Stephen Jones: Cowboys have got to have a plan to extend Dak Prescott

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is thinking long term with quarterback Dak Prescott.

Jones said he wants the Cowboys to be thinking not just about winning with Prescott in 2023, but also about giving him a long-term contract extension that would keep him in Dallas for years to come.

“We’ve got to have a plan to ultimately extend Dak,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.

Prescott’s current contract runs two more seasons, with salary cap hits of $49.1 million in 2023 and $52.1 million in 2024. An extension would allow the Cowboys to lower those numbers in the short term while owing Prescott more money in the long term.

With Prescott set to turn 30 in July, the Cowboys seem interested in keeping him around for many more years, perhaps for his entire NFL career.

24 responses to “Stephen Jones: Cowboys have got to have a plan to extend Dak Prescott

  1. Yup. Keep with the same old philosophy that’s worked so very well for the last 25+ years. Wash, rinse, repeat then choke.

  2. This dude is what holds the franchise back so I’m totally in favour of this. Nothing better than watching Cowboys fans believe they are going to win every year just to watch them cry because Dak blows it again.

  3. Dak doesn’t get the credit he deserves and is better than half of the other QB1s out there. Problem is his salary. He’s getting paid so much but has little to nothing to show for it.

  4. Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo couldn’t get the Dallas Cowboys “over the hump” and neither will Dak Prescott. I’m sure Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman tell themselves this is getting pathetic. Rewarding a QB with another lucrative contract for giving back close to nothing.

  5. Yes! sign him up for a lifetime contract fully guaranteed money. The rest of the league approves of that move! All those pick-6 s arent gonna throw them selves.

  6. Did they not see him play against the 49ers in the divisional round? Or the Commanders in the season finale? Seriously, this is ridiculous – Dak just doesn’t have it…

  7. I have the perfect idea find a QB in the draft and move on from Dak . Either way we are not going to the Superbowl next year but Prescott is not worth 40 million a year to throw interceptions and he can’t read A simple defense. Don’t believe me go watch tapes of him when he drops back to pass. He doesn’t go through progressions aaand only through where the play is designed to go. It’s why he gets picked off so much they just look where he is and pick him off

  8. When Dak’s initial contract was up, they should have used the non-exclusive tag to 1) find out his true market value at the time 2) Get a couple of 1st round pics as comp if he left and 3)Have the chance to match any offer that may have come in. Instead, the Jone’s overpaid for Dak- who seems like a good guy, but not a top 10 QB. His stats are in garbage time and in the biggest games, he just doesn’t play well, actually terrible. The last 2 playoff games vs. the Niners proved that fact. They need to either try to trade him or wait a year and release him.

  9. LOL. Dak is being paid ~$50M.

    Then first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson needs to be renegotiated for $75M.

  10. The new Cowboys song should be Skynards EWW THAT SMELL!! Remember Uncle Jerrah is making tons of $$$ on this team. We’re screwed !! 💩

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