Will criminal charges impact Jalen Carter?

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A day ago, the news of Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter‘s alleged involvement in an accident that claimed two lives in January put a dark cloud over Carter’s prospects. Twenty-four hours later, Carter has been charged with two misdemeanors — reckless driving and racing.

Carter hasn’t been charged with lying to police. He hasn’t been charged with involuntary manslaughter or any other crime suggesting responsibility, directly or indirectly, for the deaths resulting from a collision involving a car he wasn’t driving.

Although it’s a tragic and horrific situation that involved the loss of two human lives, the NFL angle arises from the potential impact of the charges on Carter’s draft standing. Based on the charges filed to date, the impact should be minimal.

Again, it makes the situation no less tragic. But Carter wasn’t driving the car that crashed. At worst, based on the current charges, he participated in an illegal race that resulted in one of the cars crashing.

Carter has expressed confidence that he will be fully exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing. Even if he isn’t exonerated as to the charges filed to date, it shouldn’t impact him.

Because the incident occurred before he was drafted, he will never be subjected to potential NFL discipline over the issue.

Right or wrong, teams are looking for the best football players. And nothing gets a guy a second chance (or a first chance) like supreme talent. If Carter was a marginal prospect, it would be an issue. Since he’s regarded as one of the top defensive players in the draft, it likely won’t affect him.

This is all based on the charges filed to date. And, once more, the situation was tragic. But as it relates to Carter’s football career, this doesn’t seem to the problem today that it seemed to be just one day ago.

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  1. “He participated in an illegal race that resulted in one of the cars crashing.”

    And two people dying. That sounds like more than a misdemeanor to me.

  2. So lying to police, whether charged or not, isn’t going to impact teams evaluations on him? I disagree. Laremy Tunsil dropped in the draft simply for a video showing him smoking some pot YEARS before the actual draft. His choice to leave the scene, not call for help and avoid owning up to the truth shows a character flaw of the highest order. Those were his teammates in that crashed vehicle. Instead of making the right choice to help them, he chose to run in an effort to save his reputation. I think there’s more than a few GMs out there that will see that and shy away from it.

  3. He’ll fall to Dallas and then be a super star for the next 10 years.

  4. He didn’t kill the people in the other car or mean them harm. The driver of the other car is responsible for his own choices. Just because he is dead doesn’t mean the mob can than shift their outrage to a guy who was only responsible for his own actions. Tragic yes, stupid yes but not a ticket to go out and ruin some one else to make you feel more just.

    He will still be a top 10 pick whether you can accept this or not is on you.

  5. Why is no one pointing out that Carter was driving a $100K 700+hp Trackhawk? Even with NIL income, a $100K SUV is out of the realm of affordability. Where did he get the money for that truck?

  6. “Will” and “Should” are 2 different things.

    Have a feeling the NFL won’t make the right decision when it comes to this.

  7. Wouldn’t there be concern for a Henry Ruggs situation in the future? Carter left the scene, was compelled to return, and lied. Hopefully it was a wakeup call.

  8. Even though he wasn’t charged with obstruction, the fact that he lied to police shows a complete lack of integrity. That alone will keep some teams away from him. Buyer beware.

  9. Zeke got 6 games suspension for zero charges of any kind.

    I’m not defending Zeke, or suggesting Carter face a suspension, but yhe NFL should get out of the policing off field behavior business altogether.

  10. The thing that bothers me most is plain and simple. He saw his “Friend & Brother” crash at high rate of speed and what was his first reaction? To think of himself and not his “friend & brother” on the side of the road! Maybe because I’m a vet but that really bothers me to my core! Hawks be warned remember the draftee from Michigan state uhg

  11. The prosecuting DA does have the option under Georgia law to pursue murder two if he feels he has the evidence.We’ll see….

  12. Yes Tunsil fell, but was still a 1st round pick. Gareon Conely was accused of rape and fell, but was still a first round pick. Carter will get drafted, and more than likely in the first round unless it comes out that he had direct involvement that caused the crash and is being brought up on more serious charges. Like it or not NFL teams don’t care about what a player does off the field unless it makes them unavailable to the team.

  13. none of this will matter. he will still go as a high pick, become an instant millionaire, play great and all will be forgotten. the nfl would be better if they all just simply came out and said…”look, we arent the morality police, we dont really care about anything other than can the guy make us better and help us win”….sad but true

  14. Similar situation to Lael Collins in 2015. There was a police investigation right before the draft concerning the killing of his girlfriend. He went undrafted and signed with Dallas as a FA.

  15. If it was anybody else, like you or me, we’d still be in jail, held on no bail, or on a cash only, high bail.

  16. Not making any excuses for Carter. But, I have a question for those ready to throw the book at Carter: do you show proportionate disgust/condemnation for our political leaders who lie, are corrupt and/or commit grievous crimes? IMHO, the public too often give politicos a pass.

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