Howie Roseman: Every Super Bowl loser says “We’ll be back,” we have to make it happen

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Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman doesn’t want to get overconfident about his team after putting together a roster that fell just short in Super Bowl LVII.

Roseman said on PFT Live that every team that loses the Super Bowl expects to return, but the Eagles have to do the hard work to do it.

“Just because you say you’re going to get back, every team that loses in the Super Bowl says, ‘We’ll be back, we’ll be back,'” Roseman said “Well, we’ve got to make that happen. How do we make that happen? By continuing to do the right things, have the right process and give our coaches the right kind of players.”

Roseman said the best reason for optimism is that the most important piece of the puzzle, quarterback Jalen Hurts, is in place.

“The way our quarterback played in that game is incredibly exciting for our franchise and the future of our team,” Roseman said.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Eagles’ future, but Roseman knows that there’s a lot of work to do between being excited at the Scouting Combine and celebrating at the Super Bowl.

15 responses to “Howie Roseman: Every Super Bowl loser says “We’ll be back,” we have to make it happen

  1. It’s a tough road back . Very few teams can make it back even twice in a decade . You must play exceptional , have a few things luck wise go your way and avoid the injury bug as well . It’s amazing that the Brady led Pats , Chiefs, even teams like the Rams and the Eagles going twice in 5 or 6 years is exceptional as well .

  2. Sounds like Howie and the Eagles may have learned their lesson after the 2017 Super Bowl where Howie told us “to get used to more Super Bowls.” Beside talent there is an element of good fortune that goes along with getting to the Super Bowl. The Eagles had good talent and good fortune in 2017 and 2022 although their good fortune ran out against the Chiefs. Can they do it again – sure, but the footbsll gods have to continue to smile on the Eagles.

  3. Well, assuming the nfl is not fixed then you better pray to God Jalen Hurts is smart enough to take about 30 million or so a year. Otherwise you’re cooked soon. And if the nfl is fixed then you eagles fans better hope he gets down in the boule

  4. The people who say they will be back are the sames ones who said they would win the Superbowl. Good luck with that.

  5. The challenge for the eagles is going from paying jalen hurts 700,000 a year to 50 million a year.

    They can do it but they may have to let a couple of players walk

  6. Oh Howie – Your comment HURTs so good.. The only thing that will happen is you wont make the playoffs… next season…

  7. Eagles are in a bizarre situation of both potentially losing a ton of players to free agency (Bradbury, CGGJ, Sanders, Cox etc) while also having a core of young studs returning (Hurts, Brown, Smith, Goedert, etc). Will they get back to the Supe this year? Who knows, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t deep in the playoffs in 2023.

  8. You can count on one hand, the number of transcendent-type players / organizations that get their teams back to multiple SuperBowls in their career span with a team….Tom Brady an Patrick Mahomes. ALOT, over the course of 10 months had to go right, including staying healthy for the Eagles to make it there. The odds are highly unfavorable and Everybody is 0-0 come this Sept.

  9. If there is anything you can be sure of going into next season is that you will not have the same two teams in consecutive SBs. Sorry Eagle or Chief fans.

  10. You won’t be back. Huge contracts, numerous players as free agents or old players, etc.

    Mini rebuild coming.

  11. With that team filled with low character men, you won’t be back. You picked a team for 2022 and you failed to build a TEAM. When you needed them to pull together, they made excuses and whined. That team has bust written all over it in 2023. If Jayleen can’t run, there is no ofense.

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