Calais Campbell: Lamar Jackson wants to get a deal done to stay with Ravens

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Lamar Jackson’s standoff with the Ravens in contract talks has prompted questions about whether the quarterback truly wants to stay in Baltimore.

Jackson’s teammate, Calais Campbell, doesn’t think it’s even a question.

“He wants to get a deal done, and that’s the most important part,” Campbell told NFL Network. “Sometimes guys who are part of a team and don’t want to be there anymore, use [free agency] as an opportunity to go elsewhere. But he wants to be [with the Ravens].”

ESPN reiterated this week that Jackson wants a fully guaranteed contract, something the Ravens are reluctant to offer.

While General Manager Eric DeCosta said this week he’s “hopeful” the Ravens will be able to strike a long-term deal with Jackson before Tuesday’s deadline, it is trending toward Baltimore using the franchise tag on Jackson.

DeCosta said the Ravens have not decided whether they’ll use the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag for Jackson.

21 responses to “Calais Campbell: Lamar Jackson wants to get a deal done to stay with Ravens

  1. I’d take Jackson over any QB except Mahomes. The other “elite” QB took a big jump When they got the weapons around them that Jackson has never had. When they were working with subpar weapons they were subpar QBs. Jackson is elite regardless of who is around him.

  2. NFL history has already proven over paid over rated QBS destroy the present and future of a team!

    The Ravens will be one less AFC team to worry about…

  3. A guy who hasn’t finished a full season for three years is in no position to ask for a fully-guaranteed contract of any length.

    2 years seems like a reasonable max guarantee, with any more requiring a playing time standard to meet.

  4. Baltimore’s top brass is playing this with class as usual. And they aren’t stupid. Given the lack of class LJ has shown by not showing up to a playoff game to support his teammates and having his “camp” leak information to Steven “A” and the NFLPA head, demonstrates his maturity level isn’t on par with what you want in a top rated QB. LJ has demonstrated to be all about LJ, and not about the team. Besides, he has regressed every year and it will likely continue in that direction. You don’t buy a stock when it has already hit it’s peak. The two QBs in the SB demonstrated what can happen when you have young talented QBs that show maturity, esp Hurts. He showed class in defeat and Mahomes is in a different league. Baltimore needs to strive for that kind of talent and maturity.

  5. He’s had two years to get a deal done. If he really wanted it done, it would have been done by now.

  6. Sure, Lamar wants to stay with the Ravens so badly that he wouldn’t suit up for them at the end of last season or in the playoffs.
    We’ll know exactly what the Ravens think of Jackson by what happens over the next week. If they tag and trade him we’ll know he wasn’t injured that badly and that the Ravens wanted him to play – or he’s simply priced himself out of the Ravens’ financial comfort zone.

  7. Lamar’s incredible success in the playoffs and clean bill-of-health will ensure the Ravens pay him all that guaranteed money. He’s won so many regular season games. He must be elite.

  8. Do the deal. Pay him what the going rate for a running back is in the NFL since that is really the position he plays. In the playoffs he is no better than Kirk Cousins.

  9. Lame wouldn’t suit up for his team to show support. Meanwhile Patrick Mahomes toughed out his games even as he was injured. Some players are real men and leaders and some are just wearing a Halloween costume.

  10. After his gutless effort last year no GM is giving him more than 20 million a year.

  11. If they could swing a deal with the Jets for two ones and two twos, that might be the best option. He’s the total dollar figure that he’s asking for, but he’s too risky a proposition to give guaranteed money to. Two years guaranteed (which, realistically, would be enough to set his family up for life right there), but to guarantee the rest not would be fair and equitable.

  12. Sure he wants a deal done, his way, Watson money guaranteed. But not if you pay him what he is truly worth and with little guarantees as he is too unreliable.

  13. ariani1985 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 7:37 pm
    After his gutless effort last year no GM is giving him more than 20 million a year


    The day Jackson hit free agency is the day he gets a fully guaranteed contract that makes him the highest paid player in history. 9TH in QBR 5TH PFF grades despite a terrible supporting cast. He instantly makes any offense 10 ppg better. I’ll listen to the playoff record excuse when any of the other top QBs besides Mahomes actually wins something or Mark Sanchez is inducted into the hall of fame because of his playoff record.

  14. He isn’t a top 5 quarterback, but probably top 10. Pay him as a second tier QB.

  15. Hilarious to hear that Mahomes is the only QB better than “elite” Lame Arm. Guy was gutless late last yr, is spineless for letting tweeters getting under his thin skin, and now is backpedaling furiously denying he asked for guaranteed millions. Ravens are in a tough spot caused by a guy 1-3 in the playoffs & has his mommy monitoring his trainwreck contract negotiations. Other players are laughing at this guy’s mismanagement.

  16. Players that are injured often don’t travel with their team, regardless if it is regular season or playoffs. Even high profile players.

  17. A guy that’s played 75% of the season for the past few years seems like he deserves … a 75% guaranteed contract.

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