Report: Buccaneers are expected to release Cameron Brate

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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It looks like tight end Cameron Brate‘s run with the Buccaneers is coming to an end.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports that the Bucs are expected to release Brate in the coming days. He has been with the team since signing as an undrafted free agent in 2014.

Brate dealt with a concussion and a neck injury in 2022 and he only appeared in 11 regular season games. He had 20 catches for 174 yards and added an eight-yard touchdown catch in Tampa’s playoff loss to the Cowboys.

Brate has 273 catches for 2,857 yards and 33 touchdowns for his career. He was part of the Bucs’ Super Bowl LV champions.

The Buccaneers would clear just over $2 million in cap space if they process the cut immediately and $4 million if Brate is designated a post-June 1 cut. 2022 draft picks Cade Otton and Ko Kieft remain under contract at tight end.

8 responses to “Report: Buccaneers are expected to release Cameron Brate

  1. Did he get in good enough with Brady to be invited to the next stop?

  2. He has been solid his whole career. Good in the locker room as well. Would make a great coach. Hate to see guys like this released.

  3. Only the 1 ring and full blown destruction after GM/Coach Brady leaves. LOL

    How many NFL franchises have 0 rings? How many haven’t earned a ring this century? I think the overwhelming majority of teams and their fans would have taken the same deal. Talking as a Bucs fan, we could have went another route, not signed Brady, gave Jameis 5 more years to try to figure it out, signed someone else, drafted someone else. Would we have 2 or 3 ring now? No, we would still be sitting on that one ring we won in 2003. No regrets. That was a fun season.

  4. touchback6 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 12:35 pm
    Only the 1 ring and full blown destruction after GM/Coach Brady leaves. LOL


    Can’t be much worse than the Pats have been since Brady left. 1 postseason appearance in 3 years and that was one of the most embarrassing games in NFL history

  5. The trend of people taking dismissive attitudes about one championship is getting ridiculous. What the Rams and Bucs did should be applauded, they saw a window to push all in and did it successfully, nobody in either fanbase should be complaining. Any criticism is sour grapes as far as I am concerned.

    I have suffered through thirty plus years as a Lions fan with no payoff. Would I trade five years of rebuilding if it bought a title? Absolutely, it is not even a debate.

  6. Some math here – since 2000 only 13 teams have won a Super Bowl (some more than 1) so 19 teams have not gotten a ring this century (or ever for some teams)…….so YES I would trade some down years for a Super Bowl win!

  7. It was Gronk all along. After he retired the Bucs went into a total meltdown and a year later Brady decides to retire.

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