Does Lamar Jackson have the endorsement deals that a player of his status should?

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An interesting situation emerged earlier this week, regarding the ongoing difficulties when it comes to the Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson working out a long-term contract.

While discussing the overall situation on PFT Live, Chris Simms and I raised the question of whether Jackson’s effort to handle his business interests without an agent has resulted not only in the delayed realization of his football fortune but also in the absence of the kind of endorsement deals that the 2019 league MVP should have received.

We specifically focused on the chatter in league circles that the absence of a major shoe deal traces to Jackson’s refusal to hire an agent.

Jackson responded, retweeting the clip with a LeBron James gif aimed at expressing a disagreement with our comments. Others presumed that this means Jackson is absolutely right and we’re absolutely wrong.

Former NFL player Andrew Hawkins (whose NFL Pro Era VR game did a deal with Jackson) chimed in with this: “Are we REALLLLYYYY suppose to believe that Lamar Jackson .. human video game… the best running QB in the history of the NFL… couldnt get a shoe deal with any brand he wanted??!! I had a shoe deal…lol.”

The question isn’t whether Jackson couldn’t get any old shoe deal. The question is whether he could close on a shoe deal that properly reflects his skills, abilities, and fame.

Really, where is the shoe deal of the magnitude that Lamar should have? Where are the commercials with Nike, Reebok, Adidas, or whoever that prominently feature Lamar Jackson as the marketing force he should be? Remember the Michael Vick Experience commercial from Nike? Some major company has missed out on an excellent opportunity to market their products to a generation of Lamar Jackson fans through similar strategies.

In June 2021, it was Dak Prescott, not Lamar Jackson, who became the only NFL quarterback under the Nike Jordan brand. Yes, Prescott is the quarterback of America’s Team. But Jackson is (or should be) much closer to fitting the definition of America’s Quarterback than Dak.

Bottom line? Where are the endorsement deals that properly reflect a player of Jackson’s status? He has the Pro Era VR deal and, as of 2020, something with Oakley. A player of his skills and standing should have more. Much more.

He also should be making more from the Ravens. Much more.

That’s our overriding point. Yes, agents take a piece of the pie. But they often get a much bigger pie than a player can get without one.

People can get mad at us for saying that, or they can accept the fundamental truth. There’s a real difference between negotiating contracts like this one your own and negotiating contracts like this with the assistance of people who negotiate contracts like this for a living.

20 responses to “Does Lamar Jackson have the endorsement deals that a player of his status should?

  1. Not piling on here, but part of the endorsement boondoggle can be attributed to the fact that Jackson has no agent. Makes getting a deal more difficult and getting endorsements much much more difficult. IMHO.

  2. In part two of “Mike Tells Lamar to Hire an Agent” we explore all the money that Lamar may be leaving on the table in endorsement deals simply by not having an agent.


  3. It’s almost as though sulky people who don’t use agents and don’t even communicate well with their own team and haven’t won anything don’t get the same things that people who do all those things better do.

  4. He majored in “Communications”, not really a primer for negotiating mega contracts.

  5. With LJ, there are far more questions than answers starting with why doesn’t he have an agent? No doubt, he has great physical skills but is he likable? Charismatic? Charming? Does his narcissism prevent him from making better decisions? Maybe if his ego would allow him to accept direction from a knowledgeable fiduciary (not from family members) he would be better positioned right now for all kinds of deals.

  6. Maybe his asking price for any potential endorsements is ridiculously too high just like what he is asking the Ravens to pay him?

  7. The bottom line is that Lamar Jackson will be coming into a boatload of money. To most people, there’s not a lot of difference between 100 million and 200, when it comes to lifestyle. Maybe Jackson doesn’t do commercial endorsements by choice; if true, that is commendable. Maybe Jackson doesn’t need to own four houses and a private plane to live the lifestyle he desires to live.

  8. pryrates2023 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 12:06 pm
    Brady never had them when he was with the Pats.

    People just make things up. Brady was represented throughout his career by Don Yee.

    As for Lamar, it’s his life, his money and if he’s comfortable with it why is it anyone else’s business.

  9. I’m sure Lamar works on his own car(s), does his own taxes, and mows his own grass too… but i wouldnt trust my car on the road if i did all the work on it, or feel safe that i wouldnt be audited by the IRS if i did my own turbo tax, but Lamar is clearly a step ahead of most of his peers, even if most of them are making more money… seems like he’s his own worst enemy to me. I blame the team for this mess, but Lamar must want out of B-more, otherwise he could have cleaned this all up by now.

  10. If someone wrote an article about you and how you should be making more money, more deals, more bonuses and yes again, more money, would you be upset at the authors or try to figure out whether it’s possibly true?

  11. ” the best running QB in the history of the NFL”

    No, Lamar is a less talented Vick.

  12. Sneaker companies have historically stayed away from Football players because you can’t see their faces, like other sports. The only recent (2010’s) player in the NFL to have a big shoe contract is Odell Beckham Jr. and I think it paid him something like 30 million over the life of the deal plus a signature shoe. Needless to say the shoe deal did not work out for Nike, so they moved on before the deal ended. OBJ is currently suing Nike for the infraction. So, no shoe deals aren’t that big of a deal for NFL players and maybe Lamar didn’t see anything all that great to make him take a deal that maybe he didn’t like.

  13. How many times must it be said?! Dude needs an AGENT. The inexperience of those around him is not helping.

  14. Another thing that should be considered is that if you’re committed to being the best NFL QB you can be, you just don’t have the time in the day left to put in all the work that a good agent/business manager does to ensure you get the best possible endorsements and contracts. And that’s before you consider the different training, skillsets, experience and connections they have in finding and making those deals. If your goal is to make as much money as you can in the relatively short period you’re in the NFL, you need a good agent and/or business manager. Now, if your goal isn’t to maximise your money and just make things easy on you and/or the team, then sure, going without an agent maybe makes sense and hey, you’re free to not do that. But if he wants all that guaranteed money, Lamar Jackson does not fall into that category, and needs an agent.

  15. tm05 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 1:11 pm
    ” the best running QB in the history of the NFL”

    No, Lamar is a less talented Vick.


    LJ is the modern day version of Mike Vick and that’s a HUGE Compliment! I was a season ticket holder for the Falcons for 3 of MV7’s tenure. The similarities in “Situations” are eerily similar. In Atlanta at the time Mike Vick’s primary target and safety net was his TE Alge Crumpler. His WR’s were Peerless Price, Joe Horn, and Brian Finneran. Lol It wasn’t until Vick’s last season did he get to play with Roddy White. But ROOKIE “Manos De Piedras” Roddy White dropped more passes than the law allows!! Lol The narrative when Mike Vick was in Atlanta was that he couldn’t read defenses was a “ 1 read” QB, 1 of the ORIGINAL RUNNING QUARTERBACKS Lol SMH But that was a rather narrow “Lazy” take. Instead of putting the onus on the Falcons to deliver quality skill position players to put around Vick the pundits placed all the blame on Vick. Does any of this sound familiar? We all know what happened to Mike Vick but when he resurrected his career in Philly and had BONAFIDE PLAYMAKERS like D. Jaxs, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Shady McCoy, he posted Career numbers and earned pro bowl/AllPro status. He did everything in Philly they said he couldn’t do in Atlanta. Moral of the story, the Ravens better play this correctly or they could set themselves up to once again be irrelevant!

  16. “But Jackson is (or should be) much closer to fitting the definition of America’s Quarterback than Dak.“
    Why? Jackson runs better than Dak but Dak throws better than Lamar, and QB is primarily a throwing position.

  17. At the sort of level he is, agents make their money by getting those endorsements. If you don’t have an agent, it’s harder to get them. There is another factor though, which explains why you see (for example) Patrick Mahomes in TV ads and not Lamar Jackson. I hate to say it, but Mahomes is handsome, and Jackson…isn’t. That’s the brutal truth. Good looking guys are always going to get the big endorsement deals.

  18. I think his mom has a deal with an Orthopedic Shoes for Seniors brand. Pretty soon we’ll see commercials of her hustling around the kitchen table with them on when baking cookies. Lamar don’t need a shoe contract, mom’s already handled that.

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