t be playing any time soon, if (as he says) he can’t run or jump.

Jones remains under contract with the Dolphins. With a $13.5 million salary for 2023, none of which is guaranteed, it appears that he’ll either be released or retiring, sooner than later.

24 responses to “Byron Jones seems to indicate he’s done playing football

  1. Sounds like he forgot to write “Don’t spend the money they give you” in there as well. You knew what you were getting in to. And they paid you for it.

  2. At this point players have no excuses for being surprised about long term injuries from playing football. Had he never gone to the NFL he probably would still be suffering from old injuries as he ages like the rest of us.
    He got paid, and paid well. He has no excuse for being blindsided by body for ball style of play.
    Not everyone recovers from, achilles tears . In the past it was a always a career ender. His body or mind just wasn’t up for it and it showed .

  3. He probably could have done this last year, and Miami could have filled that spot. But no.

  4. Some players should just play 3 or 4 years, invest their money wisely, and live happily ever after. Others can play 15-20 years and have no pain after they retire. Every human being is different. No two are exactly alike. No two apple trees are exactly alike. No two bunches of grapes are alike. No two leaves are alike. It’s nature. That’s the way life is created. If you think you got a raw deal, send your complaints to the Creator.

  5. You trade off damage to your body, short and long term, for fame and fortune. Most likely more fortune than if he got a regular 9 to 5 job. Let’s hope he didn’t blow his money on frivolous things and can live a comfortable life with the money earned while enduring whatever pain(s) he has.

  6. The NFL has made more millionaires than any other private business in the world. Owners, executives, coaches, players, TV partners, advertisers etc. The risks are known. You cannot complain about the dangers of football AFTER you take all of their money.

  7. It states on ESPN that he doesn’t plan on retiring. Not sure how a routine Achilles surgery made it so he can’t run or jump. Curious if the surgery was botched or this is his easy way out after getting paid. Either way Miami needs to move on.

  8. He made lots of money and he could have left after 5 years in Dallas with still lots of money. I had more to say but the censors here are a bunch of weirdos.

  9. for all those who say he knew what he was getting into, maybe he trusted the system. Maybe he believed the team doctors had his best interests at heart, not those of their employer. Maybe he believed that no one would let another human being’s life be destroyed to gain a few yards and sell some tickets. Maybe that’s what happened.

  10. He didn’t want to play in 2022 either which is why he got a cleanup on his Achilles in March rather than after the season he found out he was going to be traded…

  11. He just burned a Bridge. Like with EVERY NFL team. That’s the advice you give your kid, not the world. He’s retired.

  12. All you like to talk like you have experience in this subject. Pro football can change lives, positively or negatively. He had a bad experience and I feel for him. Yes, I understand he accepted the risk. But, it’s absolutely within his rights to expose those risks for future players…. Leave it to dolphins fans to complain about this one, just like Tua isn’t more exposed to more concussions than anyone else, right?

  13. I have to chuckle over all the keyboard athletes who pontificate about real players being a bunch of spoiled millionaires who should grovel before team owners for the privilege of playing for them.

    They’re always quick to throw out the lines about ‘they knew what they were getting into’, and all the rest of the snarky lines. Exploitation is exploitation whether you’re picking lettuce in the Imperial Valley for $8/hour or playing in the NFL. It’s just a matter of scale. You’re just a piece of meat to be used until you’re worn out and replaced. Most of the criticism is jealousy based, as if the armchair athletes would be so grateful to do what any professional does. I’d wager they’d leave the field in tears after taking one hit.

  14. I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled. Certain issues are just settled.

  15. There are those in the “know” that witnessed several late training sessions in Miami last season & watched Byron Jones able to perform at or very close to his pre- Achilles injury and were stunned when he basically decided to quit on the Fins for the year. As a Bills fan it was good news but from an NFL fan this is happening more frequently with certain players & these future contracts need to reflect these possible scenarios.

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