Brian Gutekunst: Jordan Love is ready to play, and he needs to play

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Aaron Rodgers‘ situation in Green Bay is unresolved. Will he stay or will he go?

Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said Tuesday that until the team speaks with Rodgers, all options are on table.

The one thing the Packers do know is: Jordan Love is ready to play.

“We’re excited about him,” Gutekunst said. “I think I’ve expressed to a lot of people that he needs to play. That’s the next step in his progression. He needs to play. Jordan’s done a great job working hard, so he’s doing everything we’re asking.”

Love, the 26th overall selection in 2020, has played only 10 games with one start in three seasons. But if he’s not ready now, he will never be ready.

“We took him for a reason back in 2020,” Gutekunst said. “He’s been progressing nicely, and to see him kind of take the jump he did this past year was nice. Again, it’s much different than going out there week in, week out, taking on the challenges when teams are game planning for you.

“We were talking earlier about the length of time it takes a quarterback to go from playing well to winning in this league, and he’ll need to go through those things just like every other quarterback. He’s taken some really good jumps and there’s more out there for him, but I think the things that are out there for him, he’s going to need to play to do that.”

It’s time for Love to show what he can do. The Packers know it. Everyone knows it, perhaps no one more than Rodgers.

In his first three seasons sitting behind Brett Favre, Rodgers appeared in only seven games, with no starts, and threw 59 passes with a touchdown and an interception. So, when the Packers parted ways with Favre after the 2007 season, they weren’t completely sure what they had in Rodgers.

Unlike the previous two offseasons, Rodgers isn’t coming off an MVP season. That will make it easier for the Packers to move on if Rodgers doesn’t retire.

All signs point to Love finally getting his chance in 2023.

“[Love] has probably expressed that he wants to start every season,” Gutekunst said. “But yeah, he knows where he’s at. I think he’s eager to play. So, he wants that opportunity and sometimes those things are out of your control like they have been for him the last few years. But I think he’s ready and excited.”

26 responses to “Brian Gutekunst: Jordan Love is ready to play, and he needs to play

  1. Aaron Rodgers keeps getting more weird, & more toxic to any brand or team he’s associated with. Generational players like him can still reach a point where the negatives outweigh the positives, it just takes a lot longer to get there than for almost all other players, who wouldn’t have gotten the time of day.

  2. Every time they open their mouths it makes them look all the more stupid for turning over control of the franchise to Aaron Rodgers last year.

  3. Brian Gutekunst is right again! Now work out an extension that pays Love through his twenties.

  4. Love is a 2020 draft pick who does not have three seasons of wear and tear on his body. The next month will be an interesting time up in Titletown.

  5. I want to see him play. From the little we saw of him in mop up duty he looked sharp. I believe Packers fans are excited.

  6. The Packers’ best chance to be in the playoffs next season is almost certainly with Rodgers at QB. Even so, this Packer fan hopes that he is either retired or with another team. Enough already.

  7. If I’m Rodgers there is no way I’m not coming back after a comment like this. If for no other reason than collecting his $50 million from the franchise. This is just a GM trying to get out of ridiculous contract he gave Aaron.

  8. Everyone is real tired of Rodgers and his routine. It’s gone from interesting to annoying and finally to boring. A tired TV sitcom that’s gone on way too long.

  9. Love is another fifteen year Packers quarterback starting this season leading them to consistant winning like Favre and Rodgers did. people may be doubters now but they were also doubters when Favre and Rodgers took over until they actually witnessed their talent on the field.

  10. Most Packer fans are ready for Love also, we understand it might take him a year and we are behind him all the way. Draft a TE, another WR, safty and pass rusher and defensive lineman, Time to move on and away from number 12.

  11. Green Bay Packers fans better enjoy and appreciate Aaron Rodgers while they still have him because once he’s gone…he’s gone and he will take all the winning with him. There were many seasons of lousy football in Green Bay in between Bart Starr retiring and the acquisition of Brett Favre. At least Jordan Love will help position the Packers in the 1st rd drafting his eventual replacement.

  12. I wonder if the Packers have offered Rodgers the $50mil Favre retirement package?

  13. Green Bay Packers fans better enjoy and appreciate Aaron Rodgers while they still have him because once he’s gone…he’s gone and he will take all the winning with him.
    Feel like y’all said this about the Favre/Rodgers transition as well. How’d that go?

  14. I had the opinion Rodgers would be back in GB,…. but after absorbing what Gutekunst has said here,… I’m of the thought that he was telling Rodgers he wants to move on to Jordan Love. He’s helping Rodgers make his decision.

  15. Having Love as the starter is far from ideal, but it’s better than having to deal with Rodgers constant need to stroke his ego.

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