Father of Mine is coming soon

Anthony Zych

During the holidays, I posted a Christmas book at no charge. Soon, I’ll be offering up a different kind of book, for a minimal charge.

Father of Mine is coming soon. It’s a mob tale set in 1973, and it’s inspired by the actual activities of the crew that ran my hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia and surrounding communities during those days.

I know a little bit about it, because my dad worked for the group, as a bookie. He stumbled into that life for one very specific reason. He was a gambler, and he eventually figured out the house always wins. So he became the house.

I’m bypassing the traditional publishing model with this one, which will keep the price as low as possible — much lower than what books offered by traditional publishers usually cost.

By making On Our Way Home available for free (it will be back in November and December 2023), I learned that people read it, they enjoyed it, and for some of them it made a real impact on their lives. Given the money that the vast majority of authors make (or don’t make) when writing books, I’d much rather have more people read it than fewer. And if it costs two or three bucks (maybe three or four), more people would read it than if the ebook costs 15 or 20.

Details are being finalized. But it’s coming soon. I may even do an audio version that I’ll narrate. Also, I’m currently negotiating with Mrs. PFT to read the various chapters that are narrated by the lead female character.

The cover is the image attached to this blurb. My nephew, an extremely talented artist and graphic designer, created it. Here’s hoping what’s under the cover does it justice.

Soon enough, you’ll get a chance to find out. Or not, because I know plenty of you won’t give it a try. For those who do, I hope you’ll like what you see.

12 responses to “Father of Mine is coming soon

  1. I’m interested Mike. I liked On Our Way Home. Would be interested in an audio version of the new book as well.

  2. Mikey”walnuts” Florio is a good dude that gets a lot of crap. Way to always give your nephew props for his work, like the barn etc. I will read it, youve been entertaining me through work and bored moments for over a decade. It’s the least i could do.

  3. On our way home was a wonderful christmas gift from you to all of us. It was well written and enjoyable to the point that waiting daily for each new snippet was agony. I am looking forward to father of mine and will be gladly willing to pay for it. Maybe can get it to be made available as an Amazon ebook as well.

  4. I have and read Playmakers. Though, I lived it all with Mike. Good read. I did not get the chance to read On our way home. So this next one about a bookie on the East coast, is a must read. Mike, you are an excellent writer. I will buy this one for sure. Keep up the good work brother!

  5. After the first three sentences it all makes sense if you know what I mean.

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