Reports intensify that Jeff Bezos has been blocked from buying Commanders

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Various publications are currently engaged in a game of one-up over whether the one presumed buyer of the Washington Commanders has been blocked from making a bid.

On Friday night, the New York Post reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been “benched” from bidding on the team. On Saturday, reported that Bank of America (which is handling the sale) has informed Bezos that he’s out. also reports that Bezos has been prevented from bidding on the team “for months.”

The problem continues to be that Bezos owns the Washington Post, which curiously has been silent on whether Bezos has been blocked from buying the team. Most recently, the Washington Post reported that Bezos has hired an investment firm to evaluate a potential bid. This implies that Bezos has not been told to not bother making a bid.

Commanders owner Daniel Snyder apparently hates the Post. So even if Bezos would bid more than anyone else could, Snyder supposedly doesn’t want Bezos’s money.

It’s stupid, in my opinion. It’s petty, in my opinion. It’s quite possibly a pretext for not selling the team at all, in my opinion.

And it’s entirely in character for Snyder, in my opinion.

If Snyder won’t sell to Bezos, Snyder isn’t serious about selling. If Snyder is getting out, who cares if he hates the Post or Bezos or anyone? Snyder is cashing out.

And if it’s true that Bezos has known for months that he has no chance to buy the team, Snyder — in my opinion — was never serious about selling. He just wanted, in my opinion, to reduce some of the pressure at a time when an effort to force him out seemed to be inching toward critical mass.

The question now becomes whether other owners (like Jim Irsay of the Colts) will once again ramp up efforts to bring Snyder’s fitness to continue to be a member of Club Oligarch up for a formal vote, if they believe that Snyder’s interest in selling was just a misdirection.

63 responses to “Reports intensify that Jeff Bezos has been blocked from buying Commanders

  1. Two good lessons for Jeff Bezos – who would be as bad an owner than Snyder

    1. You can spend 2 years trashing a team through your media asset -, effectively trying to lowering its value; then try to buy it on a bargain. That’s amateur hour.

    2. All the money in the world doesn’t help – if the owner of something thinks you are undeserving to buy from them

  2. Snyder doesn’t want Bezos to have success with the team he ran into the ground for 2+ decades; it’s as simple as that. A big slap in the face to Washington fans though, in my opinion.

  3. I can sell my house to whoever I want, if I hold the Title. Period. Did anyone think Snyder was going to let Bezos buy his team? It’s Snyder’s childhood team. People forget that.

  4. Snyder is playing Chess. He probably never had any intention of selling but by opening the bidding process he gave an extra ~1.5 billion to the value of every NFL franchise. That’ll be enough to get the owners off his back.

  5. Jerry Jones would say it’s good press. Activity drives interest and drives up prices.

    “Own the one thing Jeff Bezos can’t”

  6. The horror stories from Amazon employees would give me pause to Bezos owning an NFL franchise.

  7. I hope every owner is picky about who they sell their team to. There are 32 individual owners, but they have to operate as a group. I haven’t heard anything bad about Bezos. You just have to make sure that whoever you sell to, regardless of wealth, are going to be people who respect the desires and best interest of the fellow owners.

  8. There is no way Bezo buys the team without paying an extra premium because he owns the WaPo.
    The real or perceived enmity towards Bezo is in Snyders favor – its lets him force Bezo to bid against a ghost.

  9. As a matter of fact, you cannot sell your house to anyone you want. Period.

  10. Oh yes, Snyder is protecting the integrity of the NFL from greedy types like Bezos…. nothing but righteous angels in NFL ownership….

  11. This leaves Bezos with no other option but to buy Bank of America. Once he’s in control of the bidding process, he can eliminate the other potential buyers.

  12. Bezos is someone that I am sure a lot of the NFL owners would like to see join as an owner. Maybe this will be an opportunity for an expansion team.

  13. The problem I would have with Bezos is not that he owns the Washington Post but rather he is still the majority shareholder in Amazon and they have the broadcast rights to Thursday Night Football on Prime Video and is still worth 135 to 155 billion on any given day. That would appear to be a conflict of interest in my opinion.

  14. Washington fans should be wanting him as an owner…money won’t ever be an issue. He can buy the best coaches the best facilities and the best of everything…players and coaches will come to a 1st class organization.

  15. Wouldn’t Bezos be a conflict of interest with TNF streaming rights? Or does it not matter?

  16. In other news. Elon Musk just paid 112 million to buy every AFC team for 7 billion/ team.

  17. I think the commissioner and owners have the the right to evaluate what is in the best interest of the NFL ownership. If Bezos has a more than competitive bid for the team then the league should be compelled to force a sale for what could benefit them tremendously.

  18. Last time I checked this was still America. Mr. Snyder can and will sell HIS team to whomever he deems fit. #HTTR

  19. Every man has his price. Snyder is waiting for his. I would bet Bezos (discreetly) offers that price in the next 2 months.

  20. Is this like DeShaun Watson telling the Browns they were out of the bidding and then walking away with $230 million fully guaranteed?

  21. If Bezos is the highest bidder and Snyder won’t accept isn’t that like taking money out of the other owners pockets? I think Snyders really has dirt on them

  22. Everyone acts like they know Bezos personally. Of course we only know the negatives that the media portrays because it generates views. Bezos became successful by himself and by surrounding his businesses with smart people. I’m sure he would let his employees who specialize in football make the decisions.

  23. Has everyone forgotten? Snyder is more or less being forced to sell. The NFL wants Bezos to own a team that he will elevate the others, whether that’s Washington (MD or WA).

  24. Dan Snyder is the worst owner in NFL history…in every reasonable person on the planet’s opinion

  25. Can we change the name back now since the whole thing was a farce to lower the value of the team and make Snyder look bad anyways?

  26. It could be easily argued Bezos used his Washington Post as a weapon to delegitimize Snyder to such an extent that he would be forced to sell. It worked!

  27. Blocking Bezos makes sense if you learned anything from Musk buying Twitter. Snyder knows the skeletons in the closet. Bezos owns a newspaper that could start publicizing everything.

  28. The Washington Post is a fake news tabloid rag best used for wrapping fish. If Bezos is anything like the paper, he obviously lacks the integrity to be one of 32 NFL owners. Good for Snyder.

  29. The only thing I know for sure is; whoever owns an nfl team, it doesn’t really affect our lives. Sure, you can be a fan of the team, but you have no say so, and you’re just gonna watch like you always have. So, nothing changes for you and I.

  30. Well good, now we’re spared having to watch Bezos perform like he did when pretending to be an astronaut, and the inevitable name change to the Washington Amazons.

  31. You mean we can’t buy our junk on Amazon, then tell Alexa we want to watch the game on Amazon TV, and then read about the game and told how we should feel about it in the Wapo? What could go wrong? There is now too much money and power concentrated in the hands of a few, with an agenda different from our own. How often does the public want something, but we get the other thing that nobody wants, because our ruling class has decided differently? The NFL is the circus part of “Bread and Circus.” Start breaking the cycle of addiction now. Perhaps by September you’ll be enjoying real life activities and you won’t feel compelled to participate in this distraction. However, given where these people plan on taking you in the coming years (likely against your will), you may need the distraction.

  32. Let these be a lesson to everyone – money isn’t everything. Even to billionaires. When the richest people in the world can draw the line on that things that involve money, that should tell you everything. Money is just a tool. Get what you want in life instead.

  33. Every opinion articulated is fair. The larger question, outside of whether it is Snyder and the Commanders and Bezos is, should an individual be permitted to buy an NFL team if said individual also owns one of the largest and most prominent media outlets (since “newspaper” is a dead term) that is based in that same town? Seems like Conflict of Interest 101. As a Giants fan (or if I was a Jet fan), it is no different than the notion of the Sulzberger family buying either of those teams. I would see no reason to block it if he sold the Post. But owning both in that town seems icky and monopolistic. And that does not even touch on the Amazon factor and their interest in the league, which is a clear conflict of interest if he maintains those rights and still gets to own an NFL team. How are those two factors being ignored?

  34. Diminutive Danny will quickly get over any angst he has about selling to Jeff when Bezos offers a $500K-$1B premium over the next best offer, which JB can scrounge up from the loose change in his couch cushions.

  35. I dont think Dan wants to sell. If a buyer is offering 1B more, then it doesnt matter how much you dont like the buyer, you take that money.

  36. Or perhaps Snyder would sell to Bezos, but he’s satying he wont to squeeze him for every penny.

  37. To me its very simple, either he sells the team to Bezos or he doesn’t. From all indications the league wants Bezos as a owner. If he doesn’t buy the Commanders he’ll bid on the Seahawks when they go up for sale. I’m a native Washingtonian and a lifelong fan of the Redskins/WFT/Commanders. Snyder is a very petty man. So I can see him not selling the team to Bezos out of spite. He’d rather accept a lesser bid than sell it to Bezos. This idea that Bezos has to sell the Washington Post to appease Snyder is a bunch of BS. Say Bezos sells the Post and Snyder sells him the team. Bezos could turn around and buy back the Post. It’s not like he doesn’t have the money to do it. Fans here in DC are seriously starting to think that Snyder isn’t going to sell the team and all of this is a ruse.

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