Bryce Young won’t throw at Combine, C.J. Stroud will

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The predraft process really gets rolling with this week’s Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and, as always, the quarterback position is going to get a lot of attention as teams continue to make their plans for April.

Any assessment of Alabama quarterback Bryce Young’s throwing in drills is going to have to wait a little while, however. NFL Media reports that Young is going to wait to do on-field work until the school’s Pro Day workout later this year. He will be in Indy for interviews with teams and other business, however.

Young won the 2021 Heisman Trophy and is seen as a strong candidate to be the first quarterback off the board. Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud is also seen as a likely pick at the top of the first round and the same report indicates that he will throw in Indianapolis this week.

Florida’s Anthony Richardson is also expected to do on-field drills. Richardson’s size and athletic ability have made him an intriguing prospect, but his actual play has been inconsistent enough to lead to a wide range of opinions about his NFL future.

Answers to questions about all three quarterbacks will help shape the top of this year’s draft and they’ll start falling into place this week.

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  1. Any player who does not throw at the combine and only throws in his own controlled setting is a worry. The combine gives an apples to apples test against the others and shows he is confident to throw against anybody anytime. Pro days are to scripted. Might end up like the Jets with a QB who looks like a Hall of famer on his pro day and played lights out in school then tank day one in the NFL. It is important.

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