Lions will address backup quarterback position, but will they use a first-round pick on one?

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The Lions had David Blough and Tim Boyle battle for the backup quarterback job in training camp before cutting both and signing Nate Sudfeld on Aug. 31. Sudfeld played only nine snaps in two games as Jared Goff remained healthy and on the field.

But General Manager Brad Holmes conceded the Lions need to address the position behind Goff.

“I feel like last year, we kind of left training camp kind of sliding into home plate trying to fill that backup quarterback role,” Holmes said, “And that’s on me. I’ve got to do a better job of making sure that we’re not in that position again. So that is something that we’re going to need to address, whether it’s here in free agency or upcoming in the draft. But that’s something that we’ve had a lot of conversations about.”

The Lions traded for Goff, who was expected to be a bridge quarterback but has proved more than that. Goff, 29, is under contract the next two seasons with cap hits of $30.975 million and $31.975 million.

With two first-round picks — No. 6 and No. 18 — would the Lions consider using a high pick on the heir apparent at the position?

Holmes wasn’t really interested in the question, but he also didn’t rule it out.

“We’re going to get the best football players that fit us,” Holmes said. “I don’t know exactly what you want me to say.”

17 responses to “Lions will address backup quarterback position, but will they use a first-round pick on one?

  1. I never doubted that Jared Goff would be the franchise quarterback. It’s hard to imagine Detroit drafting a quarterback this year before the middle or late rounds. Go QB1, Go Golden Bears, Go Lions!!!

  2. Now that the Lions are getting better, they need to invest in a quality backup QB. Bring in an experienced veteran to backup Jared

  3. Depends on who is available. They have a LOT of needs despite last season’s successes. I would bet that they go defense in the first round and then look at QB/RB/TE/WR in rounds 2 and 3. I bet they are hoping that Tanner McKee from Stanford is there in the 3rd. Let him develop under Goff for two years and see what they have.

  4. IMHO, the Lions are the team to beat in the NFCN next year and using those two high picks could solidify any holes. Maybe even trade down from #6 to plug more holes. Roll with Goff another year.

    Bears are still in a rebuild, the Pack is in disarray with Rodgers, and Vikings are the Cowboys of the division (frauds).

    It’s good to see the Lions on the upswing. Their fan base has been long suffering with the lack of success. Campbell looks to be turning things around there.

  5. Going to be tons of options on the veteran backup market. You don’t draft a backup QB high in the draft. They could pick up Darnold, Mayfield, etc for a song. The trick is finding one that doesn’t threaten Goff – you want your team to have full confidence in Goff cuz dude balled out last year and you don’t want to shake him with like Jimmy G on the bench.

  6. Goff offers the lions buffer. If an opportunity presents itself, they can attack. But they do not have mortgage the future for an unknown.

  7. Let’s see Goff play well next year before declaring the starting position set in stone. Regardless, good QB play doesn’t guarantee anything in Detroit, as the Stafford years showed. Players better be looping the chew- kneecaps speech while they sleep every night in the off-season to keep shifting the culture.

  8. Goff finished the season with 14 TD’s and 0 interceptions in his last 9 games. Get this guy a TE. Michael Mayer at 18 is screaming as a home run possibility for this offense.

    It’s a great time to be a Lions fan.

    They hit a grand slam with Hutchinson and now also have the 6th pick to use. Jalen Carter seemed like a strong possibility here if 3 QB’s went top 5. That might not be the case moving forward.

    I am sure they will take a long look at the QB’s because you just should. And if they drafted someone, there is zero pressure for 2023 and 2024, to start him.

    If Jameson Williams comes back to full strength next year, with St.Brown and that running game, they should make the playoffs easy.

    Michael Mayer is 18 can make this offense even more potent immediately.

    Pick 6 should also be in play for teams like Washington, NYJ Tennessee, Carolina or Las Vegas to move up to.

    A lot of attention is being paid to what Chicago will get for No.1 but if Detroit plays this right, they should have some extra draft capital for a few years and can pick the right QB for them, not the next one on someone’s board.

    The Lions, must like the Chiefs, went up and down on the Eagles defense in the second half last year for 4 straight TD’s to end the game. The major difference is that it was week 1 and they lost. 4-5 more minutes on that clock and Eagles unbeaten streak would’ve never seen 1.

    As an AFC team fan, if my team can’t win, I want this one to win. NO ONE deserves it more. Cincy is close though.

  9. Everyone wants to hit the jackpot and draft a future HOF player like Patrick Mahomes. Yea that would be great. But falling in love with the potential of draft picks can be fool’s gold. Other teams are trying to win with less (ie, Mac Jones, Daniel Jones, Ryan Tannehill, etc) with varying levels of success. Detroit is in a better spot with Goff than those teams. Goff isn’t the cream of the crop, but he is good enough. Detroit is committed, too, with Goff’s cap hit so they might as well ride 2023 out trusting him to produce like a top-10. Use the 1st rounders elsewhere or trade down and stock up for 2024.

  10. No way should Detroit drop a 1st rounder on a QB or a TE. If there is a QB available in the mid to late rounds, you sit him behind Goff for the next 2 seasons. There is too much defensive talent in the first 2 rounds for Detroit to draft O.

  11. Many comments miss the point. They are drafting (not acquiring free agents) because they want team cohesion, team focus and team enthusiasm. MCDC said yesterday that out 30 prospects he spoke to only 4-5 got a check mark. They have a specific type of player they want not a positional need.

  12. Unless they trade Goff, why draft a QB and burn up 2 years of a cheap rookie contract while Goff plays. That’s not the way teams manage the cap anymore, unless of curse, its the Packers.

  13. You don’t use a first round pick for a backup quarterback. A future starter who might need a year of development yes, but not a backup.
    For a backup, it’d be best if in the later rounds they drafted someone like Max Duggan who started a ton of games in college.

  14. They won’t be using either of their first round picks on a backup QB. I wouldn’t expect them to draft someone until rounds 5-7. The Lions focus will be on defense and supplementing their stacked OL. It would not surprise me if both first round picks are for defensive linemen. They have holes all over the defense, but I don’t see them drafting a DB in the first round and I don’t see a LB who would compare to Chris Spielman (who was an early 2nd round pick).

  15. Think they might use their highest picks on defense before addressing the backup QB position.

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