Brandon Beane: Damar Hamlin is doing great

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Earlier this month, Damar Hamlin said in an interview that his goal is to eventually play football again.

There’s no timeline for him to do so. But according to General Manager Brandon Beane, Hamlin is doing well and there is a possibility he’ll be able to realize that goal.

But that would only be after he goes through a few more levels of medical clearance.

“Damar is doing great. I’m glad we’re all able to smile about his situation,” Beane said. “He’s seen several specialists since our season has ended. That’s not done. I think he’s got two or three more that he’s got to see in various parts of the country. We’ve had one to two guys traveling with him to see these specialists because it will be a decision for Damar, but it’ll also be a decision for us.

“We want to make sure that we hear everything that’s — assuming he gets full clearance, I know he would want to play. I know that’s his end game, to continue playing. We want to make sure that we’re all in sync with, assuming the doctors say at some point he’s seen them all, that we’re in agreement that we’re OK putting him out there, too. But, so far, all is well with his testing and we’ll just let that continue.”

3 responses to “Brandon Beane: Damar Hamlin is doing great

  1. What an amazing win for technology if we can get a clone to play in the National Football League.

  2. Hamlin’s made his mark already. It’s nice to have the goal of playing again, but in my book, no shame in hanging up the cleats after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field during a game. He’s got multiple paths forward in life aside from the gridiron.

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