Rashod Bateman to Eric DeCosta: Play to your players strength and stop pointing the finger at us

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
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During his Wednesday press conference, Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta was asked about his team’s track record of drafting receivers.

As part of his response, DeCosta said, “If I had an answer, that would probably mean I would have some better receivers. … We’re gonna keep swinging.

“There have been some guys that have been successful players for us that were draft picks. We’ve never really hit on that All-Pro type of guy, which is disappointing, but it’s not for a lack of effort. … It’s one of those anomalies that I really can’t explain, other than to say that we’re not going to stop trying.”

Current Ravens receiver Rashod Bateman saw a tweet of that quote and he didn’t take kindly to it.

“How bout you play to your player’s strength and & stop pointing the finger at us and #8 [quarterback Lamar Jackson] …blame the one you let do this…. we take heat 24/7,”  Bateman posted on Twitter. “And keep us healthy … care about US & see what happen..ain’t no promises tho … tired of y’all lyin and capn on players for no reason.”

Former Ravens receiver Marquise Brown quoted a screenshot of Bateman’s tweet and added, “Let him cook” in support.

Baltimore has been criticized in recent years as a team that is not receiver friendly because of its offense. That could change under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken, but the Ravens have had a tough time with developing and signing premiere receivers.

Bateman was a first-round pick in 2021 but has dealt with significant injuries in his first two seasons. He missed much of 2021 with a groin injury. In 2022, he played only six games due to a foot injury, recording 15 catches for 285 yards with a pair of touchdowns.

DeCosta said this week that Bateman is doing well in his recovery from foot surgery and he’s excited to see what the receiver can do in 2023.

Brown was traded to Arizona last spring after spending his first three seasons with the club. In his first year with Arizona, Brown caught 67 passes for 709 yards with three touchdowns in 12 games.

29 responses to “Rashod Bateman to Eric DeCosta: Play to your players strength and stop pointing the finger at us

  1. Bateman may have been Batman in college but looking more like a Robin in the NFL.

    Probably should do something in the league before calling out his GM.

  2. Some strife coming from the Ravens organization which is unusual. DeCosta is out of Ozzie’s shadow and his decisions in this draft and with Lamar will speak to his longevity as the GM.

  3. The Ravens built themselves around a running QB,not a pocket passer. Without the credible threat of a QB run forcing opposing D to weaken their pass D the Ravens passing game would even be worse.

  4. Isn’t that what ravens did—play to Lamar’s strengths? For 2 years we heard national media compliment the ravens on how they adjusted to Lamar’s strengths.

    That being said, the ravens need to poop or get off the pot. Giants more excited to pay Daniel Jones than the ravens are to pay Lamar. Get your act together ravens.

  5. Whoa!!


    Welcome to NE.


    This is hilarious. Baltimore in an absolute tailspin.

  6. DeCosta was honest about Ravens inability to draft and develop WRs. If he mentioned Bateman specifically I must have missed that. Bateman would help his cause if he could stay on the field, or is that DeCosta’s fault?

  7. The dude, whose inability to stay on the field, and is a large part of why the Ravens WR corps stinks, really shouldn’t be chiming in on this.

  8. Bateman should be quiet. He hasn’t been on the field enough to complain about anything. Put up some numbers then chirp all you want if you’re so inclined.

  9. Hard to believe a guy that has a spot on the bench with his name on it is calling people out. In no offense would a guy that is as injured as Bateman be an All Pro. I liked him as a player coming out of college but he sounds like……..a diva. It sounded to me like he was calling out Harbaugh (the one the GM is allowing to run the team this way).

  10. Injured and unreliable players who don’t play well sure seem to not like the accountability that comes with that. From #8 on down, it’s starting to define this group of players.

  11. Keep hearing how the Ravens are a well run organization. That apparently was the past and Ozzie Newsome. Lamar Jackson put a lot of deodorant on the team and DeCosta since he got there. Before Jackson got there Harbaugh was on his was out after consecutive losing seasons and Flacco was still stealing money on his last contract. Who have they drafted but the corner. Their best O-lineman went to KC for a pick and they have NOBODY on offense anyone else wants but the TE and LJ. And the TE didn’t look the same without LJ. There is no one to blame for Jackson’s contract and distractions but DeCosta. He could have signed him two years ago for a lot less money.

  12. If I were Bateman, I would absolutely shut the Heck up. Calling out your GM is not a good move. It is childish and very stupid. Being a fake Matcho will only highlight the fact that you haven’t done squat in the NFL. Take a chill pill, post an apology and basically keep your mouth shut till you prove that you can actually stay healthy and prove that you are worthy of your draft status as a Number 1 receiver.

  13. Says a guy who’s perpetually doubtful to play. Look I know G-Ro’s offense was not a pass happy scheme but you gotta make the most of your opportunities. Thant means catching it when it’s thrown to you.

  14. Bateman=Bust…And Brown-I remember the game you dropped 3 touchdown passes but yeah-let him cook

  15. it takes everyone to be successful as a TEAM. coaches, players, and the dudes doing the drafting. cant point any fingers in one direction for the shortcomings with the ravens offense. theyre currently a mess

  16. Nothing makes me more giddy when the self-important Baltimore players feel disrespected. Apparently this is really a collection of “me, me, me” players and not a team at all.

  17. The best ability is availability and Bateman has been a washout with injury (groin) after injury (foot). His brother in critique Marquis Brown is another example of the same except for the repeated speeding and reckless driving BS. They both should shut up and let their performance do the talking if that is possible. Nether is in danger of being compared to Jerry Rice.

  18. Sounds like too many cooks in that kitchen who don’t know how to cook. They burn everything except the opposing defenses.

  19. I like Bateman’s potential and I do think he can become a #1 receiver for the Ravens, especially with Monken utilizing the position more than Roman did. That said, this is big talk for a guy who has missed 15 games in the first 34 regular season ones he has been eligible for in the NFL. Gotta stay healthy first kid, the best ability is availability.

  20. You can kill the messenger if you want but DeCosta has been a complete failure as a GM so far. It’s hard to follow a legend but his arrogant attitude is destroying this franchise. No offense should ever be that bad after losing its QB. Bateman and Duvernay should be your number 3 and 4 not 1 and 2. The only good that will come from a Jackson trade is the Ravens would hit rock bottom and Decosta will get fired. Hopefully he doesn’t get a chance to blow the draft picks first.

  21. Sounds like crisis in Ravenland. Rule 1 to good passing game: find QB w/ strong enough arm to throw 30 yd outs. Rule 2: see Rule 1. Rule 3: find WRs who can catch and aren’t insecure, like Bateman.

  22. Cue all the commenters that will “IGNORE WHAT BATEMAN SAID AND MARQUISE BROWN AFFIRMED” to tell us what “THEY FEEL” is Going on !! Lol
    Something “Magically” happens when a New GM takes the helm. In an attempt to prove themselves “smarter” than the previous GM(even when they directly worked for them see: Gettleman/Reese in NY) they begin to unravel to the point that you can’t even recognize the “ball of yarn”. HOF Player & HOF GM Ozzie Newsome left this team in FANTASTIC shape when he retired. Had arguably the best O-line with statistically the #1 Rushing attack in the NFL after he drafted Orlando Brown to have high end “ Bookend” Tackles. Had an absolute EMBARRASSMENT of Talent at the TE position with Andrews/Hurst/Boyle. The defense had a few holes but nothing major and the ONLY missing piece was WR. So Ozzie retires and DeCosta starts his “refining process”. DeCosta chooses to 2 years in a row LOSE a valuable starting Offensive lineman. Doesn’t want to pay Orlando Brown LT $ even tho Stanley is ALWAYS hurt, so Brown leaves to KC(who don’t mind paying him) & a Lombardi trophy. DeCosta then “tweaks” the NFL’s LEADING RUSHING TEAM and decided to let Mark Ingram go and disrupts the Thunder & Lightning Ingram/Gus Edward’s tandem for JK Dobbins and Some more injuries!!! Lol. DeCosta then further “Rewards” LJ for DOING THE MOST WITH THE LEAST (Won only the 2nd UNANIMOUSLY VOTED MVP IN LEAGUE HISTORY) with Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin, & Willie Snead, by Trading away LJ’s ONLY 1,000 Yard receiver in Marquise Brown. Btw Brown asked to be traded and ended getting less targets and less yardage and TD’s then he EVER had in Baltimore Lol The Grass is NOT Always Greener! Eric DeCosta has taken the Ravens back SEVERAL STEPS! DeCosta is treating LJ like he’s Trent Dilfer and needs an ALL TIME DEFENSE to Carry him to a Super Bowl and win the game Despite him! Lol He spent all the cap resources on Defense and yet they still surrendered 5 4th quarter leads !!! Meanwhile DeCastro has the Ravens ranked 32nd in cap $ spent on WR’s !!! If I’m LJ and you had 5 years to “build a team around me” and this is the best you can do 32nd in $ to WR’s I wouldn’t want to be there. And if Indid stay the Ravens would HAVE TO BREAK THE BANK….. PERIOD.

  23. Sounds like a guilty conscience.
    I’ll take the under on him getting a contract extension.

  24. Bateman is a subpar receiver who happens to be catching passes from a subpar throwing QB

  25. Yeah and how many of those receivers moved on and became all pro receivers out of their system? Not saying the Ravens are good at drafting wide receivers but yikes, show some accountability instead of complaining it’s the teams job to keep you healthy.

  26. bleepbloopblop says:
    March 2, 2023 at 6:43 pm
    Yeah and how many of those receivers moved on and became all pro receivers out of their system? Not saying the Ravens are good at drafting wide receivers but yikes, show some accountability instead of complaining it’s the teams job to keep you healthy.

    That would be zero

  27. The Ravens quarterback is a running back. Josh Jacobs is a free agent. They should sign him to be QB and let 8 walk.

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