Dan Campbell: If anyone can get things turned around in Denver, it’s Sean Payton

NFL Combine
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Dan Campbell spent a lot of his playing and coaching career around Sean Payton, most recently as the Saints’ assistant head coach and tight ends coach from 2016-2020.

So Campbell knows plenty about what Payton is capable of as a head coach.

At the Combine this week, Campbell said Payton returning to lead the Broncos did not surprise him.

“I felt like he just needed a breather, he needed a change of scenery. I had a feeling he would be back,” Campbell said in his press conference. “I didn’t know when that was going to be, but I would say this, he looks rejuvenated. He definitely looks rejuvenated.

“So, if anybody can get that thing turned around there it’s him.”

Payton has a tough job in fixing the Broncos, starting with quarterback Russell Wilson. But his extensive experience with crafting strong offenses should at least put Denver in a better position to win more games in 2023.

10 responses to “Dan Campbell: If anyone can get things turned around in Denver, it’s Sean Payton

  1. He’s probably right. Lets see who his QB is and…oh. Oh no. It’s like trying to fix the Titanic with tape and good intentions.

  2. So, the corollary is, if Payton can’t then the Broncos are just crap forever?????

  3. This will be by far the best QB in Payton’s career.

    Hopefully he’ll listen to first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson. He’ll learn a lot.

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