NFLPA survey results can become a free-agency tiebreaker

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Beyond providing some interesting anecdotal media content, the results of the NFL Players Association’s report card regarding the manner in which the 32 teams treat their players has an important practical impact as free agency approaches.

It can be the deciding factor for free agents considering offers from multiple teams.

That’s the benefit to the Vikings and other teams at the top. If they make a financial offer to a player that is relatively the same as the offer made by a team at or near the bottom, the survey results could make a difference.

It also could force teams at the bottom to offer more money to free agents in order to get them to close the deal.

Ideally, it will get the teams at the bottom of the list to change their ways. In a system that requires a certain amount of cash spending, player contracts don’t show whether a team views its players as human beings. Other factors do.

Whether teams are being cheap or simply indifferent to the feelings of their employees (or both), of course it should be a factor in the choices the players make when exercising their free-agency rights.

29 responses to “NFLPA survey results can become a free-agency tiebreaker

  1. It’s a bad look for the NFLPA to release this ….

    It probably should have been given to the owners to see if they can correct. Not to the public and players

  2. there’s one guy who seems to be deciding where he wants to go. Tie break away..

  3. Maybe some players association or some group who represents the players could, like, maybe negotiate minimum player perks instead of issuing a “report card”?

  4. These are great! Put public pressure on the owners. Fans want to know their teams are being taking care of. The owners have all the resources they need. Choosing to spend them has always been a different story. Conversely, the public needs to be ready for the owners to ask for new stadiums and facilities.

  5. Chiefs are near the bottom. So being unhappy and winning it all versus kumba whatever and an empty Lombardi case? To each their own.
    I would venture to guess that making the most guaranteed money would be the tie breaker. Winning it all or being happy are down the list.

  6. No sales tax and high end facilities and equipment. Come on down! Although we don’t have any money at the moment….derp.

  7. Winning organization with average/subpar amenities vs horrible organization with outstanding amenities.

    Winning organization always wins out.

  8. Don’t forget location. You men with money prefer not to live in a Podunk town

  9. Viewing players as human beings? Those kinds of comments won’t go over well in this comments section

  10. You don’t think that agents know this stuff already? If they know and don’t tell their clients, it would be malpractice. Somehow, I just don’t think this info is new.

  11. Yeah, it *could* be a tie-breaker, but there first has to be a tie. The only time a player is going to offered exactly the same contract by two different teams is under the “find an offer and we’ll match it” franchise tag. How often has that come up – once every 10 years? It’s always about the money.

    I also don’t see players choosing the Panthers for their A-graded Family Treatment over the miserable B-graded Chiefs and the near certainty of playing in a Superbowl in the next two years.

  12. This was 100% released to shame some owners into spending money. I mean, well played. But to act like this willl affect any fas decision is absurd. Any good agent knows all of this info already, as did the NFLPA (who hire people to guide players). And players already talk amongst themselves. This was released for public, not internal, consumption. And the truth is very few fas are in a bidding war with multiple options. You go where the jobs and money are.

  13. If players were smart they’d get a book on each state’s taxes. A $10m contract in NY is a lot less than a $10m contract in TX, TN, or FL.

  14. Has this report always been made public? I don’t remember ever seeing it before (but my memory is not what it once was…ok it was never that good to begin with).

    I understand the NFLPA’s motivation behind releasing it – push teams to correct or improve in areas important to the players – but it the optics seem really bad.

  15. Money is the tie breaker. Players have proven every year that they will go to a bad team for more money over going to a well run team.

  16. Conflating ability to influence opinion with ability to influence actual events

  17. cakesw says:
    March 2, 2023 at 8:37 pm
    It’s a bad look for the NFLPA to release this

    It probably should have been given to the owners to see if they can correct. Not to the public and players

    The owners already knew exactly what the conditions are in their facilities. Biscotti knew that Ravens had the worst training staff. Bidwill knew that the Cardinals were charging players for meals. They had plenty of time to correct these things.

  18. cakesw says:
    March 2, 2023 at 8:37 pm
    It’s a bad look for the NFLPA to release this ….

    It probably should have been given to the owners to see if they can correct. Not to the public and players

    The survey was created from player interviews. Why in world would the results not be given to them?

  19. If the owner has a yacht with an IMAX theater but the locker rooms don’t have hot water, maybe steer clear of signing there.

  20. This is an excellent service provided by the NFLPA to the players it represents. It’s not easy to find out all these elements of what the workplace is like. To have this information from other players is valuable. Owners might not see it that way initially, but it’s good feedback for them too, if they want to add another element of competitive advantage as they compete in the free agent market.

  21. Even as a Viking fan, I’m not going to be fooled into thinking that a WR that has a chance to play for the Vikes or KC for the same $ is gonna pick the Vikes due to this survey. Maybe if it’s a choice between MN and Green Bay or Chicago. But KC gets away with this stuff because players want to win with Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes. That won’t always last or apply to other teams without coaching or player star power, but It works for KC.

  22. Owner Clark Hunt has a three-floor, six-bedroom suite at Arrowhead, with a prime view of the field. Just saying.

  23. So 50% of the players bothered to fill this out & I went to the NLFPA site and the data is mostly useless. I am a computer geek along with being a 65yr NFL fan. For example did 50% or every team fill it out or just 50% total replies. And if Denver got 2 replies from players that are upset with the team how does this help anyone? Or if say Dallas got 50 replies same problem. I am sure that any player looking to see if they want to sign with a team as a free agent will call some players they trust who play or recently played for that team.

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