Robert Saleh: Mike White should be on the Jets’ roster in 2023

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The Jets are hoping to make a big splash to land a star quarterback this offseason. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting rid of the quarterbacks they had last season.

Saleh has previously indicated that Zach Wilson will be sticking around, and today he said he’d like Mike White to be back as well.

“He should be on this roster,” Saleh said of White.

Wilson is still under contract for two more years with guaranteed salaries, so it’s no surprise the Jets expect to hang onto him, but White is set to become an unrestricted free agent on March 15. He’ll likely shop himself to the highest bidder, but Saleh seems to think there’s a good chance that the Jets can make White the best offer he’ll get.

13 responses to “Robert Saleh: Mike White should be on the Jets’ roster in 2023

  1. Living in New York I get to hear New York sports radio and it is so hilarious the hosts and callers that praise Mike White.

    White was horrible last year. Let’s not even talk about how often he got injured. He went 1-4 as a starter and almost every time he was pressured made the tougher throw than the easier one. Granted, sometimes he did get a completion, but he does not see the field at all. He just doesn’t run into sacks as often as Zach Wilson does.

    But there’s this narrative around the Jets that they’re “a quarterback away”. Why did they have a worse record with Mike White than Zach Wilson? Why did the Jets beat the Bills when Wilson started and lose when White did?

    Mike White is simply the epitome of “the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town when the team is struggling”.

  2. 100% he should be the starter for next year. Go ahead and keep Wilson zero teams will trade for him.Hes the backup until further notice.

  3. LOL!

    It’s all they have and they have no leverage anywhere else with a FA QB.

    Douglas literally drafted Zach Wilson. bawhaha

  4. raiders247 says:
    March 2, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Derek Carr is the ANSWER for the NYJ. Anyone else does not matter.


    HAHAHAHAHAHA .. yeah right. Riddle me this Batman! Would you pay $35 mil for a QB whose lifetime NFL record is WORSE than MARK SANCHEZ’S?

    Carr = .444 winning percentage & 0-1 in the playoffs. Sanchez = .494 winning percentage and 4-2 in the playoffs (including beating Manning and Brady back to back in one playoff run).

    If you would, it is obvious why you have nothing to do with a real NFL team (and probably shouldn’t have anything to do with a Pop Warner team either).

    Of course White will\should be a Jet next year. He is competitive with Wilson (who WILL be a Jet next season because of his contract and nobody else wants him) and available at a reasonable cost (because he hasn’t proven himself yet).

    That said I’d like to see the Jets land Jimmy G (.676 winning percentage & 4-2 in the playoffs) but if not Tannehill or Dalton would be decent placeholders and Cooper Rush is a little intriguing as a push for both Wilson and White.

  5. Aaron Rodgers would love to mentor Mike White next season. All Aaron does is help the backups flourish in the NFl, he’s a great influence on young players.

  6. He absolutely should. The last few years have shown us how valuable a great backup QB is – they can be the difference in success or failure for a season.

    Wilson is who they need to move on from. It didn’t work out and it’s now just dragging them down. Sign a vet, keep White, and let Wilson go – the cost is worth having the clean slate.

  7. This guy is average at best that said hes better than Wilson who is a huge bust. There were stories out of utah that he was a spoiled entitled kid. What goes around comes around.

  8. noonecaresyou’realongtimesufferinglionsfan says:
    March 2, 2023 at 9:42 am
    Mike White > Derek Carr by a million miles!
    Mike White has a worse overall completion percentage and throws more picks then TDs. Enjoy!

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