Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz did the best he could

Washington Commanders v San Francisco 49ers
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On Monday, the Commanders unceremoniously brought their Carson Wentz era to an end by releasing the quarterback.

With head coach Ron Rivera making it clear in recent weeks that he plans to have Sam Howell begin the offseason program as the team’s QB1, it seemed like only a matter of time before Wentz was cut.

During his Combine press conference on Tuesday, Rivera was asked about the decision to make the move.

“Well, you know, there’s a lot of things that we have to look at as far as our team is concerned. Everything from the cap to the position itself, and the situational circumstances we went through last year,” Rivera said. “He’s a heck of a young man. He’s a solid man and I want to wish him the best.

“I really do appreciate everything he did for us, and the opportunity that he had coming here. He did the best he could, and we really appreciate that as well.”

In eight games with seven starts, Wentz completed 62.3 percent of his passes for 1,755 yards with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions. In his final start in Week 17, he finished 16-of-28 passing for 143 yards with three picks.

13 responses to “Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz did the best he could

  1. Jack del Rio and Washington’s defense did enough to put that team in the playoffs. This was after PFT and all in the media asked how people could ever play for Jack.

    Ron Rivera as the head coach, his boneheaded decisions around the starting QB situation and not being innovative on offense was the reason they didn’t get there.

  2. So Wentz got the “At least you tried” cake as a parting gift.
    More than he deserved given how much he was paid to stink it up.

  3. The shocking aspect is how this clown was ever a starter in this league? He processes a D like Molasses in Maine. Calls the bogus Wonderlic into question.
    $132M because he is big and had an arm. No clue where to throw it and moved like a cigar store Indian. Guy hit the lottery!

  4. We people must understand…reporters are there to ask questions that sometimes we may not like the answers coming from coaches or can’t avoid elephants in the room..I mean what else was he supposed to say??? Too bad Rivera couldn’t say this..Carson wasn’t worth the money we paided him or the draft capital we gave up to get him..he held onto to the ball too long and he wasn’t as athletic as we thought…easy coach don’t be so hard…

  5. I think Wentz crumbled under the pressure. Like a golfer who gets the yips or a gymnast that gets the twisties.

  6. I’ll say this every time.
    Carson Wentz became a different QB after he got hit in the back of the head by Clowney.

  7. rockpiler says:
    February 28, 2023 at 4:42 pm
    Wow way to throw the player under the bus, Coach.

    What exactly do you want Rivera to say, “He’s a future Hall of Famer but we’re cutting him anyway.” I don’t see anything there that is trashing Carson. Anyone with eyes could see he didn’t have it any more.

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