C.J. Gardner-Johnson takes jab at Jonathan Gannon for Eagles’ Super Bowl loss

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For the first time since the Super Bowl LVII second half meltdown by his Eagles defense, Jonathan Gannon addressed what went wrong. The now Cardinals’ coach answered three questions from Philadelphia reporters about the 24 points and 212 yards his defense allowed as the Eagles blew a 10-point halftime lead.

“They made a lot of good plays in that second half,” Gannon said when initially asked about the Eagles defense in the second half. “We weren’t able to get some stops when we needed to. I obviously could have done a better job of coaching a couple things that I want out of the calls. Tough to swallow when you look back at that because it’s such a big stage and we didn’t get it done. . . . But learned a lot from it. You’ve got to give credit to Kansas City, but obviously I could have done a lot better job with some of the things were were doing.”

Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson, who is scheduled for free agency later this month, saw a tweet of Gannon’s response and quote tweeted “You ain’t put us in a position to make plays.” He later deleted the tweet.

That actually was Gannon’s answer to a second question about what he could have done differently.

“Just how we set up a couple calls situationally,” Gannon said. “I could have done a better job with that. And really that’s what it came down to. I think, situationally, could have put our guys in a better spot than I put them in.”

The third question about the subject tested Gannon’s patience Tuesday.

“Yeah, I’ve answered two questions about that. I’m sorry I’m going to not talk about that one,” Gannon said. “But I’ve kind of moved on from that. As always, guys, when you’re the leader of a unit or the leader of a team, everything that goes on out on that field is my responsibility. And obviously them scoring what they scored, how they second half went, I didn’t do a good enough job.”

19 responses to “C.J. Gardner-Johnson takes jab at Jonathan Gannon for Eagles’ Super Bowl loss

  1. Typical Philly to send their obnoxious reporters, McClane and Parks, out to an Arizona Cardinals presser to continue to grill a former coach about a game that was almost a month ago. Get over it. You lost. Gannon took accountability for his role in it which is more than anyone can say for the Philly players since it was them, basically the entire defense including CJ, that decided not to show up on gameday.

  2. Cheap shot artist Gardner-Johnson (fined by NFL for his spearing of Pacheco in the SB’s 4th quarter, by leading with the crown of his helmet) decides he’s mentally equipped to snipe at his former DC..?

    Gannon is one and done in Arizona. Gardner-Johnson will get overpaid to go somewhere and choke up big plays while creating penalties and fines.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  3. He will also be OFF THE KLIFF in two years or less!
    This organization is run horribly and continue to try to Outsmart the other owners by hiring the next “genius” too young Coach who
    simply doesn’t have enough experience to Lead a team of NFL players. If they had ANY chance to improve they would have hired a Coach who could maximize their overpaid questionable QB. BUT they hire a D-Coordinator who admits he didn’t do a good job in the biggest games of his life. The next Super Bowl this guy attends he will have to buy a ticket.

  4. The Saints let C.J. go for a reason.

    Dear, C.J:

    Just shut up.


  5. The Eagles weren’t able to touch Mahomes, let alone take out his throwing arm, and had no plan B.

  6. Just wondering: Gannon had a bad showing in the Super Bowl and gets hired as head coach? Ok

  7. The highly touted iggles front 4 could not wreck the game very simple problem for the iggles style of defense Period Stop !

  8. Have to agree about the Philly obnoxious reporters comment. Parks is one of the reasons I deleted the talk radio station he appears on bc, for a few reasons, it’s become unlistenable in the evening and was until last year unlistenable overnight as well, and he’s a known notorious trash clickbaiter.

  9. Some teams just don’t learn. Patricia’s D gives up 500 yards to Philly in 2017 Super Bowl and lions hire him as head coach. Now the cardinals… lol

  10. Just remember this is the same defense Washington ran all over in their first loss of the season. That defense is all bluster and no substance. Keep the game close and that defense is very average and very lazy.

  11. I really wish Twitter wouldn’t allow any deletions.
    So that what people post stays visible forever.
    Enough of the ridiculous back-tracking by deleting things,
    Hardly anyone has the courage to stand behind what they post if they get even the tiniest bit of pushback.
    And Johnson told the truth. Why withdraw the statement?

  12. I It is amazing that Gannon got a head coaching job in the NFL…eagles D was good this year because of the players and teams playing from BEHIND. BUT last year it was awful…but Arizona has a looong history of hiring poor HCs.

  13. The Eagles were one drive, or maybe only one play from the Championship. Congratulations to the chiefs!
    No one expected the Birds to get there on opening day. It was an exciting year for the fans. We’d Love to see them get back to the big game and have a better result. So step one for the team: Everybody delete the that worthless twitter app from their phone. Step 2: get back to work.

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