Alvin Kamara’s lawyers look forward to “full vindication” at trial

Alvin Kamara Initial Arraignment In Court
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The eye in the sky, as they say, doesn’t lie. The lawyers representing Saints running back Alvin Kamara apparently plan to show that it was a little mistaken.

Despite video surveillance allegedly showing Kamara and others beating a man in February 2022 at a Las Vegas club, Kamara’s lawyers issued a statement on Thursday indicating that they are “looking forward to trial and a full vindication,” via Katherine Terrell of

The trial is set for July 31.

Given the high bar for securing a conviction, the defense must create only reasonable doubt. Kamara apparently plans to show that he was asking in self-defense.

The felony charges carry the potential for real prison time, one to five years. Kamara also has to be concerned about potential NFL punishment.

He had not been placed on paid leave during the 2022 season. With trial due to begin before the 2023 season starts, that likely will still be the case. The question becomes whether, if trial is delayed until (for example) October, paid leave will become an option.

6 responses to “Alvin Kamara’s lawyers look forward to “full vindication” at trial

  1. Unless Kamara was the guy on the floor being brutally punched and kicked by the two men, there is no chance of getting off via self-defense. The only way that Kamara walks is if he is not one of the two men kicking the victim on the floor.

  2. I, too, have seen the video. Perhaps he will escape conviction if he has a handy scapegoat who, for a price, will “confess” that it was he, wearing a Kamara mask, who violently assaulted the victim.

  3. Rich and famous gets you out of most things.

    I for one can’t believe that this has gone this far. That city has everything recorded we have yet to see it all certainly they have footage of the start and not just the end.

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