Jameis Winston says he has one year left under contract, but will the Saints keep him?

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Quarterback Jameis Winston won’t be a free agent on March 15. He could be one not long thereafter.

Winston signed a two-year contract with New Orleans in 2022. The Saints could release him after the new league year begins, with a post-June 1 designation.

For now, Winston is focused on staying were he is.

“Technically I’m not a free agent just yet, I have one more year under contract,” Winston said Saturday in a visit with NFL Network during the HBCU Legacy Bowl, via USA Today, “My main thing right now is, I’ll stay healthy and be ready to play. That’s the only thing that’s on my mind. I’ve got to be ready to play, because when given the opportunity, I look forward to taking advantage of it.”

Whether he gets the opportunity in New Orleans remains to be seen.

Winston has a non-guaranteed salary of $12.8 million for 2023. That’s a lot to pay to a guy who signed last year to be the starter, but who eventually lost the job to Andy Dalton.

The Saints would avoid $12.8 million in cash by releasing Winston. If they do it with a post-June 1 designation, they’d take a $2.8 million cap charge in 2023, and another $8.4 million in 2024.

If he stays, he’ll count $15.6 million against the cap, with $8.4 million in dead money still hitting the books next year.

The Saints have visited with Derek Carr, and they presumably will be going in a different direction than the Winston-Dalton depth chart. But Winston provides a safety net while they look elsewhere. They could even carry him on the roster for a while after the league year begins, until they have other arrangements with which they’re comfortable for 2023.

Winston received a $14 million signing bonus and a $1.2 million salary last year to remain with the Saints. He has spent three years in New Orleans after finishing his initial five-year contract with the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay made Winston the first overall pick in the 2015 draft. Although it seems as if he’s been in the NFL for a very long time, he’s still only 29 years old.

16 responses to “Jameis Winston says he has one year left under contract, but will the Saints keep him?

  1. Saints should do a fire sale if they don’t land Rodgers or Carr. They have a good roster but if they don’t have a QB this year they should trade every asset they can and load up for a rebuild.

  2. Jamies can make a high quality back up for some team. Just to inconsistent for anyone to consider him as a starter.

  3. Shocker, Winston lost his starting job, who could have seen that coming? He is a good qb for a few games till other teams remember he is an interception machine once they disguise the coverage. Thing is they have a capable qb on the team that they don’t want to develope named Hill. He has shown enough to get a year as the full time starter as they rebuild. If you look at raw numbers he has same completion rate of 65% as kyler murray and an 88 passer rating vs murray 92, numbers seem very close. Hill has 1800 yards rushing vs 2200, but he also has 10 fumbles to kyler 26?? Why not give this dual threat qb a real chance like kyler, hurts, lance??

  4. He was doing ok in his first year until he blew his knee out–they were keeping him within what he could consistently do well. More injuries since, and no Payton

  5. He could make the Texans skill players fantasy relevant…for that reason alone it could make the Texans watchable…

  6. Winston has lived up to his reputation. Doesn’t take much to reach the sewer when you are in it.

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