Report: Derek Carr will meet with a “handful” of teams this week in Indianapolis

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Derek Carr became a free agent two weeks ago when the Raiders released him. He remains a free agent.

The quarterback has visited with two teams, but he has more suitors.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports Carr will meet with a “handful” of teams this week in Indianapolis during the NFL Scouting Combine.

Carr, 31, already has visited the Saints and the Jets as he seeks a new home after nine seasons with the Raiders. He got a head start on other quarterbacks headed to free agency with the Raiders releasing him.

The other big-name free agent quarterbacks can’t sign until March 15, and Carr likely will have a new team by then.

But Carr isn’t in a rush to sign. He wants the best fit for him, and he does have choices.

Carr made four Pro Bowls, including in 2022, and threw 217 touchdown passes to 99 interceptions but lost his one playoff start, which came in the 2021 season.

16 responses to “Report: Derek Carr will meet with a “handful” of teams this week in Indianapolis

  1. If I am correct, I think most people just want Derek to quickly find a team and then disappear. I am exhausted by his presence.

  2. This is not like Lamar Jackson where the player and the team disagree on his value. This is not like Russell Wilson where he had enormous success for a franchise before it was time to move on (although that now seems like the right move). This isn’t Deshaun Watson where unique circumstances created tension between the player and team.

    This is someone who put up mediocre at best stats for almost a decade, got multiple coaches fired, was rumored to be benched by Jon Gruden, a move that at the time the media even supported and just got released by a team after 2 playoff appearances in 9 seasons.

    Why would a team think he’d have a different result in a different uniform?

  3. If you’re having a hard time getting rid of your franchise quarterback, give Josh McDaniels a call.

  4. Does this give teams a plausible excuse for meeting with Carr? My two best fits for Carr are Baltimore and New England. The problem is that both teams would cause friction if they brought Carr in for a test drive. Now they can say “we didn’t set up a meeting with Carr. It was just a friendly conversation while we were waiting around at the combine.” Give Carr credit. This is smart.

  5. Which teams? Why so secretive when the Saints & Jets meetings were so public?

    I think the market is soft and it’s really a two horse race.

  6. Carr is getting desperate. When was the last time a free agent visited with teams at the combine? Never.

    Carr wants $35M per year. He was leading the league in INTs before he was BENCHED. He had 1 playoff appearance in 9 years. He ended that one game with an INT into double coverage.

    He’s worth $15M per year. Maybe.

  7. I think his best landing spot is Carolina with Reich. The Jets are going to be a mess of offense with Hackett and are all in on A-Aron anyway. Who wants to be a second choice? The Saints are ok, but I don’t really trust Dennis Allen. Maybe the Commies with EB? Definitely not the Colts. That’s a dumpster fire. Houston will be looking to draft.

  8. Those handful of teams are desperate teams that will have NO chance of improving by adding this guy.

  9. I can see Derek Carr having another 6 win season on the Saints, panthers or Jets…..

  10. I’ve been a Raider fan since 1969 (dumping on Heidi & NBC ever since) & a big fan of DC as a person & under-rated QB. That said, when he & his agent look at the offers to come esp the guaranteed $$, they will wish they had taken the $40MM guaranteed & the trade to the Saints.

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