Andre Carter II grateful for NFL opportunity, will serve in the Army after playing

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When Andre Carter II was starring on the Army football team, he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to pursue an NFL career. The federal government changed its policies about the requirements for graduates of the service academies to serve in active duty immediately after graduating, and at one point he was slated to spend five years on active duty before he could go to the NFL.

But that policy changed again to allow Carter to turn pro immediately, and he’s now expected to be drafted this year and play in the NFL immediately, serving in the Army only after his NFL career ends.

“You basically delay your service commitment until you’re done playing in the NFL, then you’ll go five years of active duty and three years in the reserves,” Carter said today on PFT Live.

Carter said the NFL has been his dream since he was a kid and that he’s grateful he had that chance. A pass rusher, Carter said he sees himself as similar to Leonard Floyd and has studied his game and modeled himself after it. Floyd has been in the NFL for seven years and will likely continue playing for years to come, and Carter hopes to have that kind of longevity in the NFL as well. And then he’ll begin a post-NFL career like few other players have had before him.

6 responses to “Andre Carter II grateful for NFL opportunity, will serve in the Army after playing

  1. I love that they changed the rules. This will do more to recruit young athletes to the Army and other branches. I imagine many fine young men were forced to choose between football and service to the country and now they won’t be forced to make that choice.

  2. I hope he does well in the NFL and become a solid player on a team for years to come.

  3. The military will be much better served if a soldier is playing in the NFL and receiving all the free publicity. It is the best recruiting tool possible. Just imagine a pro football player walking into your high school to talk to young men and women about a career in the military, and how the military is there to help you reach your goals, instead of a guy whose goals were shut down by the military. This way everybody wins, even the USA.

  4. If serving first was good enough for HOF’er Roger Staubach,it should be good enough for Carter.

  5. So if you are good in football you can skip out on your responsibilities but if you are a student who has other options you must serve. This is wrong on every level. This guy didn’t go to the academy to be a recruiting tool but to be a soldier serving his country. Giving special treatment to athletes is not suppose to happen here. This kid should have to serve like everyone else.

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