Tilman Fertitta enters the fray for the Commanders

Houston Rockets Media Day
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Jeff Bezos is out, even if he was never in. Another potential bidder for the Commanders is now in.

According to the Washington Post, Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta “is involved in the bidding” for the D.C. football team.

Fertitta’s bid landed at an estimated $5.5 billion, per the report, and he’s not considered to be a frontrunner.

He’s apparently the other previously unnamed bidder who has visited the team’s facility, along with Josh Harris.

The news of Fertitta being a bidder dropped in the immediate aftermath of reports from both the New York Post and TheAthletic.com that Bezos, the Amazon founder and Washington Post owner, has been banned from bidding on the Commanders.

The Washington Post has not reported the fact (if it is factual) that Bezos has been banned from bidding on the Commanders. Indeed, the Saturday night item from the Washington Post lists Bezos as a potential buyer without even mentioning the twice-reported bombshell that Commanders owner Daniel Snyder refuses to accept any bid from Bezos.

While every article from the Washington Post addressing Bezos includes a disclaimer that he owns the publication, it’s nevertheless becoming conspicuous that the paper he owns won’t breathe a word of the reality that multiple major publications have reported that he’s been barred from making a bid — or that the paper he owns apparently isn’t doing any of its own reporting on the fact that Boss Bezos is being snubbed by the fully-grown Boss Baby who owns the Commanders.

19 responses to “Tilman Fertitta enters the fray for the Commanders

  1. He’s doing a great jobs running the last place Houston Rockets. I can’t wait to see him fail at football too.

  2. Wake me up when Snyder actually accepts a bid and sells the team. Until then all this smoke isn’t from a fire…it’s just fog….

  3. Dan Snyder is a snake. He has no intention of selling the team. If Bezos wants to he could sue him for discrimination for billions. That is a fact.

  4. Surprised he has the financial means to be a contender for ownership. I remember listening to a podcast a couple years ago about all the loans he had to take out to pay for Rockets bills bc all his hospitality businesses were hemorrhaging money from covid.

  5. Lol dude “purchased” the rockets w debt not cash with no capital to run the team. No thanks.

  6. If Bezos wants a team, he’ll buy a team. It might not be Snyder’s team, but he’ll find a team to buy – because money talks. The reality is that Bezos could easily purchase the whole NFL many times over, his finances are on a different level.

  7. “it’s nevertheless becoming conspicuous that the paper he owns won’t breathe a word of the reality”

    This has been going on for years.

  8. Watch for a new ownership group to pop up with a winning bid. Later, we will find out they were a front group and Bezos actually owns the WFT.

  9. As an owner of property you have the right to decline selling it to anybody you don’t want to. If Snyder thinks Bezos paper did him dirty then he’s within his rights to give him the finger even if it ends up costing him a billion bucks in the sale. I admire the spite it takes to give up that kind of money.

  10. An extra $500 million or 1 1/2 billion dollars in Bezos’ world is monopoly money. He spends the additional money to outbid for the football team instead of having a $1 billion mega yacht built, oh never mind, he wants the yacht too. All cash deals, haha

  11. I wonder why Snyder wants to keep going KNOWING he is one of the most hated men in Washington, and THAT’S saying something based on the politicians residing in that area. Yeah, Snyder is rich… but also viewed as a stone cold CREEP, a jerk hated by his employees and his team’s fans. Not much of a life, in spite of all his millions….

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