George Paton: I think Russell Wilson has moved forward; we’ve all moved forward

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With Sean Payton in place as head coach, the Broncos are moving forward with Russell Wilson.

Wilson’s struggles in 2022 were well-documented. And the quarterback’s massive contract extension made it particularly impractical to move on after that year.

So, the architect of the trade that brought Wilson to Denver said this week that everyone is ready to turn the page to 2023.

“I think Russ has moved forward. We’ve all moved forward,” General Manager George Paton said at his Combine press conference. “We’ve talked about last year and it’s been well-documented. It didn’t go our way. It wasn’t all his fault. We’re all to blame, you know, and we have to improve.

“We have to move on. With Sean here, with our new staff, I think we will.”

Wilson completed a career-low 60.5 percent of his passes for 3,524 yards with 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He rushed for 277 yards with three touchdowns.

9 responses to “George Paton: I think Russell Wilson has moved forward; we’ve all moved forward

  1. Translation: We know Russ sucks, but I’m hoping Sean Payton can save my job by fixing my mistake.

  2. They’re moving forward because the important thing about moving foward is go forward by moving in a forward direction.

  3. “We’re all to blame…” Especially you, George, for signing Wilson to that ridiculous deal.

  4. Wilson had the opportunity and the motivation last year to move forward, but it didn’t happen. That had to humble him. So I expect he will come into camp this year, thinner, faster, motivated and ready to accept hard coaching from Sean Payton. One thing longtime Wilson watchers know is that he needs to really be in sync with his head coach. We also know he’s now out of excuses.

  5. First ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson, in what to him was a “step back” year, was arguably still the best QB in the NFL last year.

    Too bad his defense gave up so many points.

  6. After last year’s disastrous campaign, what choice does he have? Last year was a wake-up call. Let’s see how he “moves forward” this year.

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