Jordan Poyer on free agency: I would love a state that doesn’t take half my money

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Jordan Poyer has been here before, but his resume wasn’t nearly as accomplished as it is now. Thus, his market wasn’t as active as it’s expected to be next month.

Poyer signed a four-year, $13 million deal with the Bills on the first day of free agency in 2017.

After a contract extension, six seasons, a Pro Bowl and an All-Pro in Buffalo, Poyer enters free agency as one of the top safeties.

“For right now, I definitely want to keep playing,” Poyer said on his podcast. “I’m excited. I’m going to enjoy this process. Not really sure what to expect. I do know I’m a ball player, so whatever team does get J-Po, I believe they’re going to be better. So, I’m excited for what’s to come. If that’s Buffalo, I’ve been out there six years and know what to do. If not, that’s just part of the business. A lot of people ask me, ‘Oh, if it wasn’t Buffalo, where would you go?’ I kind of ponder the question every once in a while. . . . I would love to go to a state that doesn’t take half my money. It’s crazy to me how taxes work. Some people will say, ‘You’re already making X amount of money.’ Taxes play a big part in all of our lives. . . . If it wasn’t Buffalo, it’d be nice to be warm. It would be nice to see the sun, maybe, every week or so, every other week at least.”

Poyer, 31, sounded intrigued about the possibility of joining the Dolphins and his golfing buddy, Tua Tagovailoa. South Florida does provide sunshine and no state income tax.

But Poyer understands where he ends up is not totally his decision.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Poyer said. “I’d be happy to have an opportunity to play anywhere. I’ve been playing 10 years. I know how to play this game. I know how to prepare for this game. This offseason already has started off great, getting my body right. I feel really good right now. And I’m excited about the next opportunity. I don’t know how it’s going to play out or how it’s going to work out. What’s going to make sense is going to make sense.”

Poyer has played 10 seasons and totaled 706 tackles, 11 sacks 24 interceptions, 50 pass breakups and eight forced fumbles.

52 responses to “Jordan Poyer on free agency: I would love a state that doesn’t take half my money

  1. Miami: Where veteran players go to cash checks and coast through the late stages of their careers. If I were the dolphins I would build my whole team through the draft and never sign another free agent

  2. Bills fans have already accepted that Poyer – who is one of our faves, for sure – will be on another team.

    Please keep “cap hell” comments to a minimum. It’s not fun losing great players. But it’s inevitable.

  3. Dolphins don’t need him- we’re set at safety. OL, RB, TE, CB are much higher priorities.

  4. Wow! You can keep “half” your money, just agree not to avail yourself of Our Commons. Deal?

  5. Man Jordan if you think them taking half is bad wait till you find out what they waste it on.

  6. “a STATE that doesn’t take half my money” …my guy better trust his financial advisor a ton because understanding finances this poorly makes him an easy mark.

  7. Nothing will make you libertarian faster than comparing your gross to your net
    That’s because most libertarians don’t really understand what they believe. Last I checked they need public services just like the rest of us, they just don’t want to pay for it. All take and no give.

  8. billsrthefuture says:
    February 26, 2023 at 7:29 pm
    Bills fans have already accepted that Poyer – who is one of our faves, for sure – will be on another team.

    Please keep “cap hell” comments to a minimum. It’s not fun losing great players. But it’s inevitable.

    134Rate This


    Zaro rings, plenty of chokejobs and….wait for it….a raging cap hell.


  9. If my team had 6 rings, I wouldn’t be on another team’s board every single day, saying things like “Zaro rings.”

    Just sayin’. It’s the sport insecurity that runs deep in the New England DNA.

  10. Also, sounds like he loves Buffalo weather huh?

    . . . If it wasn’t Buffalo, it’d be nice to be warm. It would be nice to see the sun, maybe, every week or so, every other week at least.”

  11. And I actually am enjoying having a competitive team, btw. I hope that’s okay w/ the fans of the “big brother” Patriots. I know they get upset when Bills fans are excited to watch their team play.

  12. Looks like Poyer will be like the other 130,000 people the last 2 years that have left New York for Florida. High Crime, High Taxes and Big government. When will they learn! We just survived Ian, and I still would never go back to New York!

  13. Name one State in the known history of the planet where Libertarian government has been successfully implemented. We’ll wait.

  14. Yep, you know you’re getting a player when it’s down to taxes … of course, these are the same players who then pays the equal amount in property tax because they bought a 35 room mansion … or 6 figures for insurance for their 11 Bentley’s and Lamborghinis. Or the most hilarious, $50k for tattoos.

  15. Someone already said it, he only pays tax where the game happens to be..only half are in buffalo. As someone who lives in Texas they find other ways to get the money, it’s not a free ride down here either.

  16. New York is just like California: a lost cause. All self inflicted. I say let them all lay in the bed they made. Don’t help them out when the calls come.

  17. If he thinks he’s going to double his paycheck simply by moving to a state without an income tax, he probably shouldn’t be trusting himself to watch his money.

  18. Everyone pays taxes, “J-Po”. Not surprised to read this based on his other notable opinions…

  19. 1. Players are taxed where the game is played, not where they live. He will save some money in a lower tax state, but not all of it.

    2. His comment is silly. States don’t take half your money. The highest tax one may take 10%, which isn’t nothing but it’s not 50% like he is saying. And when you factor in that the tax rate is based on where the games are played, it won’t be 10% overall.

    The difference in playing in Florida vs New York could be something like 7% vs 3.5%. Call it a 4% difference. That’s nothing I would base a major career decision on.

  20. Interesting that so many people talk about money like a two year old: mine, mine, mine.

    The NFL has seen huge increases in revenue and in asset valuations. Those increases are growing with increased competition in media companies wanting to have NFL games as part of the content they market to subscribers, the goldmine that is legalized betting, product endorsement opportunities, and the post playing careers in broadcasting.

    Even horribly run franchises are incapable of losing money because NFL owners have socialized a humungous money teat, controlled labor costs to a set percentage of a select subset of revenue, and do so under a monopoly that is government approved despite state and local governments regularly being threatened with abandonment like a old guy with younger trophy wife but no prenup. They can even act out of spite and say no to prominent qualified buyers (see Daniel Snyder).

    Absent the Saudis figuring out how to co-opt the NFLPA or AI digitizing content and convincing rabid fans to monetize a virtual pro football league there doesn’t appear to be an end to the NFL money heist.

    Years ago the president of the investment banking firm I worked for complained to me about taxes. I told him that our firm enters into joint investments that split cash flow and capital transaction proceeds on sliding scales, which is similar to progressive taxation. It’s win-win. He smiled and said: “that’s true, but I want more”.

    Guys, you are worrying about the wrong splits because wealth is becoming more concentrated right under your noses and 99% of you are losing ground.

  21. 6.8% on the first million, 9.6% after that. And that’s only on game checks for home games. Everything else is federal and whatever state/local taxes apply for road games.

    On real estate, property taxes, and insurance alone, the cost of living in western NY is a fraction of any other NFL city and especially compared to Miami. To live the same lifestyle he’s keeping about 40-50% more of his paycheck in Buffalo vs Miami.

    Just say you don’t like the cold and there’s not much to do. That’s a perfectly valid reason.

  22. No to New York, New Jersey and California. Funny how the higher the taxes the more the waste and corruption.

  23. Poyer, why do you think a lot of players have charities? It’s a way to get out of paying taxes or at least most of them! Pick something that really means something to you and start one, the benefits of doing it when you’re making the kind of money NFL player so are unbelievable.

  24. mellow says:
    February 26, 2023 at 8:02 pm
    I think players have to pay state tax on away games to the states they are playing in.

    NOPE! You pay state tax according to the state you get paid in not the state you play in.

  25. He’s 100% right, states like Florida- Washington & Texas have ZERO state income tax. And all other taxes are consumption based. Meaning they’re all in the buyers control. It’s only as a Nyer that left NY for lower taxes myself I can say I don’t know what the state of NY does with all of the money they stole from me. Funny how life goes on with zero income tax. People that lived their whole lives in a place like NY are like battered spouses and don’t know and are scared to ask about life being better, deserving better

  26. True that players pay the state income tax of the state hosting each game. 10 home games in Texas-Washington-Florida are 10 income tax free checks. This is not complicated. People in places like NY & California tolerate the nations highest income-property-sales taxes simultaneously, not sure why those people believe anyone is entitled to that much of their salary. Consider that a 25% tax rate means you work from Jan thru march is for the government- you get zero. and a 50 % rate means you’re working just to pay the government until June.? I don’t care how sunny it is, how cool the beaches are or if the bagels are the best on the planet. That math doesn’t work for me.

  27. Why do rich people always complain about taxes? It‘s your donation to society! Giving back for being able to live in a civilized society with with roads, public services and many other things that make life a lot easier. You spend your money on a fifth car, third house or donate to charity causes otherwise, so what‘s all the fuss?

  28. Although Poyer is an excellent player he is going to be 33 years old next season. It is not a coincidence that his contract is up and that the Bills don’t plan to resign him to a large contract. This is managing the cap, not “CAP HELL”. As a result of planning such as this, The Bills have very Dead money in their cap number.

  29. Not sure why he has to insult Western NY on the way out. We have been as supportive as a fan base can be to Jordan.

  30. I hear him about the taxes. Funny so many people hate on people with money, I mean some people get passes like entertainers, but the haters out there claim the rich don’t pay taxes even though they pay the majority of the taxes. Well ask Poyer if he pays taxes. There was a report that when Allen signed his contract he paid 30 million in taxes.

  31. Team friendly is the only way and I can’t see why Jordan would do that. He’s earned the chance to cash in on free agency. Will be sad to see him go.

  32. He does realize that 8-9 times a year he’s taxed in the states where he works — or opposing stadiums right? And that the percentage of state taxation is comparatively low to the federal rate? In the end, he’d probably save more money just driving a Chevrolet Blazer and skipping his morning Starbucks.

  33. sure he’s getting older but hes been productive for several years even last year when he missed games, but he is going to want too much potentially. the question is can you afford to lose a heart and soul guy in an overall banged up secondary? Hyde coming of injury, white still not 100% after acl, elam jurys out, that Bills D is going to look a lot different and probably wont be nearly as effective as it has been overall last 4-5 yrs, and they also regrettably kept Leslie Frasier. they better draft well and throw some money at a WR and O lineman. Bills smell like team about to go south in a bout 2-3 seasons

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