Chiefs planning conversations with Chris Jones, Frank Clark about contracts

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Chiefs won the Super Bowl a little more than two weeks ago, but thoughts have already shifted from winning a title to how the team is going to look when it gets back on the field.

For General Manager Brett Veach, that process will include thinking about options involving defensive tackle Chris Jones and defensive end Frank Clark. Both players are set have cap numbers north of $28 million in 2023 and their lack of guaranteed salaries mean that the Chiefs would gain significant cap room if they were to move on this offseason.

Those would be significant losses for the defense, so Veach is looking at other possibilities. He said this week that he’ll meet with Clark’s agents about “seeing if we can work something out that makes sense for both parties” and that he plans a similar conversation about a possible extension for Jones.

“We’ll certainly have conversations with Chris and his agents,” Veach said, via Nate Taylor of “Doing something with Chris would make sense for us, and I think Chris will want to stay here and retire a Chief.”

A Jones extension would free up money that could be used to help the team hold onto Clark, but things may not wind up working out that way. As Veach noted, he thought the team would work things out with Tyreek Hill when he left the Combine and Hill wound up being traded to the Dolphins a short time later.

10 responses to “Chiefs planning conversations with Chris Jones, Frank Clark about contracts

  1. Clark didn’t do anything extraordinary, likely a top 20 OLB but not consistent and defiantly not worth that much annual money. Jones is going to get paid. He definitely takes plays/games off, but when he wants to be the best in the game, he can be. My guess is Jones gets a deal, or KC gets a couple 1st rounders for him. Clark is probably gone, but won’t make near that much anywhere else so maybe he takes a reduced deal.

  2. It’s definitely a delicate balance. If he’s forced to make a decision between the two you’re keeping Chris Jones 100%.

    Clark is definitely a beast in the postseason but the overall body of work hasn’t matched what he’s been paid and that’s what it’s going to come down to. Add that Karlaftis came along great towards the end of the year and the potential to take a good edge rusher even at the bottom of the draft, it starts to paint a clear picture of how it’s going to shake out (should Clark not be willing to do any form of negotiation).

  3. I hope we can keep both players. Keep Frank Clark on a reduced contract and sign Jones to a Nice extension. Go Chiefs

  4. Jones will get extended, and should. Clark will have to take either a significant pay cut or he will be released. Either way, Chiefs need to acquire 1, if not 2 EDGE players in this draft to replace Clark and the production they got from Carlos Dunlap. They’ll also need to replace Nnadi & Saunders inside, so I see them going heavy on the DL in this draft.

  5. I don’t see either of them leaving. Jones and Clark want to stay together and chase championships. Jones is going to get paid and Clark is going to do what it takes to stay in KC.

  6. Cutting Clark saves $21 mil and gets them back under the cap. If he wants to stay he should just take whatever offer they give him.

  7. touchback6 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 4:07 pm
    Kick that can! lol!


    This is what you were saying after they won their first Super Bowl 4 years ago, too. They’ll never win after paying Mahomes, will be in cap hell, and so on.

    Then they went to another Super Bowl, then to another AFC Championship, then they won another Super Bowl with basically an entirely different roster than the first time while in a rebuilding year.

    5 straight AFC Championships appearances, 3 Super Bowls with 2 wins in 4 years. They’re not kicking any cans, they know exactly what they’re doing in every single aspect. That’s all there is to it. Deal with it.

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