Sean Payton: No one would have complained about Russell Wilson’s private office if Broncos had won

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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At his introductory news conference, Sean Payton didn’t waste any time publicly squashing Russell Wilson‘s special perks at the team facility. The quarterback no longer will have his own office, and his performance team won’t have special access.

On Tuesday, the new Broncos coach further addressed the changes he has made that will affect Wilson.

As Payton pointed out, if the Broncos had won, he wouldn’t be the coach, and Wilson’s special benefits wouldn’t have become an issue.

“A lot was made of that, and it was just an honest answer,” Payton said. “I know what I’m familiar with and what I’m expecting. You guys will hear me throughout this season: At some point, you guys will digest ’22, but for me and this team when we get into the offseason, I’m going to park a car with no rearview mirror, sideview mirrors. Those will all be gone. We’ve got to get past all those difficult things. It was a tough year, and someone said it last night, they have success last [year], I don’t think the upstairs meeting room matters to anybody. I don’t think it matters, because I didn’t see any articles from any of you prior to Week 1 or Week 2 when it was happening. That’s what happens when you lose. Everything gets looked at closely, including the coaching.

“We’ll have a way of doing business, and I think it’ll be what I’m familiar with and what’s best for the players.”

Payton had dinner with Wilson in Arizona during Super Bowl week, the only face-to-face meeting they had had since Payton got the job. Payton said the two have exchanged texts since, and he expects to meet “periodically” over the next month.

“We had a good dinner [at the Super Bowl],” Payton said. “There was a group of people at our table. Joe Montana was at our table. I know Russell was interested in talking about where we’re going, and I was interested in learning from Joe Montana. So we found it was good conversation.

“Yeah, we’re looking forward to the start of the season. Obviously, certainly for Russell’s standards and the Broncos’ standards, it wasn’t the type of year that they wanted. Typically that’s why new head coaches arrive. So, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us right now. We’re just kind of getting started. This obviously is an important process.”

10 responses to “Sean Payton: No one would have complained about Russell Wilson’s private office if Broncos had won

  1. Specious argument. Yes, if you take away all the things the Bronco’s did wrong last year, they would’ve won.

  2. What did he “learn” from Joe Montana — get Jerry Rice & Bill Walsh to do the heavy lifting for you?

  3. Cant wait to watch season two of this dumpster fire they call the Broncos. They may not win much but I’m sure Payton will make sure he’s heard in the media every hour or so, either way its going to be fun to watch.

  4. The fact he has a private office is akin to Kraft paying for Brady’s TB12 on Foxborough’s campus.

    It’s like this special privilege thing that eventually becomes a problem.

  5. No one would have complained but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t resented and didn’t have an effect on team morale. I for one would have loved to hear Joe Montana’s take on last years debacle in Denver.

  6. It is a contributing factor to losing and a failure of the Broncos that really can’t be undone except to cut Russ. When a player is singled out and exalted above all the other players they resent that. Pay doesn’t matter as long as players are treated the same, once they are not most players are not going to put in the effort especially if it is to make the most-favorable one look good, in fact most will do less just to make that player, Russ in this case, look worse. Generally this is an issue that can’t be undone, especially when players don’t like Russ and his very fake persona. Then it will get worse when players are asked to take a pay cut or get cut because of what they are paying Russ.

  7. Oh by the way, to those who thinks Joe Montana`s career was “carried” by Jerry Rice and Bill Walsh, 3 time SB MVP & 3 time NFL league MVP Montana won his first SB MVP while Rice was in high school and his last SB MVP after Walsh retired.

  8. Actually, I think even before the season went to crap people had been making comments on how aloof he is, about his entourage and about his personal office as well. So it was being talked about in not a good manner.

  9. NFL defenses have learned to scheme against Wilson and that started mid-way through the 2020 season. The “perks” is nothing more than salt being rubbed in the wound.

  10. As someone who has been in corporations and law firms, I am trying to figure out what is negative about a starting QB having an office in the team facility. Can anyone explain it to me?

    Hell, shouldn’t every starting QB have an office? Preferably right next to the OC?

    Just a thought.

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