Steelers want Mitch Trubisky around for a long time

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The Steelers benched quarterback Mitch Trubisky early in the 2022 season, but they aren’t planning for his departure from the organization.

Trubisky signed a two-year deal with the Steelers as a free agent last year and then saw the team draft Kenny Pickett in the first round of the draft. Pickett replaced Trubisky at halftime of the fourth game of the season and remained the starter when healthy for the rest of the year.

Speaking from the Scouting Combine on Tuesday, Steelers General Manager Omar Khan said the team’s plan is to keep Trubisky on hand as their backup quarterback for at least one more season. Khan said that the team hopes to have Trubisky on the roster for “a long time.”

Trubisky is set to make $8 million with a $10.625 million cap hit. The team would get that $8 million in cap space back by moving on from him, but the preference is clearly to have Trubisky rather than use that money elsewhere in 2023.

12 responses to “Steelers want Mitch Trubisky around for a long time

  1. This organization has gone from a model of stability and consistency to mediocre at best. The game and way things are done have passed this organization up starting with the H.C. Sad but true

  2. Ugh – drop him, save the $8M in cap money and draft a cheaper option in the draft just in case Pickett keeps getting concussed.

  3. With the extended season and to concussion protocol, teams need to have two capable QBs. Mitch is more than capable of being a starter and will push Pickett (in a good way)

  4. Who was there when Josh Allen made his leap forward? Mitch was. How did Josh fare without Mitch? Yep. Took a step back. As infuriating as it can be having Mitch as your starter, having him as a back-up seems to be pretty good for teams. The money is huge, but if they feel comfortable with him…it may well be worth it. Continuity is helpful for young QBs. None of it will matter though since they brought back the Goose as OC.

  5. touchback6 says:
    February 28, 2023 at 10:57 am

    You have Mac Jones and you’re laughing? You can’t make this stuff up. You just can’t. Ready to make our deal?

  6. Looks like Trubs is settling in as a high end backup QB who may get a starting job now and again as a bridge to a franchise QB, whether it’s Pickett or not for the steelers still remains to be seen.

  7. Any team that has had losing seasons two of the last three have no room to laugh at anyone.

    I wouldn’t take this as a vote of confidence for Biscuit once the draft is over he should feel better.

  8. Trubiski played okay when Pickett was out. He’s under contract so keeping him one more year makes sense. Besides I don’t see him getting many other opportunities to be a starter, anyway. Now,if they wanted to send Matt Canada packing….

  9. This is a smart move. Teams should be willing to pay for a quality backup QB. And Trubiski was given 3.5 games to “prove himself”. Stuff like that is crazy to me. It takes guys time to acclimate and gel with teammates. NFL teams are too impatient too often, then wonder why things aren’t working out.

    They also want to keep him because Pickett is not a guaranteed success.

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