Eric DeCosta: Negotiating a contract directly with the player is “definitely a different dynamic”

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Lamar Jackson’s contract situation is unique in part because he is representing himself in the negotiation with the Ravens.

That creates a delicate dynamic between Jackson and General Manager Eric DeCosta that doesn’t usually exist because DeCosta is usually dealing with an agent.

“Well you have a lot of regard for the player, first and foremost,” DeCosta said in his Combine press conference. “I think when you deal with an agent, sometimes you’re able to speak very freely, position yourself a certain way. You have different arguments that you can use that maybe you wouldn’t say to a player. So, I think that’s part of it.”

As DeCosta mentioned, Baltimore has recent experience successfully executing a deal with a player who represents himself.  The team signed linebacker Roquan Smith to an extension in January after acquiring him from Chicago in a midseason trade.

‘There’s a lot of respect, tremendous respect, because I’m with a player like Lamar, a player like Roquan Smith — who also represented himself — every day,” DeCosta said. “You see the commitment, you understand where they’re coming from. so, it’s definitely a different dynamic.

“It can be challenging but it’s doable, as we’ve proven. And we continue to be optimistic about it.”

DeCosta said talks between him and Jackson have been ongoing and both parties understand the urgency of the situation. While DeCosta said he’s hopeful the team and Jackson can get a deal done before the March 7 tagging deadline, it appears unlikely that will happen. DeCosta said the team hasn’t determined whether it would use the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag for Jackson.

10 responses to “Eric DeCosta: Negotiating a contract directly with the player is “definitely a different dynamic”

  1. DeCosta wants to say, “your client is an f’n prima donna with the sturdiness of an egg.” I am sure Lamar and his mom would not like that.

  2. Roquan got his deal done without an agent. Maybe it’s not management that is the problem.

  3. footballbaby says:
    March 1, 2023 at 5:03 pm
    Roquan got his deal done without an agent. Maybe it’s not management that is the problem


    They didn’t have a choice. They had to save the Franchise tag for Lamar so they had to give Smith a blank check. Management is the entire problem. Ozzie Newsome needs to come out of retirement immediately. They would have won at least one Super Bowl by now.

  4. This is malpractice by the Ravens. They could have signed him two years ago but they chose to wait and this is what you get. The market changed as it does every year with QB salaries. They wasted the last two years because I believe Lamar would have played both years if he had a long term QB. Particularly this year when they would have beat the Bengals and gave the Chiefs a real problem. So he didn’t finish the last two seasons with perceived playable injuries and you think he is going to lay it on the line on a Franchise tag……definition of insanity!

  5. He wants a fully guaranteed deal. That’s something owners and GMs don’t like. Jackson has handled this right to get that kind of deal.

  6. I’d like one, just one, Lamar advocate to explain why you want to pay big $$ to a QB that cannot win in the playoffs and will never win a Super Bowl.

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